Hope everyone’s having a good week?? Just a quick heads up that there’s no blog post this week…I’m waiting on new products, haven’t really tried anything interesting that I haven’t spoken about already and am wanting to switch up my content a bit, so don’t just want to stick up any old post you know?? I’m giving myself a breather/ chance to prepare some fresh content and I’ll be back next Friday as per norm!

I’ve spoken (many times haha) before about the terror of me potentially attempting videos going forward, but the more I think about it the more I’m intrigued and interested in the process. Also one of things that’s put me off making videos the most (the fact that I’m quite a bit older than the standard YouTuber), is the very thing that’s making me think feck it and just give it a try! I think it’s be a cool addition to the blog too and switch things up a bit *IF* I can figure out doing it in the first place!  

We’ll see anyway, but I feel like I need your help! What would you like to see when it comes to videos?? I’m thinking video versions of swatches (you know I love me some serious swatching) and trying on anyway for reviews and maybe some more technical/ artistry tutorials? I mean there’s loads of colourful, super glam cut crease action and challenges etc going on elsewhere already and more importantly…it’s just not me. I know I have to stay true to me or I’m just not going to enjoy it and it defeats the point right?

I get a lot of questions re different eye shapes and winged liner, applying lashes…a lot of ‘basics’ in theory, but that not everyone has mastered yet (and that’s ok!) so maybe things like that could be useful? If you can think of anything, drop it bellow in the comments and help a gal out! What would YOU like to see?? 

See you next week,

Lyd x          

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