Current Obsessions – Spring 2019…Makeup, Beauty & Other (Cruelty Free/ Vegan)

I last did one of these back in December, so thought it was time for another! Exactly what is says on the tin (or in the title), there’s been new launches/ discoveries, rediscoveries…these are just some of the things I’ve been enjoying and obsessed with for the last while that I wanted to share with you! All cruelty free and Vegan in this list…let’s go!   

✖️ Kat Von D Beauty Go Big Or Go Home Volumizing Mascara (UK*/ IE*

It’s a new launch and I’ve spoken about this recently so won’t go in to too much detail here for this one…last week’s post was actually a full review, wear test of the KVD GBOGH Mascara and I have before and after pictures up too, so if you haven’t seen that yet go take a look here. It’s Vegan and gives you the most large and in charge lashes ever! I’m already excited for a waterproof version of this (coming later this year)…if it does what this one does for my lashes and with extra lift (my poker straight lashes always need curling anyway and then a waterproof mascara formula usually keeps that lift around better for all day curl) HOLY GRAIL!! You know I’ll be picking the waterproof version up the second it launches!    

✖️ Kat Von D Beauty Cake Pencil Eyeliner in Mad Max Brown (UK*/ IE*)

While we’re on the subject of KVD Beauty, another of her products has been gracing my eyeballs none stop since it’s launch last month…the KVD Beauty Cake Pencil Eyeliner and specifically in the shade Mad Max Brown (it’s currently available in Trooper ultra black and White Out pure white too). Although I usually go for a black to do a wing (if I’m wearing one), I nearly always opt for a deep brown (sometimes deep plum, oxblood tones and even nude too) for my waterline, tight line and smoked through my lower lash line on a day to day basis. You get that same grungy definition as you do with a black, but just a bit softer (not as harsh) and really flattering on pretty much any eye colour. The Cake Liners are 100% Vegan, intensely pigmented, creamy and apply like a dream! A really easy pencil to use so if you’re new to liner, just not that great at it, or like me you just want something fast for everyday getting ready in a hurry…this’ your guy! It’s waterproof/ budge resistant once in place, but I love that you do get a decent play time with it to get exactly the look you want without dragging or skipping. I hope KVD extend the shade range of these, a nude and maybe an intense maroon shade would be so good!          

✖️ PIXI Beauty Rose Oil Blend*

Having typical combo skin, I used to avoid oils like the plague…not anymore! I came to realise that going for the right oil and using it in the right way for your skin type can have a huge impact on how your face looks and feels. I’ve tried so many but have recently rediscovered the PIXI Rose Oil Blend and remembered how much I love the stuff! I wouldn’t normally be the biggest fan of any skincare that has too much scent, but actually find this relaxing and pleasant smelling/ not overpowering at all. The blend of youth preserving oils (who doesn’t want youth preserved right??) has antioxidant properties, hydrates (leaves skin comfortable and feeling smooth to the touch), improves skin’s elasticity and gives glow! It’s suitable for all skin types and doesn’t feel heavy or overly oily on. You can add it to moisturiser/ makeup for extra glow if you want, but I just like to use it (2-3 drops) on cleansed, tones skin before I put my moisturiser/ SPF on. It gives you a look of healthy and well rested (even if you’re not) on bare skin and gives makeup an extra glow boost. I tend to keep it to my cheeks and forehead mainly, avoiding my sometimes oily bits (upside down t zone for me, nose and chin) unless my face is feeling particularly dehydrated. It absorbs quickly, love how my makeup goes on/ sits over the top and feel like it makes a pretty big difference in my skin overall…how it looks and feels! I’ve had this bottle (30ml) for ages and it’s nowhere near done!             

