Garnier Micellar Oil- Infused Cleansing Water

When Garnier launched their first of a kind, new Micellar solution, infused with nourishing oils, I had to try it! As an existing fan of both Micellar cleansing waters and oil based/ dual phase eye makeup removers, this appealed on many levels.
The way Micellar water works, is the Micelles (which are cleansing agents) act similar to a magnet, drawing out dirt particles (nice!) from the skin and oil based cleansers work by effectively breaking down and almost melting away makeup. How could this be a not winning combo in a one step cleanser?!

Garnier claim that the cleanser’s suitable for even dry and sensitive skin due to the gentle formula but also effective enough to remove water proof and long wear makeup, so I’ve put it to the test! I wouldn’t say my skin’s dry, but can get dehydrated with a tight feeling if a cleanser is too stripping!

This is a dual phase solution (part water, part oil) and comes in the generous 400ml size bottle (Available on Amazon (Affiliate link)) that all Garnier’s Micellar Water varieties are available in. I’m yet to see a travel friendly mini version of this. It does have a fragrance to it, but a pleasant one at that, a very light fruity/ floral scent (can’t put my finger on exact notes!) and as well as not irritating my often sensitive skin, I’m not really still aware of the fragrance a few minutes after use. To use the cleanser, you shake to mix the liquids to form a cloudy Micellar/ oil mixture and apply it to the skin using a cotton pad. The formula does settle back to it’s original two colour state within seconds, so if like me, you like to go in a second time to remove every last trace and especially if you’ve worn heavier makeup that day, just be sure to give it another shake before going in again!

micellar front cropped

I’ve tried Garnier’s other Micellar varieties and out of them all, this one does break down makeup the quickest and most effortless of the lot! In those terms, this is definitely my prefered option. The only, not really negative, but point to maybe consider if you have any other skin type than very dry (which I can imagine this may even be a somewhat advantage) is that although Garnier describe the cleanser as ‘non greasy’, I do feel like it leaves a slight film on my skin. I have heard others saying it doesn’t, so it might just be a personal thing, but one worth mentioning I feel.

micellar 2 cropped

To sum up…I do like it! Would I repurchase it? You know what…if I do run out (the bottle’s huge!), I probably will. It’s quick, effective and gently melts off all traces of your makeup without having to rub your skin. The only thing I would say, is that I’d use this for my initial cleanse, but would then always follow with a quick once over from another traditional Micellar formula to make sure there’s no oil residue on my face. So if this is something you are unlikely to do/ can’t be bothered with, maybe stick to one of their regular formula version instead. I do like Garnier’s Micellar range as a whole, great products and inexpensive, but one of my all time favourite Micellar waters is the Simple one (Available on Amazon (Affiliate link)) which I actually prefer over the OG and significantly more expensive Micellar solution, Bioderma (Available on Amazon (Affiliate link)).

As always, if you can think of an alternative that I should try/ that you swear by, let me know in the comments!

Lyd x



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