Foundation – A High End Disappointment V’s Unexpected Drugstore Beaut!

You know the way when something has been hyped so much, sounds amazing and you already love another of their products so are expecting good things? That! It’s not even like I hate it, it’s a perfectly good foundation and possibly holygrail to some, I’ve just found a similar more affordable version that in my opinion actually works better and it just didn’t blow me away like I’d hoped!

The high end foundation in question is the new Armani Power Fabric Foundation. I really like their Luminous Silk Foundation* and that was even my wedding foundation of choice back in 2010. It’s beautiful! I thought this would be a good choice to give me a similar finish, but last longer on my combination skin. Was excited to try it! It claims to be full coverage, long wearing and lightweight with a luminous finish. It went on nicely, it did stay on pretty well, but it was just way more powdery and flat than I expected it to be. I really want to like this one, so’ll carry on, maybe try it with different primers and ways of applying it. Will keep you updated, but at the moment, I’m sad to say, I’m not really impressed.

The drugstore/ affordable foundation on the other hand, that I’m really liking so far is the L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation*. I don’t usually go for extreme full/ total coverage because apart from the occasional blemish and bit of redness, my skin is pretty ok, but had heard so much about this foundation that I had to try it!

The L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation promises a full coverage, flawless base that lasts up to 24 hours. As I’ve mentioned before, I’d never wear any foundation for 24 hours so the test for me is if it lasts all day. It claims to be transfer free and to cover everything from redness, blemishes and even tattoos, without feeling or looking heavy on the skin. It also gives a matte, shine free finish. I’ve tried applying this with both a brush and damp beauty blender*…a brush gives an instantly fuller coverage, whilst the beauty blender allows more control and a more natural and gradual build up of coverage. The first thing I noticed about this foundation is, it’s thick! It has almost a mousse gel consistency, but the bonus being you only need the tiniest bit! It doesn’t dry straight away like some fuller coverage foundations, so you have more play time and it blends out perfectly. I only use a small amount for a more medium coverage and it just gives you a really even, natural matte finish, that stays pretty matte throughout the day with minimal touch ups needed. It feels virtually weightless as promised and even with the coverage it doesn’t look really heavy at all.

I don’t, but if I was to want to cover any tattoos, I’d be more likely to use/ suggest using proper colour correcting high coverage and waterproof concealers, but for anything else, this really does do the job! As with the majority of full coverage foundations, in my opinion, this definitely benefits from a primer, be it a hydrating one to prevent it clinging to drier areas or a pore minimsing/ smoothing one, but in general it sits nicely on the skin, I’m impressed! As with a lot of drugstore/ affordable foundations, the colour selection isn’t the best, but most companies will now extend their colour range at some point after the initial launch. I opted for the shade 09 Light Sand Nude, which along with 10 Porcelain are the 2 lightest shades. I went for the 09 as it had more of a yellow base similar to my Kat Von D Lock It in Light 43 or my MAC NC15. It’s pretty much the perfect match for my skin. This foundation is a great everyday affordable option and I love how it comes in lightweight plastic tube packaging for less waste and great for travel.

Have you tried either of these new full cover foundations yet? Rate them or hate them? Would be interested to hear your thoughts!

Lyd x



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