Kat Von D Beauty 10 Year Anniversary Collection – Review & Swatches

First up…in case you’re wondering where my blog’s been for the last few days, I just wanted to mention (in case you missed it on my social) that it’s because we’ve moved hosting!

I never thought that my blog would grow the way it has over these last two years but it has (yay!!) and with the amount of traffic it’s been getting (you might have noticed yourself, I know I did!) it has at times been on go slow…not anymore! New bigger, better, faster and secure hosting means onwards and upwards for the blog and as well as giving you an update of where we’re up to in terms of that…I also wanted to say a massive thank you to each and everyone of you near and far that reads and supports…it means everything!! ♥︎

So anyway…back to what we’re here to talk about…the Kat Von D Beauty 10 Year Anniversary Collection (UK* / IE*) has arrived here in the UK/ Ireland and knowing KVD limited edition launches, it won’t be around for long!

If you’ve not snagged anything already and are still debating picking something up, hopefully this might make that decision a little easier!

I’m sure you’ve all heard and seen plenty about it online…but to celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Kat Von D Beauty, Kat created a capsule collection of 5 makeup products and a brush set dripping in limited edition gold packaging and inspired by her modern day muses. I’m going to link the official campaign video here in case you haven’t seen it and prepared to be inspired…it’s a feast for the eyeballs! You can find all the individual muse videos on the KVD Beauty YouTube channel here too, they’re well worth a watch and give an amazing insight as to why each person has been such an inspiration to Kat’s life in general and to her creation of the 10 year collection.

As per always with KVD packaging, Kat has designed/ hand drawn the artwork on the 10 year packaging herself and instead of the signature black…this time it’s all about the gold! Although I’m a massive fan of the standard black packaging, I actually love how unique the gold looks (especially against the black and grey drawing detail of the palette) and also the use of roses which are a nod back to the OG KVD packaging 10 years ago. Major throw back but here’s the 10 Year Anniversary Palette next to the very first KVD eyeshadow palette I picked up in LA nearly 10 years ago (True Romance eyeshadow palette in Saint), the new palette echoing that rose design…love!

The palette’s designed to ‘inspire you to be your boldest self’ and contains 16 handpicked by Kat shades, named after (as I mentioned before) her muses. 11 matte shades and 5 glimmers…cool, warm, neutral and bold…something for everyone.

✖Adele – matte chocolate brown (@adelemildred)
✖Malice – matte vermilion red (@officialmalicemcmunn)
✖Ashley – matte peachy orange (@katvondunlimited/ @itsmissladyashley)
✖Gina – matte mustard yellow (@ginaharrison)
✖Egypt – glimmer gold (@for3verscott)
✖Sylvia – matte honey beige (Mom Von D)
✖Lala – matte olive green (@hwahwalala)
✖Leafar – glimmer emerald (@prayers)
✖Melanie – matte rosy cream (@melaniegaydos)
✖Alexandra – glimmer rose gold (@alexandrametalclown)
✖Nancy – matte taupe mauve
✖Catherine2 – glimmer orchid purple
✖Kelly – glimmer blue-brown
✖Sarah – matte cool greige
✖Carolyn – matte muted teal
✖Chad – matte cobalt blue

One of the first things I noticed about this palette (apart from it’s obvious beauty) is the little to no kick up in the pan. I love the majority of KVD shadows but although highly pigmented, some can kick up quite a bit when you go in with your brush (it doesn’t really effect application or intensity though)…this one doesn’t. Even the glimmer shades! Textured shadows by nature can flake a little, but these seem smoother…I’d still recommend applying these with your finger to get the most out of the colour (I’d do this with metallic shades from any brand). Applying them over a base/ glitter glue or wetting your brush with a bit of setting spray will intensify them more still and make sure they get a good grip.

The matte shades are smooth highly pigmented and easy to work with, effortlessly blending out and with minimal to no fall out (just make sure to tap the excess from your brush). I really like the shade selection in this palette. You know me, I’m all about the warm grungy reds and neutrals (which this does have too)…but similar to my feels about the Anastasia Subculture Palette (which as controversial a subject as it’s been, I really like…read more and see full swatches here) and KVD’s previous Saint & Sinner Palette (again, get the low down here)…I actually love how it’s encouraging me to venture out of my comfort zone. Not only do I find myself tolerating the cooler and brighter shades, I’m reaching for them and am enjoying/ embracing the different. There’s some unusual shades in there, but pretty and easy to incorporate in to a multitude of cohesive looks! Whatever you fancy and whatever your makeup style.

Miss it, miss out! It’s ‘dupe-able’ sure, but it’s definitely a collectors item and worth having in my opinion for that reason and also to have a great selection of shades in one place!

If you were to pick up one more thing, or didn’t want to get the palette…it has to be the 10th Anniversary Metal Crush Highlighter in Gold Skool (UK* / IE*). It has a glitter finish (it’s metallic champagne gold with gold glitter) which would normally put me off a highlighter. I personally prefer that wet look glow to glitter…I don’t know why but KVD just makes it work and I really like the formula. I feel like the glitter particles really melt together on to the skin and when buffed create a strong but more believable metallic glow rather than pure glitter. It’s a bold highlight, but a super pretty one and the bonus is…it will work on and flatter pretty much any skin tone. The glow comes more from the metallic particles rather than the base (which is more translucent and not at all powdery).

Misting your skin with setting spray (I always use either my usual KVD Lock It Setting Mist (UK* / IE*) or the Pixi Glow Mist* to amp up the glow even more for this) before you highlight too will help it apply smoothly and make you glow like no other! The packaging on this is that pure all over gold, so a magnet to finger prints but on this occasion I don’t even care let’s be real…it’s too pretty!

Also in the collection…
✖10th Anniversary Train Case (400 signed by Kat, online exclusive/ sold out)
✖10th Anniversary Complexion Brush Set
✖10th Anniversary Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick in Santa Sangre
✖10th Anniversary Tattoo Liner in Trooper
✖10th Anniversary Everlasting Glimmer Veil Lipstick in Gold Skool

– All limited edition and in limited edition gold packaging
– Cruelty free and Vegan 🐰🌱

The Kat Von D Beauty 10th Anniversary Collection is available NOW! Get it online at Debenhams (UK* / IE*) Sephora (US/ CAN/ EU) and katvondbeauty.com (US) or in store at Debenhams or Sephora.

If you’re a fan of KVD or just a makeup obsessive/ collector in general, it’s a must…don’t miss out on a piece of gilded gold Kat Von D Beauty history I say! Beautiful inside (those formulas) and out (that packaging!)!

Are you picking anything up or have you already??

Lyd x



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