How To – Make Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Work For You. Whatever Your Skin Type!

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I already have a review of the Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Foundation (read it here) but wanted to re visit it if you like and talk about it more from an artistry point of view than review. Being a working Makeup Artist (for the last 15 years) and now (for the last year and a bit) also blogging, I’ve tried and continue to try so many different foundation formulas from different brands! There’s ones I like, ones I love and ones I wouldn’t wish on a mortal enemy but there’s been one consistent over recent years…the KVD Lock It Foundation (UK* / Ire*).

I always go back to it and especially if it’s a long or roasting weather kind of day, if I’ve worn anything else instead…I always (dramatic as it sounds) regret it! Strong statement considering the options, but if I had to pick one foundation to wear everyday from this day forward, it’d be this one! I’d go as far as to say I LOVE the Lock It Foundation! That being said…I know a lot of you are struggling with the formula and application, find it super heavy or just don’t enjoy it as much as I do. I get asked about it all the time! I’m going to share my favourite ways to apply it as well as any hacks to hopefully help it work for you too whatever your skin type and preferred level of coverage!

A bit about the KVD Lock It Foundation…

➕ It’s a highly pigmented, full coverage foundation with a natural matte luminosity to the finish and 24 hour wear.
➕ Available in 30 shades and with warm, neutral or cool undertones to cover virtually all skin tones.
➕ High 21% pigment for instant coverage, correction and perfecting.
➕ Waterproof, fade proof and transfer resistant.
➕ Optical diffusers to minimise fine lines and pores.
➕ Hydrating but also absorbs excess surface moisture.
➕ Emollients that keep it flexible on the skin and give you plenty of play/ blend time.
➕ Hygienic with it’s innovative and airless chamber and precise measured dose.
➕ Formulated WITHOUT: Parabens, Sulphates and synthetic fragrance.
➕ Cruelty free and Vegan.

Considering this is marketed as a full coverage foundation (which it absolutely can be if you want!), I very rarely wear it that way myself and instead prefer anywhere between a sheer to medium buildable coverage on a day to day basis. I love using a tiny bit of this even for a sheer coverage because you just get way more staying power than a formula that’s a lot lighter in consistency…it lasts all day!

The way you prep/ prime your skin and apply this can mean, in my opinion, it’s a good all-rounder and would work for most…all ages, skin types and needs. It doesn’t contain SPF so no flashback either…perfect for photos/ bridal etc. If you haven’t tried it already and can get in to store, go grab a sample and check it out and if you already own it and don’t quite love it yet…hold tight, don’t give up on it yet and just try a different approach!

Kat Von D - Lock it hydrating primer

So it has a matte finish, but how matte depends on your skin type and the primer you use. If you have a drier skin go for a good hydrating primer like the KVD Lock It Hydrating Primer (UK* / Ire*) for a moisture boost and an more oil control version if you’re oily/ want a super matte finish. The Urban Decay De-Slick Primer (UK* / Ire*) would be a good anti oil primer option. I have generally combo skin, prone to oil breakthrough on my nose, but personally don’t like a super flat and matte finish. Instead, I use the Hydrating Lock It Primer everywhere but my nose and a little extra setting powder on my nose in it’s place. Mixing primers/ finishing powders to suit the needs of your skin in different areas works a treat! To sheer out the formula or achieve extra glow, you can also mix your Lock It Foundation with a hydrating primer or liquid illuminator too!

Kat Von D - Lock it liquid foundation - beauty blender and brush

As well as how the skin is primed and if the foundation is mixed with something or used ‘neat’, the amount of product you use and the tool you choose to apply it will impact the coverage the most. In my experience a brush will give the fullest coverage. KVD have their own foundation brush (UK* / Ire*), but I really like and mostly use (I’ve spoken about it loads before too!) the Morphe M439 Buffing Brush*. It gives the fuller coverage but also a soft airbrushed finish to the skin.

Personally I like to use a damp Beauty Sponge* to bounce it in to the skin rather than just sitting on top and it gives a more natural luminous matte finish and a perfect blend. For extra staying power or if you don’t want to set with powder, you can use setting spray to further dampen the sponge while blending.

Kat Von D - Lock it liquid foundation - tester pot

Like I mentioned before, the Lock It Foundation bottle has an airless chamber and measures out the perfect amount for a full face application, which is great. However for me, on most days it’s a bit too much…it’s tricky to gauge half a pump (which is generally the amount I use for my full natural medium cover face) and I don’t want to waste unused product by pumping out too much! My solution…a tester pot! You can get small airtight sample/ tester pots from anywhere now. I don’t even fill the pot with the foundation, just a few pumps every few days (topped up when needed) and I work from there. Less waste, mess and also really good for travel instead of taking the larger bottle. I like to carry it with me for any touch ups too. I’ll often bypass powder and touch up with foundation/ concealer if I’m going for a dewier finish. This is a really good way of getting around a drier skin type too with it.

Another way you can use the Lock It Foundation is as a spot conceal product aka concealer. KVD have a really good Lock It Concealer too (UK* / Ire*) but if you already have this and don’t use it much, why buy something else, you know? So instead of wearing it as foundation, because it’s so highly pigmented, you can use a small amount under your eyes and on any blemishes for very natural but long wear coverage just where you need it.

Kat Von D - Lock it liquid foundation - 3 shades

My main tip with this foundation is use a little at first and build it gradually. It’s a beautiful foundation and wears like nothing else. Remember that long wear doesn’t have to mean thick foundation! Love how my skin looks and feels wearing this! Hope this has been helpful and answered some of your questions. As always, feel free to share your own tips and tricks if you have any and ask any further Q’s in the comments!

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation is available in store and online at Debenhams (UK* / Ire*) and Sephora as well as at

➕ If you’re unable to get to a store and want to try it but are unsure of your colour…the Temptalia Foundation Matrix is an online colour matching tool. You can input your current shades of base products (any brand, it doesn’t matter) and it will help you find the closet KVD match.

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  1. This was my wedding foundation. I looked flawless. I have 47 yr old combo skin. I use a clarisonic foundation brush to apply it.

    1. Aw yay! (And congratulations!) It’s the combo skin dream if you prime properly/ use the right tools isn’t it? I haven’t tried the clarisonic foundation brush, but think I need to! Thanks for the tip Tamara 🙂

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