Lime Crime Velvetine Lip Liners…Rate Or Hate??

I’m a massive fan of Lime Crime’s Velvetine matte liquid lipsticks* (I feel like their shade Cashmere* could be my number one favourite nude ‘griege’ shade of all time!) and have been for what seems like forever, so was pretty excited when I heard about the new Velvetine Lip Pencils*!

I’m usually an all or nothing when it comes to lips (instead focusing more on eyes)…9 times out of 10 you’re likely to see me with lip balm/ nothing on (my lips!) and then when I do wear colour it’s normally a liquid lipstick that doesn’t really need liner. I’ve been super in to glosses recently though, which (although great for just throwing on alone day to day) I feel could do with a liner for that extra bit of definition and similarly necessary when I go for one of my much lighter nude lipsticks (which I’ve always loved…my long time go to’s got to be Nood from Melt Cosmetics…obsessed!) which can be so light they blend in to my also pale skin if a liner’s not involved! I have so many great (and not so impressive) lip liners from loads of different brands, but was just interested to try the Lime Crime Velvetine ones knowing how much I love the liquid lipstick formula already! Here’s all you need to know…

✖️ Available in 22 richly pigmented velvet matte textured shades…neutrals,reds, brights and darks.

✖️ Waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof.

✖️ Clean line precision pencil to prime and define and lock on colour.

✖️ Cruelty free and Vegan.

Straight off the bat, the first appeal (apart from the promise of that Velvetine formula and all the claims) is the fact that the Lime Crime Velvetine Liners* are in a pencil form that you can sharpen! This is a massive plus in my opinion. There are twist up/ no sharpen formulas that I love…I’m obsessed with the Kat Von D Beauty Everlasting Lip Liner formula (UK*/ IE*) for eg. they’re so creamy and long wearing, but I find myself using them more as eyeliner (they’re multi use too!)…they just don’t give you as much precision as a pencil you can sharpen. I do like wearing those (KVD) as lipstick though over my whole lip, which I also do with the Velvetine ones! If you’re using any eye or lip pencils that need sharpening (I prefer that kind of pencil both myself and in my pro kit), I would suggest investing in a decent cosmetic pencil sharpener. A regular stationary one would kind of do the job, but you wouldn’t get as precise a point and more importantly they don’t tend to be fine enough and can split your pencils (not ideal)…a good one will mean your pencil gets a longer life. There’s loads available but my absolute favourite (which I’ve spoken about before here) is the My On Point Sharpener from MyKitCo.* It’s under a fiver, has a section to catch all the shavings so no mess and get’s your pencils sharp as new…the best sharpener I’ve tried to date by a mile!

I really like how smooth these pencils are, there’s no pulling or tugging on the lip…such a smooth application. I went for the shade Taupest which was the closest colour match (I wanted to try as exact a match as possible…they’re both swatched above with the pencil on the top) for my beloved Cashmere Velvetine matte lipstick*. I figured it would work well (without being too dark/ too much of a contrast) with that, my other lighter nudes and the nude glosses I can’t get enough of right now and so I could wear it alone too. It’s such a gorgeous nude and the perfect shade of ‘griege’, not too peachy which I find a lot of nudes can pull on me. Kind of cooler toned like my lips but better…enough to give definition, but light enough to not have to spend ages blending and buffing it out. Here’s the Taupest pencil alone…

They last really well…I find with talking, eating etc etc any lip product needs touching up more often than something on the eyes or anywhere else. These definitely are one of the longer lasting lip pencils in my collection. The formula is waxy hence living up to its long wear/ waterproof claims, but it feels creamier to apply and I love how they’re matte with it too. So many waxy formulas have a sheen to them which I’m just not in to especially if going for a matte lip. I find a waxy sheeny pencil can slide around with a gloss too, a matte pencil gives more of a firm boarder to keep your gloss in place. Here’s the Taupest pencil with one of my current go to glosses, the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Diamond Milk

After trying this shade, I’ll probably pick up a few more…maybe a deeper nude and a darker shade. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this one though when it runs out (which I think won’t be for ages yet, it doesn’t need sharpening as often as other pencils in my collection). Go check out Nicole Quinn’s YouTube swatch video it’s been my go to for moving swatches and she applies then over the whole lip too so you can properly see the shades in all their glory! She does give her thoughts on all the shades too so it’ll help you get more of an idea of the individual performance of your favourite too.

The Lime Crime Velvetine Lip Liners* are definitely worth picking up in my opinion if you’re after a creamy, long wearing matte finish lip pencil that you can sharpen for a precise definition or apply all over as a budge proof lip colour. I’ve found them a lot less drying than other similar lip liner formulas too!

What’s your go to lip product formula/ combo / brand??

Lyd x



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