Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Eye Liner Pencils

When Makeup Geek announced they were extending their line to feature a range of pencil eye liners, I had to have them. Introducing liners was the next logical step for Makeup Geek, having already launched a variety of other colour products and brushes. I’ve been a huge fan of their eye shadows for a while now and more recently their equally buttery, smooth and extremely pigmented contour powders!

Paraben and cruelty free as with all Makeup Geek products and available in ten shades, all but one with a creamy matte finish. (The one non-matte is described as having a creamy metallic finish.) You can pick them up on  for £7.50 each or they also do a bundle deal, with all ten liners available for £49.50 ( do ship to Ireland and many other places too) Affordable and comparable price wise to a lot of ‘drugstore’/ mid range brand eye pencils.

makeup geek full spectrum mutli cropped

I picked up five of the shades of the Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Pencils, mainly neutral/ warmer tones. Although I carry a huge range of colours in my pro kit, they’re the one’s I gravitate towards and get the most use out of personally. One in particular was the one that caught my eye first…Plumeria. Described as a ‘deep ripe berry shade’ and I’d say it’s just that! There are loads of existing more  purple toned liners on the market, but I loved how this one was leaning more actual red and just a really unusual, gorgeous shade. I do tend to go for the red tone, cranberry, brown/ plum shades, which look the best on my (slightly weird, ha ha) green ish eyes anyway, so this was an obvious choice for me. This shade in particular would actually suit a wide range of eye colours and would be great for adding just a pop of warmth under more neutral tones too if you didn’t want to wear it full on true to colour.

makeup geek full spectrum swatches cropped

The other shades I picked up are Obsidian (true black), Espresso (rich coffee brown), Nude (peachy/ ivory flesh tone) and Spice (a warm taupe/ mid brown). Obsidian, Espresso and Nude are makeup bag essentials, everyone needs those core pencil shades in their collection/ kit in my opinion. Obviously the black/ dark brown for varying depths of definition and the flesh tone pencil works amazingly well on the water line to really lighten, brighten and give an all round more awake look to the eyes (even when you feel far from it!). The shade Spice was an interesting one to me, something I’d not really thought of picking up for myself before (as it is a good bit lighter than I’d normally choose), but it actually looks beautiful either smudged between your lashes for a soft smoke, or on the waterline for subtle definition when you’re not in the mood for a heavier black or brown!

If you’re looking for a bomb proof, water proof liner, like the Urban Decay 24/7 or the Makeup Forever pencils for example, chances are you’re probably not going to like these. Makeup Geek pencils don’t claim to be that kind of pencil though, instead, they claim to be ultra creamy and richly pigmented, which I can definitely say they are! They do last pretty well on my waterline considering and as they are so easy to apply, occasional touch ups aren’t really an issue to me. They apply smoothly and do set once you have them where you want them, but I actually love how you get plenty of play time before they do set and that you can smudge and blend them so seamlessly.

PRO TIP – They work really well as an eye shadow base, buffed over the lids and in to the crease with a fluffy blending brush (something like this) before packing an eyeshadow/ pigment/ glitter over the top. OR…using one of the collections bolder shades on the waterline of an otherwise neutral smokey eye, to add a pop of colour and brighten your eyes!

I’d say if you’re in the market for some new eye pencils, the Makeup Geek Full Spectrum Eye Pencils are definitely worth picking up! From both the price point and quality point of view. The other five shades (purples/ blue and teal mermaid esq shades) are so pretty too, there’s a colour for everyone and every eye colour and a great selection of both colour pop intense and beautiful neutral shades!

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