Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Power Lash Waterproof Mascara

As a person with long (a positive in this) but poker straight eyelashes, I’m always on the hunt for the holy grail lashes stay lifted mascara. I’m not saying my lashes staying curled/ looking lifted is entirely down to choice of mascara but it definitely helps. I curl my lashes every single day (even on non makeup wearing days I find it makes me look 100% more awake and alive) and heat my lash curler (essential bit of kit for all in my opinion) using my hairdryer for a few seconds (please do this at your own risk and with lots of care!) to give extra curl, lift and staying power and always find a waterproof mascara does the best job at keeping them up. As much as there are a few non water proof formulas that I enjoy (love Milk Kush and KVD GBOGH) and that do make my lashes initially look unreal, they just always fall short when it comes to staying power. The one single mascara (out of literal hundreds at this stage) I’ve found so far that makes my lashes look their best, lifts, curls and keeps them that way all day is the NYX Worth The Hype Waterproof Mascara…it ticks all boxes as well as the bonus of an affordable price tag and would take some beating. 

The Linda Hallberg Cosmetics Infinity Power Lash Waterproof Mascara* was always going to be something that excited and that I was always going to try. LH Cosmetics as a brand in general is right up my street anyway, as is Linda herself (a fellow pro artist that I’ve followed for a long time) and with her also having the straight lash struggle, I was hoping this mascara would be a good one for me.

The Infinity Pro Lash Waterproof Mascara is cruelty free/ vegan, perfume free and multi use…the latter being that you can use this as a primer for other mascaras (which I guess you could do with other waterproof formulas too but this formula seems to do it better somehow, maybe with it being more defining and length rather than volume). The first thing I noticed was the wet formula, which I wouldn’t usually be a fan of and before I got the hang of that and the different brush shape to what I’m used to, I did make a right mess with getting it all over the place! The brush is quite small and pretty easy to control, but the problem was more to do with the fact that it does what it says on the tin (separates, defines and lengthens) so well, that coupled with my naturally lengthy lashes it meant the tips of my lashes were reaching way up on to my lids (practically brow bone) and transferring while it was still wet. Easily fixed anyway by looking down slightly to apply and staying that way while giving it a second to dry, which it does surprisingly quickly considering the wet formula. 

It’s not as volumising straight off the bat as the NYX one, but doesn’t claim to be and it layers well (although I would recommend not letting the first coat fully dry so before the next)…I really like how it looks with one or two coats for a naturally defined and lengthened look and if I want more I’ll layer something else over the top or use the NYX. This lasts really well…there’s no smudging or transferring (once I was over the initial getting used to it problem) at all and stays looking perfect all day until you remove it. It removes surprisingly easily (I use an oil based cleanser and it lifts straight off gently with minimal effort) and it’s when you remove it you realise exactly how amazing its staying power is, I’ve never seen so much product on a cotton pad after mascara removal…even after getting caught in rain and on days were pollen has not been my friend it stays immaculate. Although the NXY one stays put all day, it does wear more throughout the day (albeit barely noticeable). 

I’ll definitely be rotating between the Infinity Lash and my existing NYX favourite at least. The only down side with this for me is the price, it’s nearly 3 times the price of the NYX. But then I’m really enjoying it so far, maybe it’s worth it. I definitely want to wear it more before I decide if I’d repurchase it or not (will keep you updated). I feel like I would for holidays and possibly even for my pro kit…I could definitely rely on this formula for clients, specifically my brides! I’d recommend this if you’re after a long wearing naturally defined look, the perfect everyday makeup mascara…an apply, go and not even have to think about it kind of formula for whatever your day brings. The most important thing about the Infinity Lash…it does keep lashes curled and lifted which I’m obviously all about!

Have you tried it yet? Do you share my straight lash struggle? Let me know of any other really good mascara formulas (preferably waterproof) that you’ve found and I need to try!

Lyd x    



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