5 LUSH Face Saviours I Can’t Be Without!

Of course there’s more, so much of the good stuff at LUSH…but these are my everyday essential LUSH things for my face that get repurchased without thought and I really miss them when I run out! I try to have back ups of these when the end is in sight, I really notice the difference in my skin and how it’s behaving if I don’t use these as part of my skincare routine!

You all know LUSH is about that cruelty free life…all of these are of course cruelty free and all but the first cleanser (Ultrabland…it contains honey) are Vegan too!

The first of 2 LUSH cleansers…Ultrabland. I swear by this cleanser and have been using it now for well over a decade! I do use other cleansers/ micellar waters/ toners along side this (Superdrug own brands have some really good, affordable and cruelty free ones!) but like using the Ultrabland as a first cleanse to really breakdown and melt away makeup super effectively but gently and without stripping my skin. I usually like to give it a good massage in to my skin, really working it in and concentrating on areas of heavier makeup (that’s nearly always a grungy smokey eye or winged liner for me)…then I remove it (and all makeup with it!) with a warm, damp face cloth/ flannel. It leaves your skin super soft and removes all traces of makeup…I find I do need a second cleanse/ tone after this though, because of the ingredients and nature of the formula it does leave an oily film. A little goes a long way, Ultrabland is gentle but mighty when it comes to cleansing!

✖Rosewater – calms and soothes
✖Almond oil – hydrates the skin
✖Honey – moisturises and an antiseptic (super thick/ intense but never breaks me out)
✖Fresh Iris Extract – aromatic (so adds to the scent) but also soothes

The other cleanser I wanted to talk about is Dark Angels. As much as I like to use acid toners (my favourites being the cult Pixi Glow Tonic* and The Ordinary’s Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution*), I love a good ole physical exfoliator to really smooth, give glow and make skin feel squeaky clean! I generally use it about 3 times a week, sometimes more (it’s never irritated me using it more often than that) sometimes less…but 3 times usually suits my combo skin perfectly. It exfoliates and gives you a proper deep cleanse, but leaves your skin balanced, hydrated and soft…never stripped! Makeup applies way better after using this, especially around the sides of my nose and chin where my skin can get pretty congested at times. A pot lasts ages, but I end up replacing Dark Angels more often because Nic uses it too…says a lot about it’s effects really as his skincare routine other than that is pretty none existent (I have shower gel! Its for body *and* face. – N)!

✖Powdered Charcoal – absorbent , soothes and antibacterial (also responsible for it’s black as your soul colour which I obviously love! ♥︎)
✖Rhassoul Mud – cleanses and softens
✖Rosewood Oil – uplifting scent and antiseptic
✖Organic Cold Pressed Avocado Oil – nourishes and hydrates
✖Black Sugar – along with charcoal gives you that good scrubbing!

So cleansers done and on to the next…solid serum Full Of Grace. It moisturises deeply without feeling heavy and does contain Calamine Powder to control greasy feels. That being said…with my skin being oily/ combo, I prefer not to use this in the morning (instead using a lighter again serum – normally The Ordinary’s ‘The Buffet’*) just because I don’t need that level of hydration. I use it at night and wake up with enough plumped up hydrated skin to not bother. It’s a very melty textured bar (you might want to stick it in the fridge for a bit if it heats up too much)…I keep mine in an old/ empty LUSH pot out of direct sunlight (I’m usually in Wales or Ireland so hot melty sun is less of a worry to me than a lot of you I’m sure, but just be aware). I either warm a bit up on my hand first or just glide it straight on from the bar. It’s melts in a lot faster than you’d expect from something richer. As well as using it before moisturiser as part of my nighttime skincare routine (or I’ll use it instead of night moisturiser a lot too)…I also use it as a pre mask treatment. Serums by nature are finer in texture so sink deeper in to the skin, prepping it for all the goodness your mask has to give. Using Full Of Grace pre mask makes your mask (any brand you fancy, but I have some LUSH faves coming up) work harder! I’ve heard some people not being a fan of the scent, granted it’s not as beautifully scented as most lush products, but it’s gentle to my skin (the main thing!) it’s not mushroom scented (this would have been a deal breaker for a shroom phobe like me!) and smells more ‘spa’ like to me…like more of a luxurious skin treat.

✖Fresh Portobello Mushrooms – I won’t eat them (eww!) but am all about using them on my skin! Conditions, draws moisture and protects skin
✖Calamine Powder – calms and controls oily feel
✖Fresh Rose Petal Infusion – soothes and tones
✖Murumuru Butter – protects and moisturises

I’m a huge fan of the LUSH Jelly Masks, so much so that these last 2 products are them! They’re self preserving, making them great for travel and I just find them really user friendly and a quick hit too. One of the ones I use most regularly is Just To Clarify. The 2 that I use the most have quite different effects, so depending on how my skin is on the day I’ll use either. This one’s brightening, exfoliating (a great alternative if I want a less intense exfoliation, the kind I get with Dark Angels) and gives your face (and mood!) a general perk up! I pinch off a piece of the jelly and work it in to a paste between clean, dry hands before smoothing it on. I use this in the morning mainly for an instant beauty boost as well as because it only needs 5-10 minutes to work it’s magic before rinsing.

✖Enzymic Papaya Juice – brightens
✖Bamboo Stem – exfoliates
✖Grapefruit Oil and Bergamot Oil – lifts the mood
✖Fresh Orange Juice – perks you up and wakes you up (hence preferring this AM!)

The second of my most loved jelly masks…FOMO. I use this one in the same way, but instead usually in the evening. I like to use this one as pre aftersun on holidays too because it’s super soothing! It makes me and my skin feel chilled out and settled. I love how this one evens out my skin tone and I feel like it helps with my redness too!

✖Calamine Powder – calms
✖Rose Absolute – balances and restores skin
✖Neroli Oil – uplifts and tones

Do you have any LUSH necessities that you can’t go without??

Lyd x

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