If You Buy One Thing This Month…Make It LUSH Ultraplant Cleanser (Vegan/ Cruelty Free) – Review & Ultrabland Comparison

As you can tell by the not so subtle title, LUSH have just launched a 100% natural Vegan alternative for the cult cleanser (my long time favourite until recently when I started trying to buy exclusively Vegan skincare…I’m pretty sure it’s been well over ten years of use at this stage!) Ultrabland, Ultraplant…it’s been a long time coming and I’m here for it!

It’s made without the honey and beeswax of Ultrabland (which makes it Vegan) and has a grand total of only 7 all natural ingredients, which is exactly what I’m after from my skincare. It also couldn’t have come at a better time…my skin’s so sensitive at the moment, hates Winter/ heating and is acting up so needs all the help it can get! 

The main difference apart from the obvious ingredients, Ultrabland has more of a cleansing balm texture, where as Ultraplant’s more like a cold cream to oil formula…just as effective but a way lighter texture, not as heavy in consistency.

Ultraplant is a little more spendy (£12.50/ €16 for 45g versus £9 for 45g Ultrabland) and only comes in 45g pots, where as Ultrabland’s available in 3 sizes (45/ 100/ 225g)…it’s only available in the smaller size because of the all natural (non preserved) ingredients and hence the much shorter 4 month shelf life. You only need a tiny amount and use it in the exact same way as Ultrabland or most other cleansers…warm it in your hands, massage on to your skin to cleanse/ remove all makeup and remove with a warm cloth/ flannel. I’d always go in after with eye makeup remover/ toner etc but Ultraplant doesn’t leave residue as Ultrabland does which I prefer.

Maybe if you had much drier or very sensitive/ irritated skin or  , you might want to go for/ stick to Ultrabland…but Ultraplant’s for everybody and would suit/ benefit all skin types in my opinion. Especially as a first step cleanse to remove the bulk of your makeup, it just gently melts everything away. After using them both now, I wouldn’t go back to Ultrabland…(always cruelty free obviously but) as well as preferring a Vegan formula, I like the way the Ultraplant performs, feels, smells (eg. not of much) and how it leaves my skin feeling.

Ultraplant’ll definitely be repurchased, I know that now after only a week pretty much of use, it ticks all boxes…even if I try others, I can see myself always coming back to this!

Have you tried LUSH Ultraplant yet?? Also, hit me up with any more of their facial skincare I should try…I used to try loads, but have really been just sticking to tried and tested recently and need to branch out. They have so much, but I never know what to go for now!

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