Lime Crime Venus V’s Venus II Palettes – Compare, Review & Swatches

Lime Crime’s 2 cult Venus eyeshadow palettes aren’t new (to me at least), but they are beautiful and if you don’t own them already…you might want to check them out! They’re about to be way more accessible to us in the UK/ Ireland too with their imminent arrival at Cult Beauty*. You can sign up to the waitlist to both the OG Venus Palette here* and the Venus II here*. If you’re unsure which to go for or just need enabling to buy both (let’s be real) hopefully this will help!

First thing’s first…packaging! The artwork on the packaging of both is worth it for collectibility alone in my opinion. Classical Botticelli V’s 90’s grunge rebellion…I LOVE the design of these compact mirrored boxes of beauty!

The original grunge palette is the Lime Crime Venus Palette*. With so many neutral/ nude palettes on the market when this first launched this back in 2015, Lime Crime paved the way for the popularity of the warm ‘new-tral’ palettes of now like the Anastasia Modern Renaissance (read more about that here) and the Violet Voss Holygrail (read more and see full swatches here). The Venus palette brought 8 shades of game changing burgundy, rust and unconventional neutral…perfect day to night anytime grunge!

• Venus – the colour of bruised fruit (velvet matte)
• Shell – opalescent shell pink (glow)
• Aura – golden ivory (glow)
• Creation – rust brown (matte)
• Icon – dirt brown (matte pearl)
• Rebirth – the colour of an over ripe nectarine (matte)
• Devine – dusty stone (matte)
• Muse – deep burgundy red (matte)

Other details:
• Cruelty free
• Vegan

Such a versatile palette and considering it only has 8 shades, you can create so many different looks with it! None of the rich, buttery and highly pigmented shades disappointed. Each one is super blendable and the fall out minimal. I’m sure you’ve already guessed ha ha, but the rich burgundy shade Muse has to be my absolute favourite. I do find the shade Venus to be slightly less smooth than others and needs a bit of extra work, but still blends well and looks great. Definitely one of my favourite and most used palettes of all time!

Lime Crime’s follow up to the OG Venus is the Venus II*. Back, badder and grungier than ever. Venus II has been described as the darker more ‘emo’ sister and I think that describes the vibe of the second palette perfectly! It still contains 8 shades but instead of the previous warm only palette, the Venus II is equally as versatile, but in a more distinct and non obvious way.


• Pigeon – brown/ green duo chrome shift (pearl)
• Filter – luminous cornflower blue (matte)
• Marsh – mossy grey/ green (glow matte)
• Mustard – corduroy mustard (creamy matte)
• Fly – ivory/ green duo chrome shift, like the wing of a fly (pearl)
• Jam – pumpkin spice (creamy matte)
• Mud – rich burgundy brown, the colour of spoiled fruit (creamy matte)
• Boot – nebula black with multi coloured sparkle (matte base with sparkle)

Other details:
• Cruelty free
• Vegan

Again super versatile and the variety of shades allows you to create so many different looks. I don’t tend to reach for this palette as often as the first one just down to personal preference, I tend to wear all warm tones most of the time/ day to day unless I’m having a play and creating stronger looks for pictures etc. I actually really like that this is different to the majority of my most used palettes though and will often grab this one to use along side others to add a bit of interest or extra depth, mixing it up a bit. Similar to the OG Venus, the shadows are richly pigmented, minimal to no fall out and blend like a dream. I’m obsessed with the shade Mustard (for all you fellow Uninterrupted by MAC fans, it’s very similar!) and obviously the rest of the warmer shades do it for me, but I really like the addition of the different duo chrome shades Fly and Pigeon too. The more unusual combo of colours is a welcome addition to my collection. Before I got my hands on this, I was wondering how pigmented the black would be as they can always be a bit hit or miss but the pigmentation is good and the multi coloured sparkle can still be seen on the eye when blended (albeit subtly) which is good! The only thing missing from this palette is a true neutral transition shade, although even if this was the only palette you were travelling with, for example, even a bit of your bronzer would do the trick and the shade Mustard works well too…in my opinion, it matters not!

Both beautiful palettes, great quality shadows, gorgeous packaging and in my opinion a staple for any makeup obsessive/ collectors collection. If I had to pick one, it would be the OG Venus palette. As I mentioned before, just because I wear warmer tones most of the time, but whichever catches your fancy, either are definitely worth having. Or just go for both like I did! ?

If you’re thinking of picking one (or both!) up, you can sign up for email notification for the Cult Beauty launch of Lime Crime Venus Palette here* and Venus II Palette here*. You can also get them and more of the Lime Crime range here from and here from ASOS.

Lyd x



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