Bridal Makeup Touch Up Kit – What Do You Need To Maintain Your Look On The Big Day?

With peak wedding season coming to a close, I just wanted to get the start of some wedding makeup related content up in preparation for all you future brides and share some of my pro tips and tricks to make sure you’re ready when it comes to your big day! I say peak because I feel there’s not so much of a ‘wedding season’ as such anymore…Summer months are always going to be popular, I got married at the end of November (I really wanted a Winter wedding, I even got snow back in 2010!) and so many of us are now opting for the off peak/ different time of year option which I love! Every wedding’s already so unique and special in their own way, but having them all year round allows so much scope for some really cool and different wedding ideas! I’ve had brides book in for makeup on every day of the week (not just Friday/ Saturday) for their weddings and pretty much all year around at this point.   

I thought this was a really good place to start…it’s one of the main things I chat to my brides about before the big day (usually at the trial once we’ve decided on that all important bespoke bridal look), to make sure they’re organised and any touch up bits can be picked up in advance so one less thing to stress about/ run around for close to the time.

Obviously if you decide to do your own makeup you’ll need more in the way of makeup products but even with a pro onboard you’ll still need a few bits to keep your look topped up. As a professional, I always make sure I’m selecting the right products to use on each individual person so I know a client’s makeup will last and look perfect day and night (and it should if you’re hiring a professional Makeup Artist to look after you on the day!), but with all the eating and drinking (and kissing) going on…I always recommend picking up your lip products at least. Lip products are the first things to wear off (even long wear formulas) and even if you don’t get anything else, whatever’s on your lips is essential. If you’re unlikely to reapply liner, lipstick, the works…maybe just go for a moisturising gloss or balm in a similar shade or a shade close to your natural lip colour so that you can just stick it on even without a mirror and it’ll just make sure your lips stay hydrated, healthy and your makeup always looks polished and complete.

If you have an oilier skin, have a summer wedding or if you’re getting married in a hot climate…as well as your Makeup Artist using suitable base products, I’d always recommend having a powder compact and/ or some blotting sheets handy. (Pro hack…blotting sheets are amazing for the groom crew too and are great for combatting shiny face/ heads without adding makeup.) There’s so many cruelty free/ Vegan powder touch up compacts to choose from although I’d highly recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Filter Powder*. It takes away shine without looking flat or cakey, suitable for all skin types (including dry), it’s blurring and comes in the most beautiful little rose gold compact…great wedding day photo prop too! 


The few other things I’d recommend are also complexion products! Obviously not essential, but damn helpful for refreshing…wedding day’s are the best days of course, but also looong days! Especially handy if you’re unfortunate enough to get a cold for your wedding day or suffer with hay fever (but if you do, such is life…shit happens, dose up throughout the day and enjoy every second!) a beauty sponge and liquid concealer combo will be your best friend! I love the Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer* for this…it contains Hyaluronic acid for a beautifully hydrated finish without the need to set, it’s full coverage so a little goes a long way but with a super natural and long wearing…perfect! You won’t have to worry about blowing your nose…tiny dot of your concealer bounced on to any becoming red bits and you’ll be post nose blow good as new without disturbing any of the rest of your makeup! I personally like to use this technique to refresh my under eye too! Before your evening reception, a little freshen up…literally a dot under each eye gently bounced in, a slick of gloss/ lipstick will make the world of difference!

A travel size complexion refreshing/ setting spray, again so may great cruelty free options available and for all budgets. They’re great for applying post powder touch up to help your powder melt in to the skin, great for dampening your beauty sponge so you’re not on the hunt for a tap and just a really good refresher throughout the day/ night. Feeling slightly worse for wear earlier than planned…a glass of water and a  good facial spritz with improve matters no end!

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like me to cover or if you have any questions in general and if you’re engaged (congratulations!) and wanting to book me for your big day, get in touch! (Please see note bellow for exact updated location info)

Thank you and much love to all my brides over the years for trusting me with your faces and to future brides…I can’t wait to meet you and design your dream wedding makeup look! 

Lyd x  


I’m now based in Cork, Ireland. Although I do still take select bookings for North Wales/ Cheshire and Dublin (get in touch for more info) and am available to travel country wide…I’m mainly taking makeup bookings for Cork City and surrounding areas. 

As a bridal makeup specialist, I do get booked up well in advance so if you’re looking for wedding makeup in Cork contact me asap to check availability, secure your date and avoid disappointment! I’m freelance and travel to your home/ venue of choice.

Also available for makeup for any occasion/ event, lessons and master class makeup…find more information and a full list of services here.

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