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Exactly what is says on the tin (or title)…I just wanted to talk about a few of my key healthy glow in a hurry hero products and let you know how I use them! I might have spoken about some things before, I might not…but these are very much most day go to’s for me and are likely to benefit all faces (and skin types!) that want to look the picture of health with slim to no effort and not super blinding! Regardless of what you get up to in life, this is glow in a hurry…exactly what I need right now! As well as general busy my main reason is as well as everything else, is I’m well and truly in to wedding season which means very early starts for me and trying to look somewhat human myself whilst perfecting everyone else’s makeup…I’m normally less bothered truth be told with my face and more so with the one’s I’m painting but I don’t want anyone’s cute ‘getting ready’ wedding pictures to involve my face if it’s looking tired/ crappy you know? These things help combat a zombie like appearance a treat, even if you really don’t have long to get ready and make you feel healthy, glowy and ready for anything even if you’re not!

First things first, a beauty tool that’s always going to make life easier, makeup faster and everything look more melted in to the skin and naturally glowy altogether…the damp beauty sponge. There’s so many good ones out there to choose from now whatever your budget and to suit all preferences. I’m a big fan of the slightly firmer NYX Complete Control Blending Sponge*, it’s a repurchase and one of the best out there in my opinion! As well as using it to apply your products, you can use it to soften any face products if you’ve gone a bit crazy with them and put on too much in your rush to get ready too…just lightly ‘boop’ the area in question and it’ll melt everything back together for you in seconds as well as taking that overly powdered look away! I refresh mine with setting spray between products for extra glow and longer wear.

Speaking of setting sprays, especially glow giving ones…let’s (quickly) talk Catrice Prime And Fine Dewy Glow Fixing Spray and my love/ hate relationship with it! Quickly because I’m obsessed with the stuff, it’s so good but…it’s never in stock, anywhere and don’t wan’t you to be as frustrated as I am!! Catrice is stocked in larger pharmacies/ drugstores and Primark/ Penneys stores…all I’ll say is if you see it, don’t sleep on it, grab one and thank me later! It’s about a fiver (for 50ml) and makes your skin look incredible…natural wet look dew rather than chunks of shimmer, think an affordable, cruelty free/ Vegan light spray version of MAC Strobe Cream…it’s a delight and I’m still gutted that I only picked up one the last time I spotted it! Fuming with myself! 

If you’re looking for something similar and more readily available (albeit spendier) the PIXI Glow Mist* is also really good! I wish the spray nozzle on this was a bit less aggressive, but it gives such a beautiful healthy glow and makes your skin feel hydrated but never oil slick!

I use a dewy setting mist before, during and after makeup if I really want to glow, if I just want a healthy natural yet subtle sheen I’ll just spritz my damp beauty sponge with it to work in my base products. I like to keep a small spray in my bag too for on the go hydration, a makeup/ skin refresh and glow! (You can also use it to intensify metallic powder eye shadow/ highlighter). 

One of the natural glow giving products I use the most in one way or another is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter* …it’s a hybrid primer, general glow giver and blurer. You can use it under, over or mixed in with your base products…or all 3! I usually use it under my makeup as primer (mainly on the high points) and then if I feel like I want a little bit extra, I’ll dab a bit more over the top (with my damp sponge)…I’m normally not a huge fan of liquid highlighters, but this one doesn’t disturb your makeup underneath (which most do) and gives nicest dewy sheen to the skin ever! I usually use the lightest shade 1, but there’s 7 shades to choose from and something for everyone. It makes a brilliant priming base for powder highlight too if a more definite glow is your thing. Such a iconic product already!  

If you want your glow to be as natural and believable as possible (and also fast ’cause less blending and room for mistakes), choose highlighter that’s dewy/ wet rather than shimmer and instead of super light and blinding, go for something that’s close to your natural skin tone. That way, whatever you use will impart more of a translucent glow rather than coloured/ intense highlight. If you’re after a highlighter that’s more on the subtle side, the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector range* or the Hourglass Ambient range* are worth checking out but I love the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo’s* and specifically for me the shade Lightning Dust/ Fire Crystal because like I was just saying it’s really close to my natural skin tone. There’s 5 duo’s to choose from, so something for all! They have a gorgeous smooth texture and naturally dewy finish and I think it’s great that you get the split pan of two shades and the option of subtle, blinding and everywhere in between. I usually go in between and just swirl my brush over both shades/ textures and apply to the high points of my face (where the light would naturally hit). These are also really good to apply on bare lids/ over eye shadow and as an inner corner highlight to fake awake in no time! 

These are just a few of my favourite key/ hero natural glow products, but they’re pretty universal in my opinion and will work well incorporated in to any makeup routine and along side any other products. What are your go to glow in a hurry hero’s??

Lyd x



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