Brand Discovery – Takin’ Care Of Lashes (Cruelty Free & Vegan Silk Lashes)

Takin’ Care Of Lashes is a UK based, independent synthetic lash brand. I was interested in trying their lashes, not only for those reasons (shopping small, locally and supporting smaller indie brands is something I try to do as much as possible!), but I’d discovered them on Instagram and their lashes looked lush and super fluffy too, just how I like them!

Established in 2016, not only are TCOL cruelty free, they are completely vegan (and a totally mink free brand). There’s so many brands out there offering ‘cruelty free’ mink lashes..but are they really? It’s not something I’m going to go in to in depth or debate about here. It’s totally personal preference what you choose to buy/ use or not. I’m not Vegan personally, but I know a lot of you guys are and I just personally choose not to use or wear mink lashes of any variety…that’s ok too!

TCOL take their cruelty free and Vegan label seriously and according to their brand information have researched in to it in depth after originally using cruelty free mink themselves. Their conclusion…no mink is cruelty free, therefore it’s not something they want to be associated with. It’s pretty admirable in my opinion that they’re not just following suit to sell more lashes to a wider market and are sticking to their guns in that respect. Companies that are claiming cruelty free when it comes to mink lashes…maybe they’re not fully aware how the material they’re being sold is sourced (and research hasn’t been done) or maybe they just don’t care and as long as lashes are selling, ignorance is bliss. Either way, I think in this day and age, there are so many more options and mink of any variety just isn’t necessary. Of course do your own research and make your own choices! Anyway…we’re here to talk lashes!

Doing what I do, I get quite a bit of mail but there was no mistaking TCOL when the postman handed me my package, ha ha! I really like that though, bold, eye catching and it just made me want to open it more! The lashes were really securely packaged too and arrived in perfect condition. They came in a padded envelope and then, not only in a TCOL branded hard plastic case (similar to a MAC lash box), but also in a sturdy cardboard drawer like pack. TCOL also note that their packaging is eco friendly, reusable and degradable (the plastic sleeve I can imagine will go in with your regular recycling too). I love the packaging on these! Also, the hand written note was the nicest thing!

The lashes themselves…so I went for the style ‘The Agenda’ which looked full, not too heavy and naturally fluffy. TCOL lashes are made from 100% natural silk material, made out of synthetic keratin and comes from the flax plant…no silk worms involved, fully plant based! Because of the materials used, the lashes have the most beautiful natural curl and gloss too them. They don’t have that plasticy look that some lashes have. The style I went for are really fluffy and although they do have visible band, it’s not thick and is more flexible than I expected. They don’t come with glue but I never use the glue that comes with lashes and prefer to use my own DUO lash adhesive* so that’s not an issue for me anyway. It isn’t recommended that you use mascara on the lashes which is pretty standard across similar brands, but you can curl these and wear them up to 30 times if you take proper care of them. I’ll be interested to see how long they do last!

Takin’ Care Of Lashes ship globally. They also offer professional Makeup Artist discount which is always good! I haven’t had chance to try these beauties properly yet, but keep an eye out on my Instagram to see them in action when I get around to having a play and to hear my thoughts after wearing them! Based on my first impressions, I have high hopes for these…they look unreal and can’t wait to get them on!

Do any of you guys have any lash discoveries and recommendations??




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