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It’s been ages since my last skin care routine post (read it here if you missed it) so I thought it was about time to update it. I’ve been trying so many new products since the last one, but only now feel like I’ve finally figured out what works! My skin’s combination, but you could take elements of this routine depending on your own skin type and needs and hopefully make them work for you.

Even though my skin is combination for the most part (oily/ dehydrated in parts) luckily it’s normally pretty good with the right skincare but it can still be sensitive and prone to redness. Also I’m 34…anti ageing when it comes to skin has been a thing for me since my mid 20’s really, working to the principle of prevention is better than cure and all that. One of the things I’ve struggled with the most though is the fact that most anti age products are aimed towards a drier skin, so they’d make me oily or breakout. These don’t.

So as the title suggests, all products are cruelty free. I do this routine morning and night, the only difference is I don’t use the SPF serum at night (for hopefully obvious reasons haha). I’m going to talk about them in the order I’d use them too!

So first up, cleansing. I’ll use these products in the morning (minus eye makeup remover, as I’ll have none on to take off) and to remove my makeup at the end of the day. I still use and love my Foreo Luna Mini Skincare Device* in the shower every morning, but post shower I prefer a micellar water as my second cleanse (just to remove every last trace of anything!) and I’ve been using and liking the new Yes To Cotton Comforting Micellar Cleansing Water. I love the packaging, it has a pump on the bottle, so it’s really quick and no mess. It removes every trace of makeup gently and doesn’t strip my skin. If I’ve been wearing heavier makeup I will sometimes use the LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser in the evening to ‘melt’ the majority of makeup off before I go in with the micellar and the rest of my routine, it’s brilliant and have used it forever! I use the Yes To Cotton Comforting Ultra- Sensitive Eye Makeup Remover Pads too my eyes can be really sensitive, but I love eye makeup and tend to wear more on my eyes than anywhere else (often long wear/ waterproof products) so the last thing I want to be doing is rubbing at my eyes and irritating them with something harsh. These are also gentle but effective and remove even waterproof mascara.
I then use the cult Pixi Glow Tonic* to tone, gently exfoliate and brighten my skin. You can read more about this here. I’ve been through so many bottles, it’s a must in my opinion for anyone in their mid 20’s and up!

A small amount of The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG* around the whole orbital area (under eyes, outer corners and brow bone) de- puffs, targets shadows and generally leaves your eye looking brighter and more awake due to the caffeine of course, but it also contains green tea leaves. It has a really lightweight texture, sinks in to the skin fast and makes a great base for makeup! The Ordinary brand on a whole is super affordable (I’m a huge fan of their products and have spoken about quite a few of them before) and unreal quality…this one in particular is such a large bottle (30ml) for the price and as far as eye products go, it’ll last ages!

Next I use The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% all over. Again a small amount is all you need. This is responsible for keeping my skin clear, as blemish free as possible and controls my oil. Read more about my holygrail The Ordinary product here. I always have back ups of this!

To hydrate, balance and add glow to my skin, I go in with a bit of The Ordinary’s Buffet. It looks like a serum and sinks in perfectly to leave your skin noticeably plumper and smooth. It contains a multitude of skin loving anti ageing ingredients, including moisture boosting Hyaluronic Acid. At night I’d stop here, but day time calls for SPF!

My current SPF of choice is the Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum SPF30*. I have to be so careful with SPF on my face as it can really irritate and make me breakout! I was needing a new one and actually picked this up on the recommendation of YouTube beauty Jessica Haze. I love it! It doesn’t break me out, it’s anti ageing, hydrating (but not overly so!) and gives your skin a dewy plumped out look. No one’s going to say no to that! I do use primer as well as this if I need a bit of something extra, but makeup goes on so well over this that it means I can skip a stage if I’m in a hurry too. It’s a little bit pricier than my old one, but you only need a pump or two for your whole face and it’s a bigger size than my last one too. SPF is a must for me, especially on days when I’m out and about!

These are my skin extras, so additional treatments and things I might not use daily etc. I don’t tend to use wipes a lot as my only cleanse, but I’m sure you’ll agree how handy that are to have around the place. I’m liking the same brand as the cleansers, Yes To Cotton Wipes at the moment.

I give my skin a boost by using masks and usually about twice a week. I’ll alternate between a few different ones and am always trying new ones out for size. There’s a few that I always go back to though and this one, the Mask Of Magnaminty from LUSH is my most used! It just seems to neutralise my skin, kind of a cosmetic re set button if you like.

I’ve recently re purchased the Dr Paw Paw Original Balm after running out ages ago and forgetting to pick more up…I don’t even know how I was without it for as long as I have been! It’s the ultimate multi tasker product! I mainly use it on my lips, but you can use it for so many things. I sometimes put a bit through my brows to sleep in to condition and stop brow hair loss by not allowing the pillow to grip. Everyone needs a tube of this!

Lip scrub, pretty self explanatory, but I do try and remember to use one a few times a week or at least before applying colour, especially liquid lipsticks! It makes such a difference to how smoothy your lipstick goes on and lasts! LUSH do some great ones. I actually have a dedicated lip care/ liquid lipstick post here if you want to read more.

My secret moisture boost weapon comes in the shape of the NIP + FAB Dragons Blood Fix Hylauronic Shot*. If I’ve had a particularly long week or late night, I’ll apply this before bed and it rescues my skin, plumping it, hydrating and making me look altogether more alive! Makeup By Mario, Kim K’s makeup artist, recently used this under foundation for radiance and glow, so I’ll definitely be experimenting with that too!

Last but not least and on a slight tangent from skincare I’ll agree, but almost as important and often neglected…brush cleaning! There’s no point taking so much care of your skin and then using dirty makeup brushes. Properly and regularly sanitised brushes will also assist with the quest for better skin. I get asked often about cruelty free options, so here they are…B. Makeup Brush Cleanser is Superdrugs own brand and a great, cruelty free and inexpensive choice and I like the NYX Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner too. Again cruelty free and although NYX also have a spray version for spot cleaning, I find this one gives a more thorough clean.

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