NABLA Dreamy Palette – Review & Swatches (Cruelty Free & Vegan)

So I FINALLY got my hands on this little nugget! Third time lucky! Seriously…first instance I was such a dilly dally questioning my want/ need for it (I know, I know!!) and missed it, next up I managed to actually grab it in my basket and pay for it…only to receive a super apologetic email to say it had already sold out and my money had been refunded. Ugh. Aaaanyway…third time lucky, I managed to pick up the Nabla Dreamy Palette* along with the rest of my NABLA bits and I’m so happy I did!

It is sold out (again!) on both BeautyBay* and NABLA, but the reason I wanted to talk about it/ show you now is that it’s due to be restocked mid to late January…it’s not limited edition, but be quick if you want it…it sells fast!! I’d keep an eye on both BeautyBay and Nabla’s social media for further updates, but you can sign up for a notification on the NABLA site too…do it!

NABLA is an Italian indie brand…cruelty free, vegan and priding themselves on innovative formulas/ quality products at the most reasonable price possible! Aiming for natural ingredients when possible to make sure their products are safe to use and as I have come to learn from using their products…the quality and pigmentation are something else!

I think it’s also worth mentioning that they do ship internationally (direct from the NABLA site) and it’s pretty fast and inexpensive compared to a lot of other brands too! Products arrive well protected, packed really well and pretty too…attention to detail from NABLA!

So…The NABLA Dreamy Eyeshadow Palette! Just look at that packaging…adorned with metallic celestial details, really cute design and actually feels really well made and sturdy too. NABLA describe the palette on their website as ‘the perfect balance between fantasy, elegance and practicality’ which I’d actually agree sums up the palette and contents pretty perfectly! Although I don’t tend to go for purple that often on myself (the palette has 2 purple shades), I really like the shade selection in this! It leans warmer which is perfect for me (and I know a lot of you too!) and you can pretty much create any kind of look, from natural everyday to grunge (yes!!) and everywhere in between. Neutrals, pretty pops of colour and I like that the darkest shade is a deep rich brown rather than black meaning this would be a flattering choice for pretty much everyone and all eye colours.

The Dreamy Palette houses 12 brand new highly pigmented NABLA shades and in 3 different textures/ finishes. 1 Just Pearl, 6 Fluid Metal and 5 Super Matte. I’m a fan of NABLA’s metallic shadows in this, although I’m a matte girl at heart and I can’t help but thinking an even 6 metallic to 6 matte would have made this even better…maybe another mid tone or lighter transition shade? I’m not sure what I’d want to swap out though, maybe Inception for the fact that I wear less purple shades…but it’s a really unusual and pretty duo chrome at that, so I’ll leave it where it is! Check out the shade swatches…

FM – Fluid Metal/ SM – Super Matte/ JP – Just Pearl

➕Immaculate – white duo chrome highlight with gold reflects – FM
➕Illusion – light/ medium neutral brown – SM
➕Vanitas – peachy pink duo chrome with gold reflects – FM
➕Delirium – burnt purple brown with fuchsia, blue and purple micro sparkles – JP
➕Byzantine – intense warm pure gold – FM
➕Sistina – mediu rose sienna – SM
➕Metal Cupid – strawberry bronze – FM
➕Inception – mauve duo chrome with a chestnut base and bright lilac reflects – FM
➕Señorita – intense cool toned red – SM
➕Rose Gold – rose gold – FM
➕Lullaby – medium mauve – SM
➕Dogma – intense dark brown – SM

As a matte fan in general, these NABLA Super Matte’s are one of the most pigmented, buttery and easy to blend formulas I’ve ever tried! There’s no fall out what so ever and although they blend out really well, you don’t lose any of that intensity as you blend which you can with a lot of other brands. The solitary Just Pearl shade (Delirium) does have a little fall out but nothing major if you build it gradually, it’s just because the micro sparkle particles are slightly bigger/ more loosely packed but it still applies nicely. The Fluid Metal Formula is gorgeous…they apply way more sheerly with a brush but come in to their own patted on with your finger for an intense metallic sheen. I can’t get enough of the shade Metal Cupid, it’s so pretty and is a good mid shade to use with any colour combo from the palette!

NABLA have done a great job with the Dreamy Palette! It reminds me a lot of a few other palettes around at the moment…starting with the Natasha Denona Lila Palette you can’t deny the quality of ND shadows and the palettes are pretty, but in my opinion the high pricing doesn’t cut it especially when you can get comparable if not better for a way lower price…you could get nearly 3 Dreamy Palettes for the same price, just saying!

It also has similarities to the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette* and Coloured Raine Queen Of Hearts Palette* too, both of which I’m a fan of (you can read more about Queen Of Hearts and see swatches here)…great quality shadows, cruelty free and fairly priced, so if you can’t get the Dreamy Palette or want a similar alternative…either of those would work!

NABLA is fast becoming one of my favourite/ go to brands. I always like to support indie brands when possible and NABLA makes it easy by producing so many amazing products! Great price point for such high quality, cruelty free which is always important (vegan too) and so much choice…something for everyone and loads of different and unusual shades too! I love how their single shadows/ face powders come in individual packaging or magnetic pro palette form.

If you’re yet to try anything from NABLA definitely check them out! BeautyBay* have recently started to stock some of their stuff and you can also find the full range here. There’s also 50% off International shipping on their website until 31st December. If you’re a NABLA fan too, tell me what you’ve been loving…I’d love to know and it’s the perfect excuse to pick up more!

Lyd x



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