Bridal Makeup…Everything You Need To Know From A Pro – Do’s, Dont’s, Tips & Tricks

With peak wedding season pretty much upon us, I wanted to share (both from being a bride myself back in 2010 and professional Makeup Artist/ bridal specialist for the last 15 years point of view!) a few of my do’s, don’t’s, tips and tricks when it comes to bridal makeup to hopefully make sure you look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day!

✖️ Don’t leave booking your Makeup Artist until last minute…

…or you run the risk of disappointment! (We get booked up fast!) If you want to get the Makeup Artist you really want/ the best MUA for the job, you have to get on it asap! Now I don’t mean the second you get engaged if you’re not planning to get married for years, but more as soon as you’re in the initial stages of planning/ you’ve set an actual date. Even if you’re not big in to makeup or want something barely there…it’s so important to snag a MUA that can achieve that for you while still lasting all day/ night and looking perfect for your pictures. Try and book as soon as possible and also be as prompt as you can with replies. It can take me a little longer to get back to clients at busier times (even ‘off peak’ bridal times can generate a high volume of messages/ emails…think Christmas/ New Year when it’s busy anyway but a lot of people get engaged then!), but as soon as you get that reply aim to confirm your booking asap…dates are booked out on a first come first served basis, they also can’t be held indefinitely when they are in such high demand!

✖️ Do your research and find the right MUA for you…

…not just when it comes to the type of bridal makeup look you want to go for (and a good MUA should be able to create anything/ tailor it to suit you anyway!) but also someone who’s on the same wavelength, someone that ‘gets you’ and is drama free! If you’re all about that drama life, by all means you do you…the majority of us aren’t though and that’s the last thing you want to be worrying about on your wedding day. A chilled, everyone arriving in plenty of time morning is the kind of wedding day morning you should be aiming for and the right kind of makeup and hair team can make a HUGE difference to if you get that or not. If you already have a MUA, chances are they’ve worked with a lot of hair people and will hopefully be happy to recommend someone great and visa versa…know the perfect hair person? Ask them about MUA’s they’ve worked with before. Personal recommendations are great (I get a lot of my bookings that way!), always look at examples of their work (for hair and makeup people!) and check out their bridal experience too! There’s way more to consider when doing a bridal makeup compared to makeup for a night out. A well seasoned bridal artist will make sure you treasure your photos for years to come, make sure everything stays in place for your whole day and looks amazing in the flesh too! Even when someone asks me for a fuller coverage, flawless skin for example…I always make sure it still looks like skin, not a cake in sight! 

✖️ Stay true to your own personal style…

…so you’re getting married and always rock a certain style/ makeup item (eyeliner wings are a big one!) and feel naked/ not yourself without it. Your wedding day isn’t the day for experimenting. Yes that’s what a trial’s for, but my point is (unless you want to look completely different and that’s your prerogative and cool too of course!) that there are no set rules of things you have to go for when it come to makeup for your big day. It’s YOUR big day. If you feel best in full glam, go glam, if you favour a barely there look, go for that…if like me you prefer a grungy look every time, go grunge! A great (experienced) Makeup Artist will be able to create the perfect look for you, that’s true to your style and that still works/ looks perfect on the day. It really adds to the overall effect, is so much cooler/ more individual and chances are you’ll feel way more comfortable and beautiful! And most importantly…like the best possible version of yourself! Pinterest is your friend…collect any pictures you find of makeup (bridal or not) that you love! This’ll be a huge help for your MUA and will help make sure you’re on the same page in terms of the vibe you’re going for. I’m Pinterest obsessed…check out my Pinterest here

✖️ Alarm bells if the Makeup Artist asks you to bring your own foundation (or anything!)…

…ok, so if there’s something in particular you’d like the MUA to use on the day (and it’s suitable/ going to work being incorporated in to your look) by all means do of course but I’m taking about when the MUA asks you specifically to bring eg. your own foundation. I hear this a lot from clients who have experienced this in the past and it freaks me out! In my pro kit, I carry many different shades of products and will custom mix shades if I need to so I get an exact match. Fully inclusive and prepared more than anything…I’ll never understand how as a professional MUA, you can charge for a professional service but then ask the client to supply materials. No, just no.

What I would recommend though is grabbing a few makeup bits for touch ups. Your MUA should insure that everything is long wearing and will last/ look amazing for the duration (I always use tried and tested long wear formulas), but with eating/ drinking/ kissing…the first thing is a lip product/s. You could pick up whatever’s being used on you on the day or if you already own a lip colour you love, why not ask the MUA to include it in your look! The next two items aren’t essential, but in my opinion make a difference and you’ll be glad of them on the day for sure. First up, a powder compact. One of my favourites is the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder*. It comes in a gorgeous rose gold compact and although it’s more expensive, it lasts ages and doesn’t make your skin look flat. Controls oil, but leaves skin healthy and radiant looking…love! Next, a travel size complexion mist that’s going to refresh, hydrate, give glow and keep your makeup looking perfect all day/ night. My all rounder favourite that works for all skin types (for both formula and for having the best mister nozzle that’s super fine and not going to ruin your makeup!) is the Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Travel Sized (30ml) Makeup Setting Mist IE*/ UK*. These 3 items are well worth picking up/ keeping close at hand on the day!

✖️ Don’t cut corners…bridal makeup is more expensive than for your typical night out makeup…

…and here’s a few reasons why! You should always expect to pay a deposit…your MUA will need to make sure enough time is booked out for you and this benefits all. Your MUA will have to not only have to book out makeup time, but also travel time (and cost) as well as the inevitable extra time taken for last minute touch ups and spent making sure everything is perfect at the end. Skill and materials aren’t easy or cheap to come by…I don’t use anything in my pro kit unless I love it myself. You’ll need a trial unlike regular occasion makeup, but in my opinion it’s essential! I would have hated to leave my wedding makeup to chance and this is all about perfecting your look so everything goes smoothly on the day. Less stress and looking your absolute best…priceless! 

As much as I love all elements of makeup and all the different areas of makeup I get to work in…I’m obsessed with creating bridal makeup! I love the vision, the making someone look and feel like an absolute queen on such an important day in their lives and it all coming together on the big day! There’re so many other things bridal makeup I could chat about…maybe I should make this in to a bridal series, would you want to read more?? Let me know (as well as any specific questions or topics) bellow!     


Finally, I just want to take a second to thank every single one of my past brides over the years for trusting me to look after you and your loved ones on one of the most important days of your life! I feel so lucky that I get to play even a small part in your big day…every one unique. All you Brides to be who have me booked…I can’t wait to create your all important bridal look!

I’m currently booking for 2019 (select dates still available)/ 2020…I’m now based in Cork, Ireland, but do travel (Ireland…country wide and also select North Wales/ Cheshire, UK dates) so if you’re in and around Cork and you’d like to book me for your wedding day, get in touch here!       

Lyd x 



I’m now based in Cork, Ireland. Although I do take select bookings for North Wales/ Cheshire and Dublin (get in touch for more info) and am available to travel country wide…I’m mainly taking makeup bookings for Cork City and surrounding areas. 

As a bridal makeup specialist, I do get booked up well in advance so if you’re looking for wedding makeup in Cork contact me asap to check availability, secure your date and avoid disappointment! I’m freelance and travel to your home/ venue of choice. Also available for makeup for any occasion/ event, lessons and master class…find more information and a full list of services here.

Contact us for enquiries/ bookings and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.   



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