Kat Von D Beauty Lash Liner…Is It You I’ve Been Waiting For??

As you can probably (definitely) guess from the title…the brand new Lash Liner from Kat Von D Beauty* (the first of it’s kind liquid long wear liner designed specifically for the waterline/ tight line no less!) has recently landed and I’m not the only one to be pretty damn excited about it’s launch! There’s been a load of buzz about it on Instagram especially with most opinions being similar to mine, both excitement at the prospect of a holy grail liner that actually stays but on your waterline and also intrigue…I mean waterline LIQUID liner?? The odd time I’ve witnessed someone apply liquid liner in there, it’s made me cringe! I use pencil, shadow and gel liner on my waterline, but the thought of a sting like crazy black eyeball after using a liquid does not appeal at all…until now!

This week’s post’s pretty short and to the point, but know a lot of you are debating picking this up/ interested in my thoughts and how I’m finding it so after wearing it for a few days I just wanted to get it up and out! Share any application tips too!

Here’s all you need to know about the KVD Lash Liner anyway…

✖ Long wear, water resistant formula.

✖ Fluid-gel formula containing clay binding ingredients for a richer texture / longevity.

✖ Super pigmented quick dry/ set formula (15 seconds or less).

✖ Custom designed soft tip applicator to hold the the perfect amount of product so you can intensify your eye look with ultra precision, ease and is gentle on the eye.

✖ Rich black shade (Trooper) and satin finish.

✖ Volume 2ml (considering the KVD Tattoo Liner has 0.55ml, I feel this is a good amount).

✖ Cruelty free and Vegan.


Kat actually created the Lash Liner because of her own love of black on the waterline, but not being able to find anything that lasted long enough/ preformed as well as she needed. She spent 4 years coming up with the Lash Liner formula! I totally get where’s coming from, I’m kind of all or nothing when it comes to makeup and nearly always wear a black/ darker shade in my waterline every makeup wearing day. An eye look almost feels a bit naked and unfinished without it for me personally, but I also have struggled in the past to find anything that fully survives my test of time (which can be some long ass days!). The only thing that’s come anywhere need as long wearing as I need has been…

✖ Inglot AMC Gel Liners (specifically the black shade 77, although I do like the nude and deep brown too, they come in 27 shades)…I press them on to the tight line and waterline with a firm flat brush, they’re great for adding intensity and smoking out the lash line too!

Applying the Lash Liner is actually a lot easier than you think it’s going to be, it just takes a little practice and getting the right technique down. First and foremost…I usually do my makeup in a tiny hand held mirror (everyone always seems to find this hilarious but I love how I can get all up in what I’m doing and therefore get a way more precise finish/ better control!) but for this stage of my eye makeup it makes life a lot easier if you have 2 hands free! Give the applicator a wipe (back in to the tube so you don’t waste any precious liner!) to remove any excess (it’s buildable so you can always go back in with a bit more if you feel you need to). You want to gently pull your upper/ lower eyelids away from your actual eyeball to expose your tight/ waterline so you can see exactly where you need to place the product. Dab/ pat the wand along your waterline until you’ve built up consistent/ even coverage. That is it!

I’m actually going to link KVD Artistry Collective Tara Buenrostro‘s ‘how to’ YouTube vid for Lash Liner ’cause I think it’s well worth a peep if you’re still unsure.

If I want to intensify my look even more, I purposely use more product so it naturally places lower in to my actual lash line as well as waterline and buff it out with a brush before topping it with eyeshadow OR if I don’t fancy looking quite so intense but still want that defined waterline or want to switch up the shade from black, I’ve been applying the Lash Liner as normal and then gently patting eyeshadow over the top. Any colour or texture shadow works…I usually opt for matte (just personal preference day to day) but if I’m feeling a bit tired, using a metallic shadow over the Lash Liner (any shade you want, let’s face it for me…grungy warm/ cranberry tones are the most likely situation) works a treat for adding back a bit of sparkle and making you fake awake…winner!

So what are my general feels about the Kat Von D Beauty Lash Liner I hear you ask?? Long story short, so far…love it! I can’t see that changing really as in fairness I’ve been testing it under worse case scenario conditions really this last week due to the gross heat (I’m totally over it now in case you hadn’t guessed!) we’ve been having and aren’t used to here in the UK/ Ireland. If you chill and follow the above application guidelines/ Tara’s vid as to how to apply it, using a liquid on the waterline isn’t as daunting as it sounds and with a bit of practice you’ll be well away and get it down to a fine art!

I love the intensity it gives and it really does stay on. The formula says water resistant and I’d absolutely agree with that. My eyes (well, eye…why is it always one eye way worse than the other for becoming a watery state whenever you don’t want it to?? Grrr!) water and it stays put…it lasts all day on me without migrating on to my cheek and smudging/ creating gross ‘eye bogey’ situations too which is an impressive thing to me. The only thing to note (which isn’t really much of a thing but) because it’s so long wearing, I do find you need an oil based/ dual phased/ decent eye makeup remover. I use the Superdrug B Stubborn Makeup Remover anyway (also cruelty free and Vegan) which is perfect for the job if you’re on the hunt for a good one (affordable too!).

Let me know if you’ve tried the Kat Von D Beauty Lash Liner and how you find it or are planning to pick it up! I’d definitely say this is holy grail territory for me, how about you??

Lyd x



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