5 Affordable Cruelty Free Summer Makeup Essentials…Avoid Face Melt Without Spending Big!

I know a lot of you are lucky enough to live somewhere that gets way more than the 3 days of annual sunshine/ nice weather we usually get here in Ireland (the UK the’s same) and as soon as I say this the sun will up and leave…but I feel like Summer’s finally arrived for us here, it’s been roasting! Obviously ultimately a good thing (even if I am close to being the palest person on earth and not a fan of the heat per se…definitely results in rage at times) being sunny and not raining (which happens A LOT here) but there’s also a hot weather catch, the dreaded melty face…when you’re roasting, but still want/ need to look put together. If I’m on holiday in this kind of weather…great, I’ll not really bothered about makeup for the most part during the day, but I’m talking about regular day to day trying to do life in the heat…some assistance is needed! This’ where these affordable little beauties come in…

I’m starting off with THE most important part of your Summer (especially Summer, but this should be an all year round thing!) face routine…SPF! In all honesty there are the odd days I forget and I know it’s an extra step in your routine, but also a damn important one…so I try not to, even on none obviously sunny days! There’re a few facial SPF’s I really like and alternate between and I’m super picky when it comes to the type of SPF I use on my sensitive combo skin, so was happy to find this affordable gem in Penneys/ Primark. The PS…Sun Protect Mattifying Face Cream SPF50

I always go for factor 50 on the features wherever possible, I don’t know about you but I’d like to stay as youthful looking as I can and none sun damaged handbag for as long as physically possible! I’ve started to pay way more attention to all things Primark Beauty since their own range became officially cruelty free, which I think is amazing work for a high street brand (a lot of others/ more high end brands might want to cop on and take a leaf out of their book, it’s 2019!). Bringing the latest beauty to us fast, affordable and cruelty free…nice work Penneys/ Primark! Anyway…this is only €3.50/ £3 for 50ml, is water resistant, mattifying/ light and non-greasy, contains Q10, Vitamins C and E and one of my favourite face product ingredients…Hyaluronic Acid. A little goes a long way, it doesn’t irritate my skin, it controls oily bits/ leaves skin feeling hydrated and makeup goes on really well over the top. What more would you want??

Next up are two bits from affordable cruelty free (with lots of Vegan options) brand Catrice. First up is the is the Prime And Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray. I’ve spoken about my love for their Dewy Glow Setting Spray before, but prefer this one when it’s hot and sticky out. It’s less than a fiver and comes in a super handy 50ml perfectly handbag sized spray, so easy to keep on hand when the temperature rises. The spray nozzle (is anyone else also not a fan of that word?? It’s weird and not in a good way. Anyway…) gives you a strong, but fine and even mist. So many setting sprays, even a lot of high end get let down by a far too aggressive drenching or uneven application! As the name suggests, it’s a multi use spray, so great to save on makeup bag space and I love a good multi-tasker in general…you can use pre makeup to prepare the skin, to set makeup in to place and to refresh and hydrate throughout the day. It’s lightweight and fast drying without leaving any kind of tacky feeling and makes your face look better and last longer. Does exactly what it claims and although it’s not highly scented as such, it still smells incredible…this’d still be one of my favourites if it was high end price…says a lot right?! This setting spray is Vegan.  

Next is something I only started using recently, but have been really liking! Catrice’s Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer. 15ml of product for £3.50/ €4, so good and so inexpensive!! It’s cruelty free (not Vegan, it does contain beeswax), paraben free, offers high coverage without drying out the skin, boasts 12 hour wear and it’s waterproof. It’s a buildable liquid formula, that like the majority of things works better applied in thin layers. It is a high pigment/ coverage formula, although in my opinion not full coverage straight of the bat. It has a more fluid/ thinner consistency than a lot of other high coverage liquid formulas, but I like that. It doesn’t look or feel heavy on the skin, doesn’t go cakey, builds nicely and has a real skin finish. I always set my under eye (just with a tiny bit of powder, no baking or anything under there) so no creasing there, but I’m also happy to report that I’ve used this as eye primer (again with the multi use products) with no creasing too. Most other concealer formulas, even ones I love everything about tend to crease on my eyelids…not this one! I usually favour eye primer anyway, but it’s nice to have the option. I use the shade 010 Porcelain and it’s a really good allrounder…I use it under my eyes, on blemishes/ redness, anywhere! The one downside…their shade range is pretty crap, even for an affordable/ drugstore brand. There’s a whole lot of light to medium and not much else. There’s currently only 5 shades to choose from…they are adding 3 new shades…a green anti-redness corrector, a ‘particularly light shade’ and a ‘very dark one’…the new ‘very dark’ shade doesn’t look that dark at all though, I mean it’s called Desert Beige for one and from the swatches looks more like a medium deep shade. A more inclusive shade range would definitely put this up there in my top 5 concealers.                                           

PS. I get quite a few questions about where to get Catrice products, you can get them (size of range depends on the store) from Primark/ Penneys stores and selected pharmacies throughout Ireland (inc. McCauley’s) and at justmylook.com in the UK among other places. They have a store finder tool on both the EU and US websites…you can order online from the US site too. 

NYX’s Epic Ink Liner* has been my go to for ages now. So similar to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (which I also love) but half the price. It comes in black and brown, I use both but have been loving using the brown recently. You still get that definition but it’s a little softer and really flattering on any eye colour. Absolute perfection in this warm weather (and for general watery eyes like mine or if you suffer from hay fever), it glides on and stays put! You can get a really thin precise line or any size of wing with ease and it doesn’t skip or tug. It’ll come off without ragging your skin using a good eye makeup remover, but otherwise you’re good until you decide to take it off. Definitely worth a try in my opinion, regardless of budget! 

Last but definitely not least is a mascara…actually takes me technically in to more than 5, but I’m going to mention 2! If you want something heavy duty, The Waterproof Revolution Mascara by Revolution* takes some beating. I’ve seen/ heard such mixed reviews on this! It has a large hourglass shaped brush (which I like, although if you struggle with larger brushes this might not be the one for you) and it does pick up A LOT of product! If you make sure you wipe any excess off on the tube before use, you’ll save yourself a lot of mess/ bother and actually gain full, lifted and waterproof all day wear lashes. I love a good builable waterproof formula to keep my naturally long but straight lashes curled and this works a treat. The only downside (apart from the tube dispensing way too much product if you’re not careful) is that it does take more effort to remove. I’ll use a dual phase (part oil) remover and it still takes a little more work and maybe a second attempt to get rid of all traces. That aside, it makes your lashes look awesome and lasts through a roasting day.

The other mascara I wanted to mention was the NYX Worth The Hype Waterproof Mascara* for the reason that it also makes your lashes look unreal, holds a curl and lasts all day…but it’s a hell of a lot easier to remove at the end of the day! It also has a smaller brush that gives you more control and doesn’t pick up as much product as the Revolution one. It’s buildable and if you’re after less effort last all day lashes, this one’s for you! 

Both of these mascara’s are cruelty free but unfortunately not Vegan. Milk Makeup’s Kush Waterproof Mascara is a good Vegan option(albeit on the spendier side). I’m actually really looking forward to the launch of waterproof version of KVD’s GBOGH mascara, which is in the pipeline but with no definite launch date as yet. I feel like that has the potential to be a cruelty free, Vegan, and waterproof holy grail…we’ll see! Excited to try it anyway!

What are some of your go to Summer/ warm weather makeup products you can’t be without??

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