There’s no new post this week…it’s my birthday week (my actual bday’s on Wednesday) so yeah, just a proper week off. Not up to much but hopefully we’ll get to the beach and eat some good food…Covid’s messed with all of our plans this year! One thing I am doing is making a point of (and enjoying so far) spending less time scrolling on socials this week, something I’m definitely going to be keeping a closer eye on going forward!

So yeah, hope you’re all safe, well and having a good week. What would you like to see on the blog? Hit me up with any suggestions and I’ll see you next week!

Edit: We did get to the beach and have some good food. Essential site maintenance means there’ll be a new post coming your way but a few weeks later than planned, so see you on 31st! Stay safe and have a great week!   

Lyd x    

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