Mmmmitchell X Beauty Bay Me, Myself And Mmmmitchell Pressed Pigment Palette…Worth It? Review

I picked up the Me, Myself And Mmmmitchell Pressed Pigment Palette* when it first launched back on 1st September…I was intrigued more than anything else! Although not an avid follower I’m obviously familiar with Mmmmitchell‘s work, he’s unreal at what he does…he’s all about the bold colour, blinding glow and high impact ‘Insta Glam’ which I’m not really (well…maybe the glow bit) but I’m absolutely on board appreciating that kind of makeup art and I’ll admit it’s really fun to do sometimes if a client wants that kind of look! I can’t see Mitchell putting his name on something that wasn’t good, I haven’t tried a lot but have only had good experiences with Beauty Bay own brand products and it just looked like a really interesting shade selection and potentially versatile palette…so yeah, that’s why I decided to grab it. I just wanted to share all the info you need, a few looks I’ve created with it so far and my thoughts on the palette now because as I write this its been restocked…find it here if in stock* and if not you can sign up to an email when it’s back. It’s not a palette you can afford to sleep on if you want it, it doesn’t stick around for long!

The Me, Myself And Mmmmitchell palette* has a pretty similar shade selection to the bPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro Palette…there’s 40 shadows and 3 highlighters in the bPerfect Stacey Marie as apposed to 32 larger pan pressed pigment shades in Mitchell’s palette, but the Stacey Marie is also a tenner more expensive than the Mitchell palette…I’m definitely more drawn to the Mitchell palette. You’ve got the left side full of essential bold, bright warm tones and the neutrals, grungy tones and pops of more unusual colour on the right as well as a pitch black which in my opinion is a great addition to any palette. The only thing I feel is missing from the Mitchell palette is maybe a matte white. Would I rather take out another shade for white though, probably not. You could absolutely travel with this palette if you didn’t mind the lack of a white or light flesh tone, it has everything else and the shades mix really well too to create limitless custom shades.    

There’s 24 richly pigmented matte shades, 5 metallic shimmers and 3 base shimmers with reflects…more like shadow toppers/ sheer highlights with a clear base, but each with a different coloured shift. There’s a pink reflects, green reflect and a reflects blue. They’re really cool additions to the palette, they’re unusual and give a gorgeous unexpected pop, to your inner corner especially. The metallic shades are super soft, so take care not to dig your brush or finger (I prefer using my finger to pat them on for the most intensity and took a chunk out of Mega, the beautiful deep metallic blue at first swatch…eye roll) in to them. That’s the nature of a pressed pigment though. Similarly the mattes are really highly pigmented so go easy and build up your intensity, you only need the smallest amount of these pressed pigments and they’re so smooth. They blend out like butter, no skipping or chunkiness. There is a bit of kick up in the pan and if you set your eye base, a bit of fall out…but that’s intense pressed pigments for you. I’d suggest doing eyes first if you’re worried about fall out/ tidying up after. If you like a tacky eye base, there’s no fall out at all…I prefer a tackier base to work with these for more intensity straight off the bat. 

This was my first play with the palette using the warmer tones to create this flame gradient and smokey lash line. Obviously being a Mmmmitchell palette, I had to kick off with a bold colour look. The next look is using the more neutral shades and a pop of glitter (this one’s the Festival Face chunky Copper Tan*, one of my favourites, especially for Autumn)…it’s actually a really versatile palette, even for lovers of neutral and grunge like I am.

I don’t filter, tune or edit any of my makeup pictures, including close ups like these (I’ll only ever adjust lighting if needed) so you can see the true intensity of products (as well as every single fine line and pore but I’m a human and I have skin so whatever) and how they really look on the skin. Every single shadow in this palette blends like a dream…when I was first swatching them, there’s a few that don’t swatch as well as others but it’s a totally different story on the eyes which is the main thing.

The Me, Myself And Mmmmitchell Palette is well worth picking up in my opinion. It’s cruelty free and Vegan (as far as I’m aware the bPerfect palette is cruelty free only, but let me know if you see differently anywhere!), a great quality palette and definitely for the price. A well curated selection of shades. Equally worth picking up if you’re just starting out and building up your makeup collection/ kit or if you’re like me and have far to much already, but fancy some pops of colour and and interesting metallics to play with. The packaging is nice enough, bit too colour for me haha, but sturdy and the magnetic removable mirror is a good move. It’s a nice touch that all but one shades begin with an M and each have a background story, Mitchell’s clearly spent time getting this right and it shows. Listen…I just really like this palette of generously sized beautiful pressed pigments and think it’s a good buy. I’m actually looking forward to playing with it more…a palette that interests me in what seems like a current influx of many is a good thing!

Did you grab the Me, Myself And Mitchell Palette* already, will you or are you a hard pass?? Let me know!

Lyd x 


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