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I love reading posts like this myself! I think as an artist especially and constantly wanting to further your skills and grow, but even just as a makeup wearer you never stop learning and picking up new hints and tips. I wouldn’t have it any other way! As a makeup educator myself, I obviously love sharing knowledge and answering questions, but equally love asking them and picking up things from others too!

I’m going to share a few of my favourite everyday makeup ‘hacks’…you might already know and do some these things yourself and if not, you’ll hopefully learn something new and give it a go!

➕Primer mixing for combination skin –
If you have combination skin/ different concerns on different areas, mix up your primer routine! Choose primers that target specific areas instead of using one all over. It’ll drastically effect the way your makeup sits and lasts! For example I have a really oily nose, so use an oil control primer there like the Urban Decay De-Slick Complexion Primer and then the rest of my face is normal really but can get a bit dry. I like to have a bit more glow in these areas, so the oil control primer would dry me out and leave me flat! Instead I use a hydrating primer like the Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Hydrating Face Primer which will make sure my makeup goes on more smoothly in those potentially drier areas and doesn’t look as matte. I know there’s the initial cost of multiple primers rather than the one, but that does also mean they’ll last you twice as long, win!

➕Setting spray pre makeup and layering for a budge proof face! –
We’re all used to dousing ourselves in setting spray post makeup in the hope that it will last as long as humanly possible (I do anyway!) but instead of using loads in one go, little and often can work a treat! Skincare and prime as normal, spray pre makeup, spritz your foundation brush or beauty blender for application, spray after base/ cream or liquid products but before powder (making sure it dries properly before you apply your setting powder/ other powders to prevent caking!), after powders but pre highlight (pre highlight will not only give staying power, but make your highlight pop!) and then give a spritz as usual as a finishing touch. It’s not something I do everyday, but if I need my makeup to last all day until I take it off, this is where it’s at! I’ve been loving the Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Makeup Setting Mist (read more here) it’s a lightweight super fine mist, not sticky at all and smells incredible!

➕ Always curl lashes! –
That’s it, just always curl them you’ll notice the difference! It makes you look more wide eyed and awake, your lashes look longer…I’d never think of applying mascara without this step! My lashes are pretty straight naturally, so lash curlers are an essential for me. The cult Shu Uemura curlers* have always been a favourite and I also really like Surratt’s Revelee Lash Curler*. I’ve tried cheaper versions, but none have yet come close to the effect these guys give!

➕More lash tips –
While we’re on the subject of lashes, I have some other tricks to maximise them…and who doesn’t want maximised lashes!
• I always line the upper tight line (inside the upper lash line) with gel liner. You could use pencil too if you find it easier, but using gel means it’s longer wearing and won’t transfer if you’re not wearing liner underneath. It makes your lashes look thicker and eyes more defined, even if wearing minimal or no other makeup.
• Use a lash primer. I like the MAC Cosmetics False Lashes Maximizer because as well as being a great lash primer and doing it’s job that way, it conditions, further curls and never goes crispy or clumpy! Use it after curling (or instead of if you have naturally curly lashes or don’t want to use an actual curler) and before mascara. It works really well on brows too, setting them it place and giving them a full and fluffy finish. Love a good multi use product!
• An inexpensive alternative to lash primer and great if you don’t have a primer to hand…oldie but goodie tip – dust lashes with a bit of your translucent setting powder pre mascara for extra volume.
• For an extra boost (you do need to be very careful doing this…do it at your own risk!) I make sure any mascara I’ve applied is completely dried and my curler is completely clear of product (both super important to prevent snagging and possibly snapping lashes!) and pressing very gently, curl the lashes for a second time before applying an extra coat of mascara.

➕Lush lip tips –
• Incorporate lip care in to your everyday skin care routine! Using lip scrubs and keeping them hydrated will mean they look plumper, smoother and lip products of any variety will apply better and last longer on! I have a dedicated blog post about the importance of this, including things I use to keep my lips in tip top condition (and a less than £3 miracle I couldn’t be without!) which you can check out here.
• Over lining and changing the shape of lips has always been a thing, but with inspiration coming from the likes of the Kardashian/ Jenner’s and images of full pouts all around (especially on Instagram!), its becoming more of an everyday thing for many! It can look so much more natural if you stick to a really simple rule…so go as subtle or full as you dare in the middle of the lips, but providing you keep the corners of the mouth natural and liner or liquid lipstick tracing your natural lip line at the corners, any overlined lip will look more natural and less blow up doll!
• If you do over line your lips, dusting a bit of HD loose powder over the top can not only give an otherwise creamy lipstick a matte finish…it will also even out the texture and blur the edges of where your actual natural lip ends and skin starts, giving a much more believable fullness. Any HD, bluring powder will do but I like the Ultra HD Loose Powder from Make Up For Ever.

➕When filling in your brows, use your pencil, powder or pomade as usual but leave off brow gel until you’ve finished the rest of your makeup. By doing it this way you can make sure your brows are exactly where you want them (they can often by disturbed during when doing the rest of your face) and the gel will make sure there’s no dusty bits of setting powder or anything on the brows too! One of, if not the best clear brow gel in my opinion is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel*, I use mine everyday!

➕Wing it right everyday! –
Majority of the time when I’m wearing makeup, I’ll be wearing some sort of wing. My makeup doesn’t quite feel finished without one. The problems start when you’re trying to do your wing in a hurry! You know the way yourself I’m sure!
Anyway, there’s a few thing you can do to get it right every time!
• Simple but effective…always do the eye you struggle with the most first.
• Use an eye pencil to etch out your wing first. Easier and quicker to correct any mistakes and without that pressure of liquid (it can sense fear!) you’re more likely to get a good wing. It’ll make life so much easier to trace over it then with your liquid or gel.
• Think about using eye shadow on an angled brush instead. Again, way less pressure with it not being liquid and as well as being able to achieve a bold wing, you can also soften the look a bit this way so ideal for an everyday wing.
• I like to recommend using this tip instead of using scotch tape which popular as that hack is now, can pull harshly at the delicate eye area skin. Great for winging out shadow! With a flat edged brush, dab loose face powder generously and straight at the angle you want your shadow to go. You can blend easily right up to the powder and when you’re done, just wipe the powder and any fall out away!

➕Use eyeshadow as highlight –
I’ve been doing this forever! Especially before there was the variety and colour choice of highlighter that there is now and finding something light enough for my pale skin used to be such a struggle! The texture of shadow can often be smoother and give you that dewy glow as apposed to shimmer too! Old favourites include Nylon and Naked Lunch eyeshadows from MAC Cosmetics and I’ve been obsessed for a while now with Thunderstruck Metal Crush eyeshadow from Kat Von D Beauty it’s so pretty anyway, but as a highlight…yesss!!

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