3 Things I’ve Learn’t From A Low Buy Lockdown

Ok it’s been ages! I’ve really missed the blog, so I’m back! If you’ve been here before thanks for sticking around and if you’re reading and are new here, welcome! I’m a 30 something cruelty free/ Vegan professional Makeup Artist, educator and content creator from North Wales, UK and currently on lockdown in Cork, Ireland. Things are slowly but surely easing, but we’re still very much here though!

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Just before lockdown here in Ireland (pretty much the end of Feb/ Start of March is when everything started happening), I’d already streamlined my pro kit, my makeup collection and had decided to low buy, use stuff up and generally shop more consciously…turns out it was a good job really with the current lack of work, general upside down of life/ uncertainty and needing to go easy with the unnecessary spending as well as not having as much readily access to stuff because of lockdown! 

Anyway, apart from letting you know this and that all future blog uploads will now be on Monday morning’s (instead of Fridays as it was before), I’m just going to get back in to it…

✖️ Feeding Creativity/ Being Inspired

You don’t have to spend big and snap up/ own every single latest launch to stay current and creative. Additionally you don’t have to find your inspiration in product at all, old or new! Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere. Granted it’s be hard to find at times especially during a global pandemic/ lockdown when your head’s just not in it, but you really don’t have to look far to find it. Let’s face it, we’ve all not really had much choice with all the isolation measures in place. When creativity, motivation, anything feels lost, take a break and focus on something else. Doesn’t matter if your distraction’s a book, your favourite show on Netflix, doing some exercise, whatever…your creativity and motivation will return and you’ll feel better for the thing you did in the mean time.

You only have to take a breather exactly where you are in this moment and have a look around. Concentrate on your immediate surroundings and nothing else. You’ll see colour, texture, other people’s work/ faces from things you’re watching. Inspiration doesn’t even have to come in the form of something makeup related too. You might see colour combinations outside in nature that you’d never thing would work but do…imagine those tones in an eye shadow look. You get where I’m going with this. Try and be present, look after your mind and the rest will come.     

Creativity has nothing to do with the amount of product you have. In fact the very opposite, I’ve found that buying less has made me think more about what I have already and encourages you to experiment more. That brings me on to… 

✖️ Shopping Your Stash

Product rediscoveries during the last few months have been the absolute best! I’m well aware that doing what I do, I have more makeup and beauty products than the average person even after a serious de clutter…but no matter what you have, I bet there’s something you’ve neglected or forgotten about. I know I’ve come across loads of bits long forgotten and it’s not even that I don’t like them, often it’s just that I’ve needed to try something else and haven’t switched back if I’ve liked the new thing. I’ve mixed things to make them work, I’ve used formulas that I’d forgotten how much I love and found things really similar to (even straight up ‘dupes’ of) new launches coming out now…these things I already have! It’s been fun as well as a good chance to use things up, get rid/ make space for when I do pick up something new, save money and be more eco conscious at the same time. Foundations, skin care, complexion products in general actually has been the main area of focus for me. I’ve found now aka being mainly at home, has been a great time to try things you’ve been putting off trying for the sake of potentially not liking them/ them not working for you because you’re at home and you won’t be seen anyway. Sad but true right?  

✖️ Excitement Reignited

I’ve spoken about this before, but it came to the point last year where there had been such a constant of so many new launches, the market was saturated and I just wasn’t getting interested let alone excited about anything that was coming out! It seemed never ending, overwhelming to be honest, a stream of the same old shite, repackaged, repurposed or just redone for the 738th time! It was really frustrating as well as boring af for me as someone who enjoys makeup/ beauty products with a passion, finding unreal ones both myself and so I can recommend/ tell you guys about them…there was just nothing worth bothering with.

Anyway, over that…of course apart from maybe a bit of a lull due to the current situation and some launches being pushed back, the brands are still throwing new products and collections at us on the daily. My point is, being on a low buy has allowed me the space for things to actually catch my eye again. Because I’ve become more aware of my shopping habits and what I own already, it’s really helping my to weed out things I really don’t need and don’t really have a strong want for if I think about it. It’s also meant I’ve reassessed what sparks proper joy and interest. If you’re thinking of giving in to the hype of a new ‘must have’ product…go check your makeup/ skin care stash and see if you can find something that’ll create a similar effect. There’s a good chance you can. If you still want it after that and can afford it, knock yourself out but that second thought might save you some cash at worse. I know FOMO’s very real, but I think we can all agree that there’s way more important things going on in the world right now and unless you really want/ need something, maybe that money can be put to use elsewhere or be put towards something worthwhile/ you really want. 

Obviously I’ll still be buying pretty big and often as usual as far as my professional kit goes (and once work returns! Hopefully!) because it’s my job and I get through products way quicker than I do on just my own face, but I’ll still be making sure my choices are as eco friendly and ethical as possible as always. It’s my own collection and self that’s benefitted the most from this low buy though. It’s freeing in a way, I feel like less of a slave to shopping. When I do pick things up, I’m having a better experience and enjoying it more and I’m just loving getting excited over things again. I’d recommend it to you all! It’s important to remember too though that some non essential spending (if you’re able) is still important…I see it as an investment in yourself, your happiness, normalcy even at times like now. This will also help me shop guilt free when I do (you don’t and shouldn’t need to answer to anyone full stop or feel guilt, even if it’s your own money, only you you’re needing to consider and have no real cause to feel guilty about shopping, it’s absolutely a thing! It is for me anyway!). 

What effect (if any) has lockdown where you are had on your shopping habits?? Let me know in the comments and am interested to know if you’ve been on a low/ no buy too, how have you found it?

Thanks for reading, it’s good to be back.

Lyd x 



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