Get Frecked! Faux Freckle How To & Freck Faux Freckle Product Review

Faux frecks have been a thing for ages but I think as soon as the sun comes out, it’s festival season…a few little frecks (natural or faux) or many can summer up your face fast!

You might be lucky enough to be blessed with the real deal (I love them!) and if you are, this’ still a post for you! I have them, but most are pretty feint and tend to get hidden even with a light coverage of foundation…I usually enhance my own frecks (just a few) all year round just to make them more visible and even if you’re wearing a fuller coverage base, it can help make it look way more natural!

There’s loads of different ways to create faux frecks! I personally (because I only really define a few of mine) prefer a dotting method using a specific product (more on that in a bit!) or any product in the shade I want on a tiny precise pointed brush. If I’m using a brush, I find the best products to use with it are products designed for brows. Reason being…longer lasting than other things eg. eyeshadow/ regular eye pencil etc and brow products come in so many shades and tones so you can completely customise your freck look with ease. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomades* are brilliant with a precise liner brush…something like the My Kit Co. My Feliner 1.22* Eyeliner Brush works really with the bristles being synthetic and as well as cruelty free, will hold their shape and give you more precision…I even like to use a few different shades if I’m using this dotting method to make the frecks looks more realistic! You can get a similar effect using super skinny brow pencils too, the Kat Von D Beauty Signature Brow Precision Pencils* are unreal for this job!

Whichever freck method you prefer, my main tip is to (unless targeting specific ones like I do) make sure they’re as random as possible! It’ll make them look more natural and if you have to (obvs being careful not to poke your eye out!)…load up your brush, close your eyes and start dotting for the ultimate random freck! If I’m covering a larger area, I like to use a clean mascara wand/ spoolie (you’ll need a more watery product for this, so a darker foundation or even self tanner works for a longer lasting freckle effect…liquid liner or still your brow pomade, but just mix it with a liquid mixing medium like the Inglot Duraline to turn it fluid and with eyes closed flick the product on to the skin off the spoolie wand with your thumb.

Anyway…the main thing I’m here to talk about because I’m obsessed with it…the Faux Freckle Cosmetics Neutral by Freck* an LA based indie brand with cruelty free/ vegan formulas and the OG freck specific product, which in my opinion gives you natural frecks like nothing else! It launched exclusively on BeautyBay on 25th July, so is now finally available to us no US rest of the world peeps which was highly anticipated/ amazing news for me and probably many more freck lovers! It’s quick, gives you realistic frecks and is buildable so you can go as barely there or as freck intense as you want. It’s long wearing, but easily removable when you take off the rest of your makeup…that’s if you’re wearing any, it works equally as well on bare skin too.

Freck suggest holding the brush vertically and starting off applying in small ‘constellations’ (such a cute way of describing freckles right??) of 3-5 freckles…an odd number and random placement will always look better! Blot as you go with your finger (I sometimes use my beauty blender too) to create your base layer and then go back in and repeat the process for some more defined ones and to make them varying shades. You don’t have to, but setting with powder will increase their staying power even more and you can set between layers too to build further intensity.

The formula’s interesting, it’s like a gel tint and the little applicator brush’s super fine but easy to control/ doesn’t deposit too much product.


It comes in a tiny vial (1.45ml) but I feel like it’ll last ages even with liberal use! You only need to use the smallest amount and like I say, there’s just the right amount of product on the wand/ applicator so no waste. Because it’s such a neutral and buildable shade, it would work/ it’s pretty universal for most skin tones up to say medium dark, however if your skin’s dark – deep I’m not convinced it’d be enough definition. It does cover a wide range of skin tones but hopefully they’ll add a deeper tone to their range so everyone can get in on the freck action!

If you’re in the US/ Canada you can get your Freck directly from the Freck website and for pretty much everywhere else there’s now BeautyBay* too, woohoo! (To keep an eye out for restocks you can now sign up for an email alert too following that link so you don’t miss out!)

I love how it enhances my existing frecks and makes an otherwise flawless base perfectly imperfect and sun kisses, without gross sun damage a bare face! Great universally flattering shade and fool proof enough to freckle up in a hurry without the risk of ruining your makeup. Obsessed!

Will you be trying freck? What are your thoughts on freckles in general…have them or want them…love or hate them?

Lyd x



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