New Brush Obsessions! – Highlighter Mini Fan Brushes

Every so often, I come across a brush (or few!) that completely up my makeup game and that make me wonder how I managed without them! These are prime examples of just that! Mini fan brushes are just the job for precise placement of highlight…I’m obsessed and going to show you the ones I’m loving!

I think sometimes contour, bronzer, blush (if you wear it…I don’t always), highlighter…it can all amalgamate and each element just seems to get a bit lost which defeats the point of doing each step really. The main reason this merge of products happens is mostly down to your choice of brush. Even my bronzer brush is probably a good deal smaller than you’d think. At the moment I’m using and loving the Morphe M556*. It’s described as a ‘Detail Contour Fluff Brush’. In my opinion not precise enough for contour, but the perfect shape for bronzer. It has a 1.5” fluffy, domed head which applies and blends bronzer perfectly and precisely without going too big and losing definition.

The main reason I’m talking about brushes today…the mini fan brush, my current obsession! There’s 2 of these little beauties that I’m using, slightly different in size but both awesome! They’re somewhere between a tiny lash fan brush (which are the smallest fan brushes, slightly stiffer hairs to apply mascara/ brush through/ separate lashes) and the traditional standard sized fan brush that we’re so used to seeing everyone highlight with already. I’ll insert a pic for comparison with a standard fan brush and 2 of the other most popular highlighting brushes, the Morphe M501* and the Morphe M510*.

L-R: Morphe M510, Morphe M501, Zoeva 129 Luxe Fan, Morphe M558, Zoeva 137 Petit Fan.

So, the Morphe M558 and the Zoveva 137 Petit Fan*…both mini fan brushes, with the Morphe being a little bit bigger than the Zoeva. Apart from that, the standout difference between the 2 is that the M558 is a slightly firmer natural bristle and the Zoeva is a softer synthetic hair brush. Both designed for targeted application of highlighter and for more precision over smaller areas like your brow bone or cupids bow. Both apply highlight evenly and smoothly. Being slightly stiffer, the Morphe M558 picks up more product (great if you want an instant blinding highlight!) and with the Zoeva 137 with it being softer, you have a little more control (so perfect to build highlight more gradually).

Although I do use fluffier brushes to highlight sometimes still, I actually prefer the way the firmness of these really buffs the highlight in to skin rather than just sitting there on top. I wouldn’t say I prefer one of these to the other, in my opinion they’re both worth having in your brush arsenal, especially for the prices of them. I guess if you’d prefer a synthetic version, the Zoeva is your guy and visa versa. The Zoeva gives even more precision than the Morphe, but the M558 still gives precision too and with more speed so a great one to grab when you don’t have loads of time to build up the highlight or blend. These are my absolute favourite for highlighting the cupids bow (which I do like to do, it draws attention to the lips and helps them look fuller!) as I find sometimes a larger fan or fluffier brush can apply a bit too much/ over a larger area and give you a highlighter moustache effect…not a good look!

I love these mini fan brushes to highlight and the precision and glow they give. You’d be hard pushed now to find something that does a better job in my opinion! The Morphe M558 is available here* and the Zoeva 137 Petit Fan here*.

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