First Impressions/ Review – NEW LASplash Cosmetics Ultra Definition Cream Foundation (With Swatches)

Foundation review time…these are some of my favourite posts to write and to read. I’m sure a lot of you know this already, but base products in general (foundation/ concealer/ powder) are my absolute favourite things to try! Today’s foundation in question is LASplash Cosmetics’ latest offering, the UD (Ultra Definition) Cream Foundation which has also recently dropped at BeautyBay* for all you UK/Ireland (and elsewhere – they ship internationally too) readers.

I’m a big fan LASplash anyway, especially their liquid Lipsticks and Art-Ki-Tekt liner pen (read more about that one here). I’ve used and really like their UD (Ultra Define) Brow Mousse*, so with this also being a member of the LASplash UD family that grabbed my attention as well as the obvious…check out that packaging! (The Brow Mousse actually comes in a miniature version of this too!)

It’s housed in a super sturdy drawer style box outer packaging with the foundation jar/ pot (definitely more jar than regular bottle) itself being a beautiful rose gold almost sphere. So unusual and eye catching but anyway, more about that later.

Inside there is a plastic stopper shield type thing to keep it airtight and to further keep the foundation secure. Personally I do find these things pretty annoying and fiddley to deal with, so we’ll see how long it takes me to get rid as the pot itself is pretty secure without. Not sold on that. Also the fact that is is a pot instead of the usual bottle/ pump. Super pretty design, something I haven’t seen before, but as it is, I do prefer a bottle/ pump for ease and hygiene. I’m currently using the non bristle handle end of my foundation brush to scoop it out and dot on to my face, which I’m yet to be convinced is a good thing.

What LASplash say:
➕ Matte, soft focus Finish
➕ Flawless full coverage
➕ Instant coverage, no need to build
➕ Oil, paraben and fragrance free
➕ Water based hydration, ideal for oily and acne prone skin
➕ Long wear

The UD Cream Foundation is currently available in 12 shades, although there has been talk of extending the range. This can only be a good thing. At the moment, similar to a lot of brands, there seems to be plenty of medium skin tone choices but not many fair shades. After looking at swatches and YouTube videos, I decided to opt for their current lightest shade ‘Macadamian’*. YouTuber Jessica Haze aka Mirrors + Haze (watch her video of this in action here) is usually a great measure for me as we have really similar skin colour/ tone and eye colour…handy! I’d recommend finding someone, like I did, with a similar colouring to you or checking out the Temptalia Foundation Matrix which I’ve spoken about before and is a brilliant tool for normally difficult online colour matching.
LASplash describe this shade as ‘extra light’ which I wouldn’t describe it as at all! I think anyone lighter than me, the way the colour range stands at the moment wouldn’t find a light enough match unfortunately. For reference, if you don’t know, I’m a NC15/20 in MAC, Light 43 in KVD and 1.0 in Urban Decay. Fair/ light with a yellow undertone.

LASplash UD Cream Foundation Swatches

As with a lot of fuller coverage long wearing foundations, this is pretty quick drying down, so first up I’d suggest working in sections to allow enough time to blend properly. My usual foundation applying/ blending weapon of choice is a damp Beauty Blender* but with this I found that not only was the coverage way lighter with a sponge, it just didn’t seem to blend as seamlessly and settle as well on the skin as it did with my brush. As always, I used my Morphe M439 Buffing Brush* and it worked so much better, almost polishing the cream in to my skin with ease. I’d definitely agree that this is more on the full coverage side of things, but it actually feels light on the face and has a more natural skin like look rather than looking chalky and sets down to a (really nice) soft matte finish. I’ve tried this foundation with and without primer and with/without powder, it works well and similarly both ways and stays on for a similar length of time too either way so really nothing too different to report there. This means you can just do you and slot it quite easily in to your regular product regime which is good. It’s actually buildable too despite it’s ‘no need to build’ claim, which I do like as it means I can start with a little and add more if needed rather than go full immediate cake face! (Nothing wrong with that at all, it’s just not me).

I like the finish of this and I get a good 3 hours wear before any shine breakthrough (my skin is generally combo with an oily AF nose) which is pretty standard for me with any foundation and it does last all day, albeit wearing off slightly around the usual areas (sides of nose and chin) towards the end of the day. It feels cooling and hydrating on the skin as you’re applying it, but it does set down matte and dry quickly (as I mentioned before) so work fast! There’s no denying the beauty of the packaging, but I’m still not sold on it from a convenience/hygiene point of view. I’d much prefer this if it was in either a bottle with pump or had a built in spatula applicator so it was easier to dispense on to the back of your hand.

Overall I like the formula…best suited to oily combo skin as I think this could be slightly further drying on dryer skin and would possibly cling to dry patches if you have them (which I don’t at the moment). Also great if you were looking for a fuller coverage and long wear foundation, but something that doesn’t full on set (like the Urban Decay All Nighter (UK* / Ire*) does), something that you could maybe add to for night time wear or even a perfect choice if you’re a glasses wearer. You get all the plus points of full cover/ long wear, but because it stays flexible you could buff out glasses marks pretty easily with this one without caking.

I’ll keep using it for sure, it’s worked really well and stayed looking good in this warm weather we’ve been having in the UK/ Ireland too, which is something! It doesn’t last as long on me as the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation (my holygrail, read more here) but I much prefer the look and feel of this to the UD All Nighter. It also oxidises a lot less than the UD! It retails at $28/ £22/ €25 which although it’s a nice foundation and you get the standard 30ml of product, LASplash is generally a more affordable brand, so I would have expected a slightly lower price point with this one. I still think it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking to try a new foundation, but considering for a little extra I could pick up my usual KVD and my opinion might change on this with wearing it more but I probably wouldn’t repurchase at this stage.

LASplash Ultra Definition Cream Foundation* is available now. Let me know if you’ve tried it too and your thoughts or if you’re planning on giving it a go in the comments!

Lyd x



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