NEW! Kat Von D Beauty Brows – 24 Hour Super Brow Long Wear Pomade – Review & Swatches

The Kat Von D Beauty brow product from their brand new brow range that I’ve been dying to get my hands on for what seems like forever has finally landed! I’ve been using the 24 Hour Super Brow Long Wear Pomade (UK* / IE*) pairing it with the #70 Pomade Brush (UK* / IE*) for the last best part of a week now and have had quite a few questions about it/ them, so here I am letting you all know what I think!

Super Brow Pomade comes in 16 shades (7 natural shades, 1 white mixer, 1 bleach brow effect and 7 bold/ statement shades) is part of KVDB’s new and long awaiting range of brow products, which also includes…
✖#70 Pomade Brow Brush (UK* / IE*)
✖#75 Powder Brow Brush (UK* / IE*)
✖Brow Struck Dimension Powder (7 natural shades) (UK* / IE*)
✖Signature Brow Precision Pencil (7 natural shades) (UK* / IE*)

✖All of the KVD Brows collection is cruelty free and Vegan ????????

I’ve had a play with all of the new KVD brow products in the range and am seriously impressed across the board. So here’s the thing…although I do use brow powders and pencils in my kit (pomades too, I need be able to create any brow situation imaginable for every person and every preference!), I only really ever use pomade personally. Its what I’m used to working with on myself, I find it the quickest to apply and love how long lasting/ waterproof it is. Rather than apply it as a solid block, I use a really small amount day to day and like to create believable hair strokes through the front of my brows (nearest my nose) and define the tail a bit more…pomade is perfect for this!

If you’re not confident using a pomade, I’d definitely take a peep at the Signature Brow Pencil (UK* / IE*)! Also long wear and waterproof, but also pretty fool proof…easy to control, still giving you all the precision and letting you get that hair stroke/ microbladed effect or any brow look you’re after for that matter (it’s buildable too). If I ever fancy using a pencil for my brows, it’ll absolutely be this one! Out of all of the ones I’ve tried (and there’s been loads!), this is by far the finest and most long lasting!

If you’re new to the brow game or just prefer a much softer natural look (you can wet the brush too with setting spray if you decide to venture towards a bit more definition at any point), I’d think about going for the Brow Struck Dimension Powder (UK* / IE*) and #75 Brush (UK* / IE*). The brush is angled, but has a interesting (and exclusive to KVD) cut out comb shape to the bristles that applies, blends and grooms as you go. The powder itself is highly pigmented, has built in primer for long wear (up to 12 hours) and don’t be put off by the slight glimmer…it’s designed to mimic the natural 3D reflective sheen of hair and doesn