How To Make Sure The Lashes You Buy Are Cruelty Free/ Vegan In 2020

This is something I’ve spoken about before on here, something I’m passionate about and I know so many of you are too, for many obvious reasons but mostly because…it’s 20 god damn 20, why is this even a thing anymore?! I’ll give it straight and again for those at the back that are still ignorant (by choice or still believing the dross coming from far too many beauty brands that still make/ stock these things)…if you want to make sure the lashes you buy are truly cruelty free…DO NOT BUY MINK LASHES! Full stop, end of. Also applies to professional lash extensions too. 

As much as some companies would like you to believe that their lashes are made of ‘sustainable/ ethically sourced’ mink hair, fact is it’s not a thing…DOES NOT EXIST.   

Cruelty free Mink lashes?…no, just no. Claiming that lashes are made by gently brushing the (wild animal) mink or from hair ‘harvested from the by-product of mink hair that has been naturally shedded on sustainable, ethical farms’. You know why mink are on these farms right?? I think it’s really disappointing that in 2020 (especially when there are so many more options available to us and knowledge), that brands still think this is ok. Not to mention thinking their customers are stupid enough to believe this kind of shite, give us some credit!

I’ll always encourage everyone to do their own research/ form their own opinions and make their own decisions but this really makes me mad and I needed to vent! Read more about Mink here

I don’t even want to give any attention/ talk about all of these brands that think we’re stupid in 2020 at this point, so instead want to share a few of my favourite actual cruelty free/ Vegan lash brands that use synthetic fibres and do loads of super beautiful lash styles…

Baby Doll Lashes – cruelty free Irish brand est. 2013. Over 20 core collection styles and a capsule collection available at Penneys/ Primark. Premium quality faux mink style synthetic fibres, lashes can be worn up to 15 times with proper care (I’ll vouch for that, they last and look great for ages!). Beautiful styles, something for everyone and every look, affordable too! They offer pro discount on their website too. Love! 

Ardell Beauty – cruelty free/ vegan brand, widely available globally and something for everyone. From traditional strip lashes (I love their Wispies and Demi Wispies so much!) to individuals, faux mink and even magnetic lashes (which I’m generally unsure of across brands, but in case you’re interested)…affordable, loads of styles to choose from…you can’t go wrong.

There are so many other cruelty free/ vegan lash brands out there that are well worth checking out (majority of which offer pro discount too) and here are just a few more…Eldora False EyelashesHouse Of Lashes, Black Moon Cosmetics, Rouge & Rogue…the list goes on and with more indie brands coming through all the time and bigger brands copping on, there is really no need for mink!


What are some of your favourite cruelty free/ vegan lash brands and go to styles?? Hit me up with any suggestions of amazing new/ smaller indie cruelty free and vegan brands especially and even more specific, I’m always on the look out for lashes with skinny or invisible lash bands…all about that beautiful, vegan and comfy lash life. 

Lyd x 



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