Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette – Review, Full Swatches & Other Melt Faves!

I wanted to get this up and talk about the brand new Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven Palette as a matter of urgency, asap…that sounds super dramatic, but it’s limited edition, still available (for now/ at the time I write this) and if sales of their last palette offering Gemini are anything to go by…it might not be around for long! Also…I mean look at it, so beautiful!

Melt Cosmetics is one of my all time favourite makeup brands! Melt is the LA based brainchild of CEO’s and co-founders Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar …both come from a makeup background and with a shared love of bold pigment, passion for all things makeup and a strong AF friendship, Melt was always going to be a winner! Lora is the brunette to Dana’s blonde, they’re both gorgeous and I love how their styles/ vibes are so different yet compliment each other perfectly. I’ll link the short video that’s up on Melt’s ‘about us’ page here…it’s only a minute and a half…give it a watch, it’s inspiring and explains all!

Melt are cruelty free (of course – they’re leaping bunny certified) and most of their products are also Vegan (all Vegan products are labeled as so in the ingredients tab for each). They do ship internationally (and offer free international shipping to orders over $100) just keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for any PO handling/ customs charges. My opinion…totally worth it! For their products obviously, but their customer service, shipping/ handling and tracking are spot on too!

I love all Melt’s packaging so far and the Twenty Seven palette’s no exception…the palette itself mirrors the shades of shadow in terms of colour and has a cool paint splattered esq design, while the outer sleeve is covered with photos from Dana’s personal life (this is her palette and Gemini was Lora’s) including her dog…yes!! Let’s take a peep at the shades…and check out those shade names…LOVE Melt shade names! Lora and Dana put so much thought in to them and as well as them sometimes being cheeky/ attention grabbing, a lot of the names have really personal meanings to them too which I think’s so cool! Coming from an artistry background, they always have that at the forefront of their minds when thinking/ talking about shades and offer brilliant shade/ texture descriptions and tips as too where/ how you might want to use each shade too which is super helpful…great for if you’re new to shadow/ less confident with placement etc and I find it makes it easier to gauge the true shade as swatches online can vary so much! BTW…my swatches bellow are (as always) a finger swatch under a daylight lamp (for consistency) and on a minimally primed arm. I use the OG Urban Decay Primer Potion* for swatches (it’s translucent so you see the true colour of each shadow shade swatched) but when I’m actually applying any shadow to my eyes, I’ll always go for something tinted like the still UD Primer Potion (it’s been a constant in my makeup bag for years!) but in the flesh tone shade Eden*because my lids are pretty veiny and pink, ugh.

Melt Twenty Seven Palette shades in more detail…10 shades, 8 mattes, 2 foils…let’s go!

✖ Naked Sleep – The only way to sleep! This hot apricot nude blends away any harsh edges. The new definition of bedroom eyes.

✖ Downtown – You rush to your loft after work, quickly change your clothes, effortlessly wash this baked clay hue all over your eyes, no one will ever know you got ready in 5 mins, we are going out tonight!

✖ Nip Slip – This provocative peach shade refuses to be contained or restrained. Flash a little fun and warmth to unexpected on lookers.

✖ Moxie – Packed with feisty pigment, this burnt orange is full of personality just like a sassy little yorkie. Let her be the main focus and pack it all over the lid.

✖ CrimeFighter – This dimensional copper foil will bring out your inner superhero. The pink and gold glitter flecks grab the light skillfully and can rescue any look because Crimefighter is your middle name.

✖ 1 More Thing – We just can’t end the conversation about this delicate warm taupe transition shade. There is always room for 1 More Thing.

✖ Thick – No thigh gap here. This full bodied rosy mauve is bursting at the seams with pigment. Soft and versatile for a healthy natural look.

✖ Vegas Past – A bold bronze foiled shade with green and rose gold reflects that glisten like the Vegas lights in your rear-view mirror. On to bigger and better things, but you take the sparkle with you everywhere you go.

✖ Whiskey Neat – This barrel aged brown doesn’t need a mixer. Use this refined shade to add depth and infuse smoke into your look.

✖ Moon Child – Ruled by the moon, this is the deepest shade in the palette. This maroon shadow is perfect for your dark phase.

It’ll come to no surprise to all you regular readers/ friends, but holy shiz the shade Moonchild…yes!! You knew I’d feel this way though…gothy, grungy perfection has my heart always! All the shades are beyond beautiful and not one shade has given me any kind of issue (I’ve come to expect this from Melt though). They blend like a dream and are super pigmented and creamy feeling. The foils are stunning and give a gorgeous wet look to the eye (not bitty at all) and the matte’s are the smoothest you’ll find! There’s slim to no fall out, but the shadows do kick up a bit in the pan…similar to other highly pigmented shadows/ palettes though, it’s a pretty normal occurrence and makes no difference whatsoever if you just make sure to tap off the excess from your brush or just don’t heavily mash your brush in to it, you only need the smallest amount and the lightest hand with these shadows!

An all warm palette isn’t ground breaking or anything new and there’s the obvious comparisons (mainly the UD Naked Heat Palette* – which I do like too in fairness)…but I’d put this ahead of others purely because it’s Melt and the quality of these shadows is insane, they haven’t let me down yet!

If the shades in the Twenty Seven Palette aren’t your jam (they should be though…there’s no one this palette wouldn’t suit, but ofc you do you!) go take a peep at Melt’s full range of eyeshadow stacks and singles. There’s something for everybody…neon, warm, cool, neutral, bright and bold…super pretty, pigment packed and I’m a big fan of the whole magnetic stack concept, so you can add to existing ones or create your own with singles. You can get the Melt Stack Pro Palette to store them laying flat if you’d rather too. If I had to pick one fave stack it’d have to be the Dark Matter Stack (in the pic above) it’s beautifully grungy and for me personally, a really good everyday palette. I added the single base/ highlight shade Classic to mine to have all bases covered and so I’m able to create any look…I’m obsessed!

Have you tried any Melt shadows? And will you be picking up or passing on the Twenty Seven Palette??

Lyd x



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