✖️ Primark X Alex Steinherr Sleep Spa Sleeping Face Mask

Another skincare obsession and one from the Primark X Alex Steinherr collaboration…also this one’s a bit late to the party, I’d already tried more of the range (read more about those here) and only picked the Sleep Spa Sleeping Mask up a week or so ago but I REALLY like this stuff! It’s a replenishing and hydrating night treatment…anti fatigue and promises to help plump, smooth and restore your skin while you sleep. It’s cruelty free, Vegan, affordable and actually delivers! It’s formulated with Willowherb (similar to the Every Night Eye Mask from the same Primark X Alex Steinherr Sleep Spa range which I’m also obsessed with) which is known to boost the overall quality of your skin and has natural anti inflammatory properties and although it has a really lightweight (very non traditional night cream) formula, it’s effective! I cleanse and tone as usual and then apply 2 pumps of this to my whole face…by the morning my skin feels great, plumped up and hydrated. I’ll be repurchasing!    

✖️ CBD ONE Signature Blend No.2

I’ve spoken about CBD infused beauty products before (read more about Milk Makeup Kush range here and also Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer here) but not the CBD oil itself. CBD oil seems to be all over the place at the moment and is the legal and and non-psychotropic (it won’t make you high) component of Marijuana (the other component from a different part of the plant is THC which is where the high comes from). CBD oil has so many beneficial claims from anti inflammatory properties for aches, pains and treatment of health conditions, physical and mental/ mood as well as anti ageing skin benefits.

*CBD’s ultimately a food supplement…I don’t know enough (nor am I qualified) to offer any advice, all I know is that it seems to be working for me and I can share my own experiences with it but I’d absolutely recommend doing your own research just as I did. CBD ONE is not the only brand out there by any means but they do offer a lot of info, including health advice on their site so maybe a good place to start for info. There are so many different brands/ stockists so it’s worth doing your homework before shelling out too (a quality oil will not be cheap).

There’s evidence to suggest CBD oil can relieve symptoms of anxiety naturally with few or no side effects and that’s why I chose to give it a go. I’d been reluctant to mention it for off topic reasons (nothing to do with my usual makeup/ beauty) but also ’cause I just wasn’t sure if it was having any effect and it was more a placebo you know? Well, placebo or not…whatever’s working for me something is and that’s all that matters. I do feel it’s noticeably the CBD oil as time goes on and for that reason in my opinion and for me…it’s a valuable tool and something I’ll continue to use in times of anxious need and in general. Additional to general self care, exercise (healthy body, healthy brain yo) and nutrition of course…but just a few drops under the tongue, I find it helps me out a lot!

I’m aware I haven’t gone in to huge detail here, but let me know in the comments if a dedicated post about CBD oil, the effects etc would be something you’d be interested in! While we’re on the subject of anxiety, I also want to mention two books that have also (and continue to be) massively helpful to me in a no bull/ not typical self help/ writing from experience kind of way from Irish author Caroline ForanOwning It: Your Bullsh*t-Free Guide To Living With Anxiety and The Confidence Kit: You Bullsh*t Free Guide To Owning Your Fear. The only books on the subject to ever fully resonate with me, they help you understand what actually goes on in your brain when you’re anxious and develop coping skills. Well worth a read, both of them! I’ll dip back in to these books as often as needed too!                

✖️ Hallow Collective Tee’s

I’ve had/ worn tee’s from UK indie brand Hallow Collective for ages, but while I was moving/ unpacking my wardrobe (more about that here) and tee collection it just reminded me how much I love them! The designs of course but also the quality of the tee’s, they’re so soft and comfy and wash really well. I probably wear the All Hallows’ Tour Tee the most but the Metal Lover Tee and No Soul Tee are also among my faves. If you like metal/ band tee’s and also amazing quality super soft comfy tee’s that don’t lose their shape or go crappy in the wash…definitely give Hallow Collective a look! FYI they do really cool pins (which I also have quite a few of) and other things too, I’m just obsessed with the tee’s!

So there you have it, things I’m obsessed with and enjoying for whatever reason now. What are/ have you been obsessed with recently?? Also…have you tried CBD oil and how is it working out for you??

Lyd x 



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