5 Of The Best Cruelty Free/ Vegan Long Wearing Black Eyeliners To Suit Any Budget

KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black 

The OG, a favourite for the longest time and the one I always compare others too, KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black* it’s a trusty fail safe and if you haven’t tried it you need to. It’s one of the pricier liners around, but ticks all boxes. Cruelty free/ vegan high pigment formula, smudge resistant, waterproof and is in ultra precise brush tip pen form which is one of my preferred kinds. I love the precision and control you get with them and this kind of pen would definitely be a more user friendly liquid liner choice. If you haven’t used this type of brush pen before, a little bit of practice is all it’ll take and you’ll get perfect liner in minutes, down every time. It’s quick to use, easy to build up to the liner look you want and once it’s on it’s on. Big fan always.

NYX Epic Ink Eye Liner      

If you’re looking for a more affordable KVD alternative/ dupe, look no further than the NYX Epic Ink Liner*. It’s literally half the price of KVD and preforms just as well. See KVD V’s NYX Epic Ink swatches and in depth comparison here. If anything for everyday use, I actually prefer the slightly bigger brush tip of this one for a quicker application. If you’re wondering why buy the KVD then if this one’s just as good, it’s just that…although not a huge difference, the KVD applicator tip is definitely the smallest brush tip, so might suit you more if you either like a super skinny liner or like maximum control so you can build you liner more gradually. Also cruelty free and vegan, richly pigmented, waterproof and stays put all day.


Catrice Brush Ink Tattoo Liner Waterproof  

I actually really rate a lot of affordable brand Catrice’s eyeliners and products/ the brand in general. Amazing quality, innovative, high performance products and for such an affordable/ budget price point. I find the Catrice Brush Ink Tattoo Liner Waterproof a bit harder to get hold of (I will have tried to find/ link it for you online somewhere – edit…found one!) in the UK and although Catrice can be found in most larger pharmacies and Penney’s stores (Primark) throughout Ireland, they’re often out of stock of this specific one which is annoying but I wanted to talk about this liner ‘cause it’s bloody good! Basically if you spot one, grab one! All of the plus points of the last two (it’s also a brush tip applicator) but it’s even more affordable, less than half price of the NYX one! Catrice is a cruelty free brand and majority vegan, this liner being both.

Melt Cosmetics Gel in Immortal      

As much as I love a brush tip pen, I always like to have a gel liner in my collection. As well as using it above my upper lashes as I would with a pen, I also use it to tight line and on my waterline too. You get that same intensity and staying power/ waterproof wear, but you also get play time with it before it sets for softer more smudged and less precise looks as well as a crisp wing. You can use it as a base for more intense shadow looks too. The Melt Liners* have to be some of the best I’ve tried…so pigmented, one swipe opaque application and super creamy. It sets down to a beautiful soft matte finish too which I love (they have matte and metallic finishes depending on the shade you go for), really flattering. I’d recommend a gel formula if you want something softer that can be smudged/ buffed out, works great for hooded eye shapes and I also find it more forgiving as my eyes are getting older too (waaa!), it still gives you your liner look of choice but in an altogether more flattering and less harsh way. I always use gel liners in my pro kit too both for performance, staying power and for hygiene reasons…it’s way more sanitary as using a gel means I can scoop a small amount out with my spatula on to a palette for each person. Cruelty free and vegan formula.

Barry M Bold Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Black 

Similar to a gel liner I always like to have a pencil in my makeup bag too and for less than a fiver and cruelty free/ vegan, the Barry M Bold Waterproof Liner Pencils* are one of the best even compared to some of my favourite/ most used high end brands. Really creamy, intense colour payoff and generous play time to smudge them in to place but once you have then where you want them, they stay there. Even on the water line! If you struggle with/ aren’t comfortable using a liquid or gel liner, these are great for creating a straight liner or wing too and once it sets down it’ll last the day. Super user friendly, they come in 9 flattering shades so if black’s not your thing there’ll be something that is. 

Which is your favourite/ go to eye liner?

Lyd x  




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