Melt Cosmetics Impulsive Pressed Pigment Palette – First Impressions/ Review & Full Swatches

Here it is, as promised…the Melt Impulsive Palette and it’s an absolute beaut! It actually arrived (after spending what seemed like forever in Irish customs!) and I’ve finally had a proper chance to swatch and play. I’ve not been buying as much for myself (obviously my kit is a different thing altogether and I get through things way faster!) after having a clear out and reassessing the makeup collection situation eg. having loads that I haven’t been using and need to and deciding going forward only to pick up things that I’m actually interested in/ excite me…this definitely excited me and I knew I was going to get it! 

This new Melt palette came at the perfect time for me…as well as my self imposed makeup/ beauty semi spending ban, there’s not really been any new launches recently or for ages actually that have sparked any proper interest, joy whatever like this one has! I’ve found myself seriously uninspired with brand releases and have been in a bit of a creative rut lately. It happens every now and then and the best way to deal with it in my opinion…get out in to nature, spend time doing other things altogether and with fur babies/ favourite humans and just doing other stuff you enjoy.          

After a week of down time and parental visits/ showing them around Cork (which has been so good!)…I can finally feel those creative juices starting to flow again!

The Melt Impulsive Palette was launched early and I didn’t hang around when it came to ordering! It’s still available on Melt’s website at the time of writing this (no news as yet as to if it’ll come to BeautyBay* or not) and at Sephora in the US/ Canada. You can never really tell though with Melt stuff if something’s going to sell out fast/ take an age to restock etc, so if you really want something I’d recommend ordering directly from Melt. They offer free international delivery on all orders over $100 all the time and often run free international shipping offers too without the minimum spend. It’s amazing for Melt that they’re now being stocked in Sephora, but if I was ordering from the US/ Canada I’d probably still go through their website for packaging alone!! They always include cute little stickers (LOVE this ‘Melt Was Here!’ one from this order) and because I must have been one of the first orders I was super happy to find my palette in a little gold pouch signed by Melt Co Founders/ CEO’s/ general badass boss ladies Dana (@danabomar) and Lora (@lora_arellano) which is a really cool touch! 

The Impulsive Palette came about to celebrate new beginnings (Melt’s Sephora launch) and also Melt’s customers who over the years have made Melt’s dream a reality. The outer packaging is covered in Melt fam/ customer pictures. It’s an 18 shade palette and opens up like a book…the right hand side (9 metallic cool toned shimmers and duo chrome/ holographic foils) is inspired by Melt’s early days and the friendship between Dana and Lora…the left hand side (7 rich, vibrant bold mattes and 2 vivid shimmers) inspired by Melt’s love for unique colours and their ‘fun, fearless and unapologetically themselves’ customers. Let’s take a proper look at those shades…

✖️ 2012 – established honey yellow matte

✖️ Rule Breaker – rusted orange matte

✖️Go Getter* – vermilion pressed pigment with a neon pink shift

✖️ Dream Big – rich cinnamon matte

✖️ CEO – warm bronze shimmer with copper reflects

✖️ Boss Lady – intense burgundy matte

✖️ Game Changer – avocado green matte 

✖️ Profesh – military green matte

✖️ Bold – strong rusted ginger matte

✖️ Makeup Junkie – mauve purple with extreme pink shift and blue glitter flecks

✖️ Warehouse Party – dusty coral with gold shift and green glitter flecks 

✖️ Poppin Bottles – baby pink with green shift 

✖️ Shots! – lilac metallic with pink shifting pearl

✖️ Tipsy – dark metallic periwinkle 

✖️ Cross Faded – indigo with blue shift

✖️ No Regrets – periwinkle with pink and green shift

✖️ Morning After – rich mulberry shimmer with blue reflects

✖️ Drunk Text – dark charcoal shimmer with iridescent reflects

* Melt has a warning that the shade Go Getter contains ingredients that are not approved/ tested for use on the eye area…so use your own judgement and at your own risk. 

The Impulsive Palette is cruelty free (Melt is a cruelty free brand) and is mostly Vegan…the shades Boss Lady and Bold are NOT Vegan…just something to keep in mind. 

You probably all know at this point, but I’m a huge Melt fan in general and their eyeshadow formulas are some of the best in my opinion. Their richly pigmented matte shadows are particularly good and the mattes in here are no exception. I was wondering if they’d be too similar to the mattes in the Gemini and Twenty Seven Palettes, but they’re actually not at all (especially swatched/ applied) and compliment those palettes as well as all the stacks/ single shadows really well. 

*A full product run down for this Pride grunge eye look is on my Instagram post…see it here

There wasn’t a shade in this palette that I wasn’t interested to try/ didn’t appeal straight off the bat…even with there being more cooler tones and blues! I HATE blue eyeshadow…not these though interestingly enough.I hate to admit it, but Tipsy and Cross Faded the two blue toned shades are flattering and the metallic texture/ shifts add interest and make them a lot easier to wear. I can’t see blue becoming my new go to anytime soon, but wouldn’t be against the idea of an odd little pop of either of these.

Some of the shimmers are sheerer than others, but all of them build really well if not instant full impact metallic. I find any of them best applied using a finger or damp brush which is pretty standard across the shimmer/ metallic board when it comes to any brand. Smooth, blendable and minimal to no fall out for such highly pigmented shades…mattes and metallics! 

Ok, so it hasn’t got a black, neutral light transition or pale highlight shade…but that’s not what this palette’s about. I love me a palette that has everything (take the ABH Soft Glam* for eg) but I feel like if any of these shades were substituted for any of those basics…I’d be disappointed. This is coming from me that doesn’t really do colour…I’m all about grungy neutrals day to day, but there’s something about this palette that inspires and makes me want to integrate these unique shades in to my makeup. Another thing to note, is that the palette definitely isn’t designed to be an all in travel palette from a packaging as well as contents point of view…it’s pretty, but also on the bigger/ heavier side. I personally like that’s it’s chunky to protect the shadows and am in to the layout and design of the palette too. 

Melt have done it again…another palette that I love and’ll no doubt get loads of use out of. It fits it to my collection really well and fills a few cool shade shaped gaps that needed filling. Unusual, fun and unapologetic, but totally wearable. I can’t wait to play more with this!

Did you pick up the Impulsive Palette yet??

Lyd x   



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