NEW – Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Setting Powder (Vanilla) – Review (Cruelty Free & Vegan)

There’s so many new complexion launches at the moment, even I’m losing track…foundations, powders, concealers and brands all seem to be going down the same medium coverage/ luminous/ hydrating/ non drying route…that bit, I’m definitely on board and happy about! But with the sheer amount of launches, I’m absolutely being picky with the ones I’m trying/ reviewing and sticking with the ones that actually excite me personally…I don’t think my skin (or bank balance with the rate of launches right now!) could take trying everything new on offer and I do only have the one face! 

As you’ve gathered by the title, it’s the Anastasia Beverly Hills Setting Powders* (specifically the shade Vanilla) that I’m taking about today. In terms of complexion products, I’m pretty happy with my concealer and powder choices at the moment (maybe I’ll  do a top 5 or favourites or something soon?) but apart from various new foundation formulas (more of those coming your way soon too I’m sure), I was really interested to try ABH’s new powder! Here’s all you need to know anyway, claims, benefits etc…

✖️ perfects, brightens and sets makeup with ease. 

✖️ lightweight, super fine, silky formula with a flawless natural matte finish.

✖️ soft focus effect, blurs the look of imperfections.

✖️ absorbs oil and minimises shine.

✖️ extends the wear of makeup.

✖️ cruelty free, Vegan.

✖️ available in 4 natural shades (Vanilla, Banana, Deep Peach, Golden Orange) and universal Colourless.

Apart from the RCMA No-Colour Powder* (awful packaging, if you’ve tried it you’ll know…but a universally flattering, no flash back, pro kit essential setting powder in my opinion), I’m not the biggest fan of the white translucent setting powders as a general rule. I’m not keen on the texture usually and they can leave a powdery looking cast on the skin…not a fan. I was happy that ABH were coming out with some natural shades anyway and one light enough for my skin too in the shape of Vanilla. What I don’t like is a powder that draws attention to every fine line/ skin texture going and that leaves my skin looking dry/ flat and I’m happy to report…the ABH Loose Powder* does none of that! I wouldn’t say the shade Vanilla’s brightening on me as such, it’s too close to my natural skin tone to look any brighter but I can definitely see it brightening on skin tones deeper than mine. It goes on really smoothly though and does blur though. I wouldn’t say it has coverage, but it definitely smooths, improves the texture and appearance of your skin. I’ve been using it to set my under eyes and then dusting it all over to set everything else. I don’t really bake (especially my under eye where I absolutely don’t want loads of powder to be sitting) myself at all, but have gone in with a light under eye bake for the sake of a proper trial and the ABH Loose Powder actually worked really well and didn’t make me look 100 or like I’ve been ‘antiqued’ with a bag of flour. If you’re looking for a good general setting powder (like me) or for something to bake and brighten, I’d recommend this. 

A moment to mention the packaging…it’s HUGE. It feels sturdy and the stopper doesn’t allow too much powder though which is good, so it’s not super messy like some others. I don’t know if it’s a purposeful thing, but there’s actually a circular indentation on the inside of the lid which is great for dabbing off excess powder/ working it in to your brush. It’s way too big to travel with (for me anyway), but you could always decant some in to a smaller tub (which I’ll probably do) or as per norm for me I’ll just stick to my Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finished Pressed Powder* compact to travel with which I love! Even though I’ll use a loose powder getting ready, the CT powder compact’s always a feature in my handbag it’s just way easier for touch ups.

The ABH powder’s a little spendy, but then there’s 25g of product which is a decent amount for the price in my opinion. The price to size ratio of loose powders varies so much from brand to brand! The quality of this powder means you wouldn’t need a huge amount and I can see it lasting ages even with everyday use. Even the price of this powder varies quite a lot online at the moment for some reason…the best price I’ve found by far is at BeautyBay, so shop around as always but there’ll probably be your best bet. I’m looking forward to trying this over the new ABH Luminous Foundation, but I like trying powders over my usual base initially so I can get a more accurate impression of how it’ll work out. I really like the shade Vanilla (it reminds me of/ could be a cruelty free alternative colour wise to the Laura Mercier powder) and I like how there’s an option there for everyone. The formula is beautiful, it’s not chalky, it’s lightweight and blends like a dream on to the skin. It does give a matte finish, but naturally so…I feel like it takes oily bits right down, sets your makeup to perfection, but doesn’t leave you looking flat…you can still see the natural glow of skin through it. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Setting Powder in Vanilla* has definitely made it in to my regular rotation!

What are your favourite setting powders and why??

Lyd x   


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