Dermaplaning At Home – How To & Does It Work??

Dermaplaning is the beauty buzz word of the moment and the hot topic on every makeup/ beauty pro and enthusiast alike’s lips right now! It’s been around for way longer than you think (way back in ancient times since makeup itself was even a thing…Cleopatra among others was apparently a fan!), but recently the likes of Huda Kattan (boss lady of Huda Beauty)/ other super influencers have been talking about it and everywhere you look on Instagram there’s people doing it as part of their pre makeup prep!

So what is Dermaplaning? It’s basically face shaving. Not so much in the traditional sense of ridding yourself of a beard or any other body hair (the darker, thicker terminal hair), but more so that annoying ‘peach fuzz’ vellus hair…that almost invisible, but catches the light kind of annoying hair. Everyone has vellus hair to some degree, usually the lighter your colouring the lighter the hair and visa versa. Even if it’s not really visible (mine is barely visible it’s so light) it’s more the texture it gives the skin that’ll benefit from Dermaplaning. You don’t use the same razor you use elsewhere too…Dermaplaning is using a single blade to gently remove dead skin (yuk!) and that peach fuzz hair from the surface of your skin. 

There’s so many professional places that offer it as a treatment, I just like to do my own. It’s personal preference…if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself and want to try it, there should be a salon in your area that does it. At home it doesn’t take very long and as well as more professional level tools you can easily pick up really inexpensive but effective blades. It’s a relatively easy, low key step in your routine that you only need to do maybe once every four weeks or so and in my opinion…worth it!

I like to start off with freshly cleansed skin, but no skin care as yet and unlike regular shaving I don’t use any shaving foam/ oil/ anything. Using the single razor blade and working methodically around my whole face so I don’t miss anywhere. Obviously pay full attention the whole time, but especially so around your brows and hairline…we really don’t want any mishaps and slips there! Hold your tool at a 45 degree angle to the skin and although you can go against hair growth (you might need to do this if you have darker/ coarser hair or if you want to of course) I always go in the direction of natural hair growth. In my opinion, the result is just as good and it’s more gentle on my skin. I usually start off on my cheeks (as that’s where most of the peach fuzz is stationed it seems), forehead, chin and then although there’s slim to no hair of any type on my nose…I do like to (carefully) go over my nose too for that full face exfoliation hit!

As well as removing that pesky peach fuzz, it’s the exfoliation (ridding of dead skin cells) part that really makes the most difference for me. I use physical scrubs (usually LUSH Dark Angels) and exfoliating acid toner (PIXI Glow Tonic* is my normal go to for smooth, glowing skin) as part of my day to day skincare routine, but I feel like doing a Dermaplaning session every now and then makes a real difference and gives my skin a much needed boost! 

Although there’s no huge visual difference (in your post Dermaplaning bare skin…in my opinion and especially if like me, your peach fuzz is barely noticeable anyway) but you can definitely feel a difference in the texture and feel of your skin. Silky smooth to the touch because there’s no fine hair, skincare goes on a lot better and makeup applies more evenly and has a much silkier finish…you’ll especially notice when using powder products as they won’t sit on top of the skin as much, instead buffing on smoothly. I pay extra attention to my whole cheek area with it having the most fine hair but specifically the area I apply my highlight…that’s where I notice the most difference with how my makeup goes on and how it looks!

Once I’m done, I like to go in with my usual skincare routine (let me know if you want an updated version of that!) and I’ll sometimes use a hydrating mask before skincare depending if I feel like I need it or not/ how dry my skin is at the time. I don’t find Dermaplaning strips my skin, irritates or anything…going in gently and taking your time is key! And something I’ve been asked about this before…will the hair will grow back darker/ thicker? Vellus hair doesn’t grow back the same way (breaking through the skin) as terminal hair, so you won’t get stubble the same way and it’ll just grow back gradually, smoothly, unnoticeably and in time for you to do it again.  

Is Dermaplanning something you want to try or have you tried it already…what are your thoughts?

Lyd x



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