New In: Aldi Skin Care – High End ‘Dupes’?? (Cruelty Free & These Sell Fast!)

Always quick to come up with their own versions of cult high end skincare products, Lacura from Aldi have done it again in the shape of (among other things) their Healthy Glow and Pink Clay Mask. With the Aldi ‘high end inspired’ versions, it’s always pretty easy to find the alternative/ dupe that you’re after with the product name/ packaging usually being similar enough to figure it out which is also the case with these.

I’m a long time fan of the Pixi Glow Tonic* (which you can read more about in depth here) it’s great, worth the price in my opinion and I’m more than happy to keep repurchasing it…but of course I’ll check out a ‘dupe’, more so out of sheer curiosity! Also when said potential dupe is £3.99/ €4.99 it’s a no brainer right?

Same amount of product, same active ingredients (5% Glycolic, Aloe Vera and Ginseng)…this healthy glow in a bottle is well worth picking up if you can get your hands on it! What it does:

✖️ Gently exfoliates and tones the skin.

✖️ Helps to improve skin’s texture, tone and clarity.

✖️ Brightens and leaves skin with a healthy glow.

If you haven’t used an acid toner before or if your skin is sensitive/ very dry, maybe try incorporating it to your skin care routine 1-2 times a week initially and building it up from there. It’s a mild enough formula to use as often as needed really depending on your skin type/ needs. Just keep it to AM or PM (not both) and make sure to get your daily SPF on, these types of acid toners can increase sensitivity to the sun…as well as the fact that we should ideally all be SPF-ing on the daily anyway!

The Lacura Pink Clay Mask reminds me so much of the Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask*…at nearly £40 it’s pretty hefty compared to Aldi’s £5.99/ €7.99 alternative which is also a very close match…from ingredients and claims, down to them both coming with a little (almost identical) applicator brush. It applies really nicely, dries quickly (it’s a great 10 min job pre makeup or if you’re short on time in general)…you can see it drawing out those impurities (eww, but also hugely satisfying)…and then rinses off (I use the help of a damp wash cloth to make sure it comes off easily and thoroughly) leaving your skin feeling super soft, clean and looking clearer and brighter. This one should be limited to twice a week max really so as not go go the other way and overly cleanse/ dry out you skin.

Both the Lacura Pink Clay Mask and the Healthy Glow are well worth picking up in my opinion. Effective, affordable and great additions to pretty much any skin types skin care routine. Like it says in the title, these guys won’t be around for long, so grab them while you can! Available NOW!

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