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Some of you might have already spotted if you follow me on Instagram (here if you don’t already) and watch my stories that I’ve been away again this week. Only over in Dublin (as per often) but I did some makeup shopping (as per often too, ha ha) and I’ve got a pretty big ish haul/ first impressions/ new in brand focus (drugstore too!) post coming your way soon. So in the mean time I thought I’d do a quick ‘how to’ post…something that I’ve been asked about quite a lot and something that’s relevant/ hopefully useful to most of us for whatever reason. We all have those days when we look/ feel a bit poop/ not at our best, but have things to do or places to go or even just want to feel a bit more alive. Be it too busy, too tired or simply a case of the CBA…these are the things you can do in 5 minutes (more or less time too, that’s up to you) to make yourself look and feel better, regardless of ability and choice of products. Let’s get straight in to it!

If you’re short on time and there’s just one thing you’re going to do…spend a few minutes on skincare. It might be your full routine or a scaled down version, but a bit of TLC and a hit of moisture will instantly make you look and feel brighter! Look out for multi purpose products for days like this too. I’ll usually at least do a quick micellar water or face wipes cleanse and follow with an all in one serum, moisturiser and broad spectrum SPF like the Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum SPF30*.

Ain’t nobody got time for a full foundation routine on a lazy makeup day. It’s just not needed, even if you prefer to wear a fuller coverage base, just spot conceal where needed. Under the eyes, eyelids, blemishes and any redness using your concealer of choice and bounced in to the skin with a damp beauty sponge (I like the Beauty Blender Pro*) for a more natural finish whilst still allowing you to build up the coverage you want and fast!

On days like this, I don’t tend to bother with separate contour, eyeshadow, bronzer etc but still do want that bit of definition and warmth to make me feel slightly less ghost like. I usually take a bronzer and use it for all of the above. A light sweep across the eyelids and through the socket is all the shadow you need and then a little to add contour to my cheeks and that bit’s done too! Just use and same bronzer and just switch the brushes you use for each area. I even smudge a bit along my lower lash line for non obvious and fast definition.

Brows make a huge difference and can make you look more polished and put together with minimal effort. You do you, however you do your brows and whatever products you use to do them, just do it. I like to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow* and their Clear Brow Gel* for quick, stay put all day brows.

Curling your lashes instantly opens up your eyes and gives you a more wide-awake look. If you’re lucky enough to have naturally curly lashes, I’m pretty jealous let’s be real, but if not the Surratt Relevee Lash Curler* is a great alternative and give a beautifully lifted, long lasting ‘natural’ curl.

A few coats of your favourite mascara…done!

If you’re the kind of guy or gal who loves to rock a statement lip, that’s a great way of adding polish, a pop of colour and pulling everything together. I do sometimes, but more often than not I’ll just reach for a slick of lip balm to condition my lips and add a bit of super low maintenance polish…you don’t even have to have a mirror handy for that bit! I’m never without a tube of Dr PAWPAW Original Balm*. I use it mainly on my lips, but it’s another multi use product and works great as a natural highlight along you cheekbones or as a brow tamer if you’re without a brow gel.

You could always bypass makeup altogether. Actual no makeup days are the best sometimes!

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