Going Cruelty Free – Fave Brands & People Who Inspired Me!

Something a little different this week, but super important and a bit of an announcement if you like! If you’re a regular reader (I know there’s way more of you than I ever thought/ expected/ hoped and thanks so much for hanging out/ sticking around by the way up to now…it means everything!) you’ll have possibly noticed anyway, but just incase you haven’t (and I wanted to talk about it anyway)…my blog is now cruelty free!

I’m only talking about it now, but my blog has actually been a CF zone for well over a year…I debated taking down any technically non cruelty free posts (a lot of brands/ products are in theory cruelty free for legal reasons/ having to be (Europe), but sell in China therefore technically not cruelty free) but it’s part of my blogging journey (that sounds lame I’m aware, but truth!) and there’s info in posts that people still find useful to read and opinions still stand on specific products, so for now…grand, they’re staying put.

So yeah, I’m proud to now be a cruelty free blog…my own makeup bag is already cruelty free and I’m transitioning my pro kit too. I collect makeup, so’ll be keeping things I already have eg. limited editions etc…I don’t use them (not so much from a cruelty free point of view, but more so the fact that a lot of things are old!) but they’ll live out their days happily in my collection! I’m choosing to only support cruelty free brands and products going forward. I’d been thinking about doing it for ages and as well as consciously looking out for CF alternatives and brands, it’s just naturally happened along the way!

As a blogger, it’s been challenging at times turning down PR/ opportunities from (often BIG) non cruelty free brands and brands that I’ve previously used a lot of/ enjoyed…but this is me now and it feels good to stick to my guns! I still feel like a relative blogging newbie in the grand scale of things (I’ve been blogging for 2 years now and am fortunate that it’s doing so well so far) but I totally understand how newer/ smaller bloggers especially might find going CF difficult from a PR point of view! The right opportunities with the right brands will come along though!

I’m finding myself not even missing non CF brands ’cause there’s so many brands out there that are exciting and that have me covered in terms of everything! As a consumer myself it’s been easy! As a working Makeup Artist, I’ll get there but you’ve got to start somewhere right??…it’s not so much limited options (there are loads and that’s absolutely not the issue…more about some of my faves later!) but more so the getting around to using things up and replacing them…after building up kit over 15 years and that can be spendy too if you were to do it in one hit!

I wanted to share just a quick few of my CF faves…brands, Insta accounts and YouTube peeps. There’s way more than these few, but this a great place to start in my opinion if you’re looking for CF options. Let’s get in to it and in no particular order…


✖ Jessica Haze – @jessicahazemua (Insta) / YouTube 

Thank you Jessica Haze! ♥︎ I wanted to mention Jessica first as she’s probably been the person who inspired me to go CF the most. She’s an Australian working Makeup/ Brow Artist from Detroit, MI. Talented, a pleasure to watch and isn’t afraid to experiment with colour and texture. Check out her signature ‘crack eye’ blown out warm smoky eye looks, perf!

✖ JKissa – @jkissamakeup (Insta) / YouTube

LA based makeup lover (also part of the no foundation crew if you are too)…uses way more colour than I like to (neutral, warm, goth shades are my jam!) but I love her enthusiasm and creativity. I feel like her reviews are super honest and helpful too!

✖ Kat Von D Beauty Artistry Collective – it’d be wrong for me to not include these ladies…all super creative and unique, I’m going to share each individual Insta account to make it easier to find them. If you don’t follow them already, you should! Simple!

Tara Buenrostro – @juscallmetara

Leah Carmichael – @iamleah

Steffanie Strazzere – @sstrazzere

Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick – @kelseyannaf

A (VERY) FEW BRANDS… (There are SO many easily accessible choices now, but these are brands I use most often/ are good places to start!)

✖ Kat Von D Beauty (UK* / IE*) – entire face pretty much sorted…long wearing and highly pigmented!

✖ Anastasia Beverly Hills* – same as KVD above re entire face…love their shadow palettes and bronzers!

✖ Fenty Beauty – the perfect mixture of trend based cool and classic beauty!

✖ Revolution/ Revolution Pro – super affordable, high quality and products for days!

✖ E.L.F – affordable makeup, skincare (LOVE!) and tools!

✖ Fairypants  – indie, vegan, handmade beauty…they have glitter!

✖ LUSH Cosmetics – skincare, masks and I believe they’re just about to up their makeup game too! 😉

✖ Lone Wolf Cosmetics – the most beautiful/ fluffy CF and Vegan lashes you ever did see!

I’ll probably do a post about ALL my fave cruelty free and/ or Vegan brands…what d’you think?? I feel good about taking my blog in the cruelty free direction! I’m not Vegan myself, but do use a lot of Vegan products and always mention when I use them on here (and can recommend loads of amazing Vegan brands/ products…just get in touch!)…I’m starting small, but making a change in the right direction!

I feel like non cruelty free brands are stuck in the past and definitely more money hungry than heart! I can see it from their business point of view, sure…but my respect and custom (as well as many others) has definitely been lost never to return. Hopefully these brands will change their ways in time and certain parts of the world that continue to live in the past will be educated and take steps to change too!

Lyd x



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