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So I moved to Ireland (read more about that here) and have been insanely busy doing pretty much anything but testing out as much exciting new stuff as normal and getting creative with makeup over the last month or so. Boxes don’t unpack themselves and general setting up of house, work space…not to mention the seemingly ever lasting list of diary filling/ replies, work/ personal and general life admin that comes with it! You make yourself a to do list to try and break everything down in to more manageable tasks (which don’t get me wrong, is helpful and it does make it easier to see what needs to be done and is satisfying to tick things off as you go) but sometimes seeing that list in all it’s glory can be pretty overwhelming. Although I’m mostly there with everything now and way more settled, it’s been a struggle and there’s been plenty of times in the last month or so where I’ve had a case of the morbs…got to love a bit of Victorian slang (this means temporary melancholia/ down in the dumps by the way, perfect description of feels right?!).

I’m fortunate enough to love what I do and enjoy being busy, but that also means I find it really hard to properly switch off at times. That’s another thing to put on the to do list…the work/ life and busy/ chill balance, which I’ll be absolutely prioritising and continuing to keep a very close eye on…whatever you do, as a human being you absolutely need to too!

Anyway, I’m feeling way less in a funk and raincloud of doom now (it’ll no doubt be back at some point, such is normal human life for the majority of us hey) and as well as finally getting through that to do list of life, it’s been making time to do other non move and non makeup/ work related things that have helped me loads. Also shout out to the few days of (unusual for Ireland/ UK) recent sunshine which can be a therapy in itself! So just a few of the things I’ve been up to recently…

I was happy to be invited along to the Chupi (she’s a Dublin based modern heirloom/ Jewellery designer and all round good egg, with stunning inspired by nature designs who I’ve followed for a while now…Chupi’s grey diamond pieces are incredibly beautiful and so unusual, go check them out!) S/S19 launch/ pop up event at The River Lee Hotel in Cork.

Although not makeup/ beauty related, I do love an occasional non related event…it switches things up and there’s nothing quite like taking inspiration from someone else’s creative outlet/ work whatever it may be! It was a really interactive event with a chilled out vibe and plenty of beautiful jewels to feast your eyes on. Chupi was understandably a woman in high demand (especially with all the bespoke engagement ring seekers), but still took the time to chat. The other major factor in making this event fun and great for the brain…I went with one of my besties Dearbhla. As much as I’m actually ok with my own company, spending time with (non stressy) friends/ loved ones also works wonders for the mood, it does for me anyway! 

Speaking of Dearbhla (I sense a theme here haha), she also came along with me to the first Cork Dachshunds Sausage Social Meet up that was held at The Bark Park Doggie Day Care and Training Centre in Cork. As you all probably know (and if not, you do now) I’m a proud Dachshund (sausage dog) parent/ let’s be real…everyone who knows us also knows I’m pretty much G’s (my dog’s) minion in reality. I’ve always been busy/ couldn’t make any of the North Wales/ Cheshire Sausage meet ups back in the homeland, so made sure I could make this one in Cork! G was nervous at first (she’s great around other dogs, was more so the confusion of all the other sausages and their families and so much going on) but she enjoyed the sniffs and was good to meet other sausage enthusiasts and perv over dogs…what else can I say? Fur friends are the best kind of therapy, fact! We also shopped and had lunch at Ramen in town after this…who doesn’t cheer up when faced with a bowl of steaming hot noods! (Or any good foods come to think of it, eating good food and getting plenty of water in…essential self care!) And this next pic should cheer you up if nothing else does…it’s only my sausage G on a slide!


I’ve made sure I’ve been getting out and making the most of any good weather we’ve had recently too, even on busier days giving myself (and G, that’s one of the many dog owning perks…you have to get yourself out and about for their sake too!) a break, some fresh air and a stretch. Exercise is obviously a beneficial thing to all (healthy body, healthy mind and all that), but you find yourself refreshed and inspired by nature too! There’s a woods near by that’s right on the coast, that sea air has always been like a brain reset button for me! The colours/ colour combos and textures you find in nature are a great pace to start if you’re stuck in a creative funk and nature’s also a great cure for a funky mood…win win. (Inspiration can be be found anywhere and everywhere, not just in makeup!)

As well as doing actual things, I’ve been making a point of properly chilling out and doing nothing too…away from the laptop phone/ anything work or house move. Watching an episode or few of something good on Netflix (I’m currently obsessed with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia…hilarious and addictive), sticking on a sheet mask…doing the little things you enjoy and taking a breather for yourself. So important to give yourself a mental health check every now and then. Necessary.  

I can feel my creative mojo starting to creep back in as we speak and am looking forward to having more time (and motivation) to get back in to creating some makeup looks on myself. (I’m always more than motivated to paint other faces of course…just not my own!) I want to get back to some more in depth how to/ artistry posts on here and possibly videos too (I know I keep threatening this and although I’m well used to being in front of people conducting masterclasses etc etc at this stage, I’m yet to get over the cringe of a video!) but I’ve actually enjoyed going off on a bit of a non makeup tangent for this post. Makeup’s been my passion and profession for the longest time now, but sometimes it’s good to explore other sides to yourself and other interests, take a break, recharge and look after that general brain health! 

What’s your favourite thing to do to relax, recharge and/or get creative?

Lyd x 



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