How I do my brows and some brow products I can’t live without!

In the grand scheme of things, my brow routine is way less complex than some, but it’s the thing I get asked about a lot…so here it is! I do switch up the colour/ depth of my brows depending on the rest of my makeup/ the occasion and my hair colour at the time, but other than that, the shape and technique pretty much always stays the same. I like my brows defined, but naturally so! I also like to do my brows and then not have to worry about them all day, come rain (more often than not in Wales or Ireland, where I usually am, ha ha) or shine! Although I do have a decent shape to my natural brows and good amount of brow hair, I’m naturally dark blonde, so lashes and brows have a tendency to disappear with them being pretty light naturally.

After my skin care, the first things I do to start my makeup is usually applying my eye primer and defining my brows. I like to do it that way so my brows act as a map, if you like, for the rest of my makeup, so eyeshadow, liner, anything else I’m putting on is going to be easier to place and I’ll get a good, even finish. I start by brushing my brows up and out with a spoolie brush (clean mascara wand will do). I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills #14 Dual Sided Brow Brush (Available from Beauty Bay) with it’s synthetic, firm angled brush head on one side and spoolie on the other, I have quite a few of these type of brush, but would actually panic if I couldn’t find this one, ha ha, it’s the best I’ve used! This makes sure all hairs are going in the direction they’re supposed to, brushing up, you can see how full you to go, while still looking natural and brushing out lifts the eye and shows you where to go with your extend, if like me, the tail (outside) of your brow, stops a little shorter than how you’d like them!


Next, I take brow colour/ definition product, which in my case, is always a brow pomade/ gel. A pencil might be easier if you’re just starting out and taking the first step to up your brow game, but I find I get the most control, natural hair definition and serious staying power using a pomade. To stop picking up too much product and going in with a really heavy line, I use the inside of the brow pomade lid to wipe off the excess product and doing this also compacts your angled brush bristles a little for even more precision.

I start applying the pomade using light, hair like strokes, under the arch of my brow as this is where most of the definition needs to be. Building up the strokes gradually, until I get the fullness and shape I want. I then take more product on my brush and define the tail (outside) of my brow and I like to extend it slightly to elongate my eyes and further frame my eye area. This is where the majority of the product is placed for the most definition, so generally look a bit deeper.


I personally don’t go in for the full on ombre ‘Insta brow’ as such (although that doesn’t make that type of brow wrong, you do you if you like them that way!) but I do like to keep product to a minimum through the front (nearest your nose) of my brow, just as it gives a way more natural finish. I still want definition there to keep everything balanced, so using any residual pomade on my brush, I turn the brush on to its side and lightly push the product up through the hair. If I’m going for a stronger makeup look, or want more definition, I’ll then go in with a little bit more pomade and paint on a few hair strokes going in the same direction as my natural brow hairs for extra fullness.



I go over my brows with the spoolie just to diffuse any areas if there’s product buildup and use a clear brow gel to set everything in to place. I’ve used so many different brow gels, high end and from more affordable brands and there are some really good ones out there. The Control Freak Clear Eyebrow Gel by NYX (Available from Boots*) is a great budget alternative, but my all time favourite and by far the most effective in my opinion is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel (Available from Beauty Bay), I can’t be without it!



Pomades too! I love, use and swear by the ABH Dipbrow Pomade (Available from Beauty Bay), the OG product of its type and well worthy of the hype, however I’ve been trying Milani’s Stay Put Brow Colour (Available from Beauty Bay) recently, which is their version of the brow pomade and I’m impressed! Definitely comparable in terms of pigmentation and staying power. It’s half the price of ABH and each pot comes with a double ended angle/ spoolie brush which is actually pretty decent, so the perfect choice if you’re unsure how you’ll get on with pomade or don’t want to spend as much.



So there it is. My brows and the things I like to use. Have you tried any of them and love these as much as I do? What else are your can’t live without, go to brow products? Let me know!

Lyd x



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