First Impressions and Swatches – Kat Von D Beauty Alchemist Holographic Eye & Face Highlighter Palette

So this is an exciting post to write!! And yes, I did nearly spontaneously combust/ kiss the delivery man when it arrived! (No) Ha ha. I was (extremely!) lucky enough to get my mitts on the Kat Von D Beauty Alchemist Holographic Palette ahead of it’s global Sephora launch and want to share it with you! It truly is a thing of beauty! The palette is long awaited and highly coveted, so I’m sure any of you makeup obsessives like myself will need no persuading to pick this up…but incase you do, or are wondering what it’s really like/ is it worth it etc, I’m going to give you the low down and all the info you need.

Just look at it!! The packaging! The palette comes in a triangular protective white cardboard sleeve, with holographic multi coloured ‘A’ and filigree detail design. Open it up and the palette is the same triangular shape…it’s not the biggest palette in the world, but in the Alchemist’s case, good things really do come in small packages! It’s a sturdy, coated cardboard, holographic white palette, with the same ‘A’ and filigree design, but this time, the design is embossed, so you can feel it when you run your fingers over it. Down the palette’s spine, there’s Kat Von D’s name in silver and on the reverse, there’s the Kat Von D Beauty logo, again in silver, along with all the usual product detail.

Let’s take a look inside!

Inside, there’s a good sized, nice quality mirror and behold…the 4 shades of Prismatic Transformer/ highlighter! Each pan is 1.53g/ 0.05Oz (a typical MAC eyeshadow is 1.5g of product in comparison) so although for a highlight product, they do seem a little small, you’ll see later in the swatches, a little of these pigment packed powders goes a long way, the formula is super concentrated. They’re so smooth applied on to the skin, pigment rich, similar to that of the Kat Von D Metal Crush eyeshadows (Available from Debenhams*) which I’m also a massive fan of, but they’re way lighter in texture, different to anything else I’ve tried! It’s a hybrid formula…part top coat, part transformer, so it can be used alone to highlight the skin, or over other eyeshadows, lip and cheek products to create and customise the finish. Like I mentioned before, there are 4 shades:

+ {green} emerald
+ {blue} saphyre* (*I can spell, ha ha, this is just what it’s called)
+ {ultra violet} amethyst
+ {pink} opal

Now for the important bit…swatches! In the first picture I’ve swatched them alone and in the second picture, I swatched them (in the same order) over the Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Witches, a beautiful intense pitch black (Available from Debenhams*).

When can I get this I hear you ask! Ok, so here are the dates not to be missed!

18th December – Sephora VIB Pre launch
24th December – General launch over on
5th January 2017 – In US only Sephora in store
* It’ll then be available throughout 2017, internationally, where Kat Von D Beauty is sold, initially I believe, in the Spring.

The Kat Von D Beauty Alchemist Holographic Eye and Face Highlighter palette is Sephora exclusive (until Spring 2017) and limited edition. It’s highly coveted and very much beautiful, so won’t be around for long! If you want it, get it and don’t delay…you have been warned! I love how different it is and the way it’s encouraging people to experiment and explore their artistic side more! It’s a winner for me and I’m looking forward even more to Kat Von D beautys other 2017 offerings now if this is anything to go by! Exciting! Looking forward to having a proper play, creating some looks and #keepingartistyalive
Check out Erik Soto’s (Kat Von D Beauty Global Makeup Artist) Instagram for inspiration and makeup art, (using the Alchemist Palette) that he’s created!

A must have for mermaids, unicorns and makeup lovers! So beautiful! Will you be getting it??

Lydia x



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