DESIGN.ME Hair Product Favourites (Cruelty Free/ Vegan) – Review & Current Haircare/ Styling Routine

I’m talking hair this week and wanted to share some newly discovered hair products that I’ve been obsessed with for the last few weeks, as well as going through how I use them! The products in question are from US haircare and styling brand DESIGN.ME…not only are they innovative, they’re cruelty free and vegan too!

To say I’m picky when it comes to anything makeup/ hair/ beauty is an understatement, but I can be really weird about hair care! Obviously I need stuff that actually works and does what I need them to do, but I’m super specific about how haircare/ styling products smell and feel in my hair. I hate that heavy, weighed down and sticky feel that some products give…these don’t at all!

I’d noticed the brand before on Instagram, but spotted it in store while picking up kit supplies in Salon Services/ Sally Beauty (you can get it online/ in store there or on their official brand website). The first product that drew me in and that I tried from the DESIGN.ME range was the POWERDRY.ME a micro emulsion pump action blow dry spray…

✖ Decreases blow dry time by 50%!

✖ Controls frizz

✖ Smoothes and conditions

✖ Provides heat and UV protection

Picking this up was the mainly the result of the roasting hot weather we’ve been having/ have got at the moment in UK/ Ireland and the fact that before this my hair was resembling Monica’s from friends, you know the episode! Fortunately my hair’s pretty long so doesn’t puff out as much, but can look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards with plenty of the bad kind of out of control volume and frizz when it’s humid…eww! POWERDRY.ME appealed for all the benefits above, but anything that can cut my blow dry time in half is a winner for me! I already use daily (and love!) a Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer* for the very reason that it’s less damaging, faster and doesn’t burn the scalp off me while drying, so the thought of using something else that claimed to cut dry time further was always going to be tried…I’m hair lazy!

The POWERDRY.ME does exactly what it’s supposed to and leaves my hair smooth and manageable with a little bonus hold in there too. It’s non sticky, smells fresh (not overpowering at all) and absolutely does cut my dry time as it promises! I really like how it has the UV/ heat protection too so I don’t have to use something else with it if I don’t want to. I’ve been using it everyday and have repurchased it already!

The next time I was in Salon Services I saw that they had a Fun Size Travel Kit which had an 100ml of my new fave POWERDRY.ME as well as two other products from the range…I was already pretty impressed with the brand so as well as the bonus of having having a travel sized version (I travel a lot!) I thought it’d be a good opportunity to try out a few more of their products!

One of the other products was the FAB.ME again a pump action spray, but I don’t even know what to call this…anti ageing and all round amazing treatment for hair?? I’ll just share the (18!!) benefits/ claims and let you decide…

✖ DEFENSE – colour fade protection, split end smoother, breakage prevention, free radical and heat damage protection, revitaliser for hair’s natural protective layer and protects against environmental damage.

✖ CONTROL – detangling, enhanced manageability, reduced blow dry time, static reduction, frizz control, porosity control.

✖ FABULOSITY (is that even a word??) – light conditioning, shine and luster, hydration, strengthens, enhances volume, gives a silky feel.

Is there anything this product can’t do?? Erm…no? I’m obsessed with this one too and have been using them both together, spritzing 3-4 pumps of each on to damp hair before blow drying. I’ve noticed a massive difference in not only the decreased blow try time, but the general condition/ feel of my hair and how it behaves throughout the day. It’s way smoother, doesn’t frizz up as the temperature rises and feels softer and more hydrated. Not oily, not weighed down…it leaves my hair feeling fresh and clean all day (even in to 2 day hair if I don’t wash it the next day…although I probably shouldn’t wash it every day, I do like freshly washed hair though and pretty much always do).

The other product that came in the travel set was one I’d looked at online and was interested to give a go anyway. PUFF.ME comes in 2 strengths and I went for the light version for fine to medium hair (I have a lot of hair but it’s not super thick)…it’s a pump action spray hair powder for texture and volume.

✖ Instant volume

✖ Odour and mess free (yes!)

✖ For fine to medium hair (there’s a stronger one for thicker hair)

✖ Perfect texture for up-do’s, braids and creating root lift

I’ve tried similar products years ago (like the Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion) but always found the application of the powder messy and placement not as controlled as I’d have liked which put me off. I really like how this one is still a powder, but in spray form and puffs out just the right amount of powder and exactly where you want it without going all over you (esp annoying when your wardrobe consists mainly of black!). It feels a bit weird (standard for a volumising powder) but doesn’t feel itchy or even noticeable once it’s worked it and gives the perfect amount of lift that lasts! I use this after I’ve dried and GHD’d my hair (I prefer the larger salon styler for my long hair with it’s wider plates and it’s great for effortless waves too!)…I brush through with my Tangle Teezer brush* (I pretty much have one in every bag, the car, everywhere…they’re so good!) and then use a bit of PUFF.ME along my parting and at the crown for a bit of lift and more of a glam undone kind of look.

So yeah, so far so seriously impressed with DESIGN.ME hair products. With these three I think all bases are covered for me (especially as I am so lazy when it comes to styling my hair!) but I’d definitely be up for trying pretty much anything else they came up with! Cruelty free/ vegan and all my haircare and styling preference boxes ticked!

What are your fave haircare products?? Cruelty free shampoo and conditioner suggestions especially welcome…I have some but fancy a change!

Lyd x



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