NEW Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer…Holy Grail? – Review

I was pretty damn excited when I saw that Anastasia Beverly Hills were coming out with an eye primer…as a fan of a lot of their stuff in general but especially their eyeshadow formula, the thought of a potentially new holy grail primer in existence to go under all my ABH/ other favourite shadows (and considering all ABH/ the primer’s claims) had me intrigued so I was always going to pick it up! The primer launched alongside the ABH X Alyssa Edwards collab palette which although very pretty, isn’t my cup of tea…so I’ll be swerving that in favour of the new Melt Impulsive palette, which is winging it’s way to me right now!! Ps. would you be interested in an Impulsive post/ review/ swatches when it turns up?? Let me know!


Anyway, back to the eye primer…I picked it up while I was up in Dublin in store at the ABH counter in Arnotts but it’s also available online*. It’s available in 2 sizes, the full size 15ml which I went for (€31/ £26) or the travel sized mini 7ml (€18/ £15). Here’s everything else you need to know…

✖️ Cruelty free and Vegan 

✖️ Water resistant and long wearing 

✖️ Cream formula – glides on smoothly and evenly creating the perfect base for shadow

✖️ Helps ensure smooth blendable application and smudge free wear of any texture shadow or pressed pigment

✖️ Light coloured full coverage base enhances vibrancy, colour payoff and durability of shadows 

✖️ Reduces the appearance of fine lines

✖️ Oil, Alcohol and Gluten free. 

First things first, there’s always going to be comparisons between this and the now globally famous PLouise base (‘the worlds best eye base’ no less in the words of Nikkie Turtorials)…let’s get that out of the way first. I’ve tried/ used the PLouise base before, but am all out at the moment so no comparison swatches I’m afraid but the nearest shade to the ABH in PLouise would probably be shade 1. It’s pretty damn light! They can both be built up to have a full coverage although I feel like the PL base feels a lot thicker/ heavier on. The consistency of the ABH eye primer is creamy, but more fluid than the PL and a little goes a long way. The ABH also sets down to a more satin/ natural matte finish, so you haven’t got that super tacky almost wet finish of the PL. If you find PL too wet/ hard to work with etc, ABH might be the solution for you! Even though the ABH does set down, it still gives you that al important grip and intensity from your shadows. The ABH does work out spendier than the PL but I feel you’d generally need a hell of a lot less to get a similar effect.

I’ve used the ABH eye primer as a base for the eye look above, I’ll also link the original post on my Instagram too if you want to check it out a full product breakdown/ what else I used for this look. Since I picked it up, I’ve used it minimally with my quick everyday eye makeup and built up for stronger, smokier looks…I wanted to see how it performed for both because in reality, I don’t wear full on eyes everyday but still want anything I put on to look good and last obviously. To cut a long story short, it works well for both. Even using a small amount it evens out the tone and discolouration in your lids and leaves you with the perfect blank canvas to work on. Eyeshadows and pressed pigments blend so smoothly over it and although it does have a more matte finish, it doesn’t look cakey or dry at all . My eyelid skin (apart from discolouration/ redness) is pretty normal/ sometimes oily…if you had very dry eyes, it’s more matte finish so that might be something to bare in mind but if you just make sure you’re patting it on rather than buffing I feel you’d be fine. It’s smooths and is almost soft focus matte, it definitely doesn’t draw attention to any little fine lines which is excellent news right?! And job done when it comes to intensifying shadows…the light tone of the primer means you do get the true shade of the shadow and straight up intensity too.

There’s only the one tone available at the moment but it is supposed to work for all skin tones. I’ve not had chance to try it on any clients/ friends with deeper skin tones yet, so don’t feel qualified to pass judgement on that side of things and because I’m so fair naturally it pretty much matches my skin tone/ doesn’t look as light on me for that reason. I have seen people with darker skin tones using it and it working for them, but I’d definitely do the research yourself and search YouTube/ Instagram pics/ vids for someone with a similar toned skin to you. The reason behind it being so light but marketed at all is the fact that it’s designed to have that contrast/ blank canvas look to makeup shadows pop…your eyeshadow’s going to cover it ultimately so I can see in working that way. If you did have a darker tone skin and found it too light towards your brow for eg, you could always use an actual skin tone shadow over any exposed bits of primer to soften it down. 

If you have a darker skin tone than me (which let’s be real, isn’t a hard task…I’m so fair!)…how do you find it in terms of shade? Would be interested to know your thoughts!


Final feelings on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer*…I really like it, I’m impressed! I’ve been using it daily, minimally and for stronger looks and yeah…shadows look vibrant, true to colour, blend super smoothly over the top (all of my most used brands, not only by ABH shadows) and stay put all day. I don’t edit or filter my close up eye pics and you can see from the eye pic above…apart from the completely normal and natural skin texture (does anyone else get freaked out by the over use of facetune?? Like skin is skin not a waxy no texture blur you know?) my shadow looks smooth and the primer doesn’t look chalky, dry and hasn’t sunk in to any fine lines…I fortunately don’t have loads but am in my 30’s and it’s a reality, especially with some products let me tell you…if you’re similar in age or older, you know! The new ABH eye primer is a perma feature in my makeup bag and is going to take some beating in my opinion!

Lyd x 



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