Hello 2019!!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had the best Christmas/ holidays and are in for a happy and healthy 2019 full of all the good stuff and things you want!!

After a weird (and sometime bit shite to be honest) 2018 in general, a super busy last few months and a great Christmas spent in Dublin my body has finally given in and surrendered to the dreaded Winter lurgy (or a cold to be way less dramatic)…so am currently in semi hibernation and getting myself better and rested for what’s looking like a busy year ahead! There’s loads of new launches coming up really soon and things I’ve already been testing that I’m excited to talk about (normal service resuming asap…keep your eyes peeled for things coming your way soon!), but I just wanted my first post of 2019 to be a bit different…more of a quick check in/ catch up/ chat…especially ’cause I’ve been sick, makeup free and hibernating anyway! Now’s as good a time as any!

2019’s going to be a year of change sure, a bit scary yes (feeling the fear and doing it anyway right??) but also super exciting and filled with adventure…I’m looking forward to seeing what it brings in all aspects of work, play and life in general! I can’t wait to get creative (hopefully bringing way more makeup looks and artistry how to’s to your eyeballs!) and invest more time in to my blog, as well as maybe venturing in to the video world?? That still freaks me out (it’s more the editing/ hearing my own voice which I’m pretty sure takes a good bit of getting used to for most people!) but I do love to teach (videos could be a great way for me of finding time to do this more!) and this year’ll be about prioritising/ doing more things I love and enjoy, so there you go. I’ve also ditched the idea of new year resolutions for 2019 and instead am focusing on kind of the law of attraction esq (’cause why not? I know it sounds a bit lame, but that way of thinking’s going to be way more helpful than not right?!) intentions/plans for myself instead…just doing stuff I want to do, things I’m going to do! Yes!

Anyway…I also just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you that hang out with me here and read and support the blog! I keep everything true to me…I have not and will not cave and become the same/ anything that isn’t me but might be seen as ‘more popular’ or ‘like generating’ (your typical Insta makeup for example…sure it’s an art in it’s own right and as an artist, of course I like to play with different styles etc, but just not what I’m about as a general rule)…this makes it feel all the sweeter that actual real life people…you (and lots of you! Still takes me by surprise at times!)…read and get involved which is amazing!

What are your New Year resolutions or intentions if you have any and general thoughts on it? I’d love to know! And let me know what you want to see from me going forward too…what are your favourite things to read about? What about the idea of videos and seeing a whole lot more of my general awkwardness?? Ha ha!

Lyd x



I’m now based in Cork, Ireland. Although I do take select bookings for North Wales/ Cheshire and Dublin (get in touch for more info) and am available to travel country wide…I’m mainly taking makeup bookings for Cork City and surrounding areas. 

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