5 Alternative Ways To Rock Glitter This New Year – Grunge Friendly! (Cruelty Free)

You all know me by now (if you’re new here…hey! and you’ll soon find out)…I’m all about the grunge! Just because I am all about the grunge life, it doesn’t mean that I’m not partial to the odd bit of glitter too (which I most definitely am!) especially at this holiday time of year!

Glitter doesn’t always have to be part of something pink, Barbie and pretty…obviously you do you, but I just wanted to share some alternative glitter looks…hopefully something for everyone! So in no particular sparkly order…

➕ 1// The Grunge Spotlight

Simple but effective this one! And pretty easy to do (great if you have a smokey eye makeup on already too!) . There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just get your smokey eye on however you normally do and then add a glitter glue (I love the NYX one*!) to the centre of your eyelid, followed by your choice of glitter…instant spotlight!
(This is my all time favourite glitter btw…Scarab from OCC)

➕ 2// The Glitter Liner

Glitter winged eyeliner is a perfect way to add glitter without being too glittery! Start with using your regular weapon/ liner of choice (Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper (UK* / IE*) or Inglot AMC gel liner in 77 are my personal go to’s) and then follow that with glitter glue and your favourite glitter or glitterS if you’re feeling super fancy! I like to use a few shades starting from the lightest in the inner, to darkest at the wing tip for a glitter ombre effect…always work in sections anyway so the glue doesn’t dry too much before you’ve placed down your glitter.

➕ 3// The Glitter Brow (Yes, you did hear that right!)

A bit more out there admittedly and a pretty brave move…but rocking a glitter brow, unreal!! The one I did here is a more ‘natural’ toned ombre…so I used a gold glitter through the front of the brow and to a burgundy brown at the tail. You can either match it too your hair (‘natural’ and bright shades) or go for a statement glitter brow…just to add a pop of unusual colour to your look! Choice is yours, but I’d go for an all matte eye to make the glitter stand out even more! I actually had a bride recently who went for a glitter brow (among other things) and it looked incredible, as did she…being a little braver definitely paid off! (More about this in a future blogpost, keep your eyes peeled for that!)

Again glitter glue is your friend, but you can also use a clear brow gel (Anastasia Beverly Hills* do a great one!) to prime for your glitter. I always prep the brow too by either using my normal brow product first for definition or a coloured gel liner for a colour pop.

➕ 4// The Glitter Lip

Self explanatory really, but mix it up a bit! Either go all out and glitter your whole lips or go a bit different and half and half it or use a chunkier glitter to create a spotted effect. I use a liquid lipstick normally for extra staying power and follow with glitter glue and glitter, sometimes gloss over that. Better still (and to prevent yourself consuming glitter and finding it everywhere well in to the new year!) get yourself one of the Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipsticks (UK* / IE*) that have smooth, non irritating glitter built and they can be worn/ built up solo or over other lip products…quick, pretty and supper sparkly!

➕ 5// The Glitter Cut Crease

For those of you fancying something a bit more ‘extra’ and technical…a cut crease is your guy! You can used glitter in so many ways with a cut crease! You can use a super fine glitter (like the Inglot Body Sparkles) over the carved out lighter lid, use a glitter liner to trace along the cut crease itself…or here, I really liked using a chunkier glitter above the crease for extra drama and something a bit different!

There’s loads of other ways you can wear glitter…sometimes it works out way better to just wing it, get creative and see where it takes you! If you don’t want to go full glitter even there’s plenty of subtle/ not so subtle ‘nods’ to it if you like too…why not do your makeup how you prefer to do normally, but instead of your regular highlight go for something with more sparkle and stronger pigment. The Kat Von D Beauty Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette (UK* / IE*) would be perfect for this! You can read more about it and see full swatches here too. It’s pigment packed and has more glitter particles than other highlights…firstly give yourself a generous spritz of setting spray and then really go to town on your highlight! The setting spray will give the highlight something to stick to, making it way more intense and metallic!

You could always go glitter on your nails too…there’s loads of glitter polishes around at the moment, or do what I do and just use an actual glitter pressed over the top of your regular polish. You could go all out on the glitter or just add an accent nail!

So there you have it…glitter and sparkle can work for all of us, even those of us who live for all things grunge! Will you be recreating any of these glitter looks over New Year? (And beyond of course…glitter is for life for many, not just the holidays!) If you do, tag me on Instagram / Twitter (@lydmakeup) and even if not…tell me what your New Year plans are and what makeup you have planned yourself! Also, if you’d like a more in depth ‘how to’ for any of these looks…let me know in the comments too.

Thank you all so much for reading in 2017, here’s to more makeup, artistry and more in 2018!

Happy New Year! Hope you have a fun, happy and safe one!

Lyd x



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