Inexpensive, Easy Eco Beauty Swaps – Simple Sustainable Beauty & Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas!

It’s the little changes we make individually that are going to make the biggest impact as a whole…it can seem like all we’re seeing in the news is never ending doom and gloom about the current and potential future state of our planet, but it’s not too late if you’re not already to start making changes. If you are already on the eco train or are wanting to try to make a difference (as we all should be!), switching to making eco/ sustainable changes can be daunting and down right confusing knowing where to start, but it really doesn’t need to be!

No one’s perfect and we’ve really got to put a stop to this bashing and shaming and celebrate those people trying/making an effort, no matter how small the change! The all or nothing judgemental attitude isn’t going to achieve anything…starting small will show everyone how easy it is and hopefully encourage more/ bigger change! Talk to your friends and family, educate and offer help. Christmas is the perfect excuse to get eco gifting too and that’s one of the reasons we’re here right?!

I’ve been Eco conscious and household recycling where possible since forever and have already made changes elsewhere…my reusable travel coffee cup (mine is an all black beaut from Earth Cafe Cork it’s so lightweight and handy for throwing in your bag), reusable water bottle (I love Chilly’s ones for actually keeping your drink cool or hot and being completely leak free and you can get so many colours/ designs and even personalise these, so great for gifting) and I’m even good at remembering my reusable shopping bags…go me (we all know this is one of the hardest things to master!). Even when it comes to makeup and beauty products…obviously it’s a different story/ a little more difficult when it comes to my pro kit (I get through things and need to replace things often!) but in terms of my own makeup bag/ beauty products, I’ve definitely been buying less and using more of what I have already (loads!).  But recently I’ve stepped up a gear in other areas too, specifically on the beauty side of things and that’s what I’m going to share with you now…

Starting really basic…your tooth brush. Think of all that plastic and with how often you need to change them too it’s a frightening amount of waste! I picked up a new sustainable bamboo toothbrush to try and it’s from the brand Hydrophil (they actually do loads of eco friendly dental/ beauty/ bathroom stuff). I was going to order one online until I saw that Irish Eco shop had a new eco section in my local SuperValu Supermarket (shout out to Ryan’s SuperValu in Glanmire, Cork…as well as the new dedicated eco section, they’ve also recently improved their Vegan/ speciality/ whole foods section, there’s loads of good stuff in there!)… have actually partnered up with 60 SuperValu and Centra stores across Ireland, so if you’re based in Ireland check out your local store for availability of a selection their best selling products.

Next up and also from while I was in SuperValu…I’ve already used reusable cotton rounds before (there’s loads available on Amazon) and use various reusable cleansing mitts/ pads (Face Halo* are great, as is The Skin Nerd Cleanse Off Mitt and you can even pick up similar in Primark/ Penneys now too) for cleansing, but I spotted some ImseVimse brand Organic Cotton Washable Wipes…they’re super smooth and soft (so perfect for eye makeup removal) and they’re big too (flannel sized so 9×9 inches and you get 12 per pack) so I thought they’d be ideal for days I wear more makeup/ do heavier eye looks, you’d only need to use one instead of 4 ish per cleanse of the reusable cotton rounds. I feel like they’ll work much better for travel too with them lasting longer than the smaller ones and not having to wash them as urgently. 

Speaking of washing your reusable cleansing pads/ cloths, as well as remembering not to use fabric softener on them (you don’t need that residue on your face) I’d always recommend sticking them in a protective wash bag to make sure they maintain their shape/ quality (and you don’t lose them in the wash, there is that!)…I picked mine up from Flying Tiger Copenhagen (where you can grab pretty much anything), it’s called ‘Vaskepose’ Net Washing Bag and is only €2, bargain!

Lastly (I mean there’re so many other things, but lets not overwhelm and like I say, start small for success), hair removal! I tend to favour the temporary discomfort for long lasting smoothness of an epilator (plucking device) but sometimes needs must and it’s handy to have a razor to hand. But that got me thinking about my razor of choice (normally something like the Gillette Venus with the handle and then the replaceable blade cartridge heads…that’s another load of plastic and those cartridge things are spendy! I decided to pick up a double edge safety razor…so you’ve got the handle and then you just replace the blade. I’ve initially picked up this 5 blade travel pack from Boots, it’s less than a fiver and will mean I can travel safely with the blades/ have something protective to put a few in but you can order huge packs of blades really cheaply on Amazon…Amazon is also probably the best place to pick up your razor too! You can get loads of different colours, carry cases and for between say £/ €12-40. I’ve only used it once so far, but have noticed you get a way closer/ smoother shave and as long as you take your time…and that’s the key, take your time! I feel like I’ll need a little adjustment/ time to get used to this kind of razor, but as long as you do take your time, it’s not as scary as I thought it might be!

What kind of Eco friendly beauty changes have you made/ are you planning to make? If you have any other cheap/ easy sustainable beauty swaps/ tips, feel free to share them in the comments bellow…help someone else out and make it easier for them to make a change!

Lyd x                                 


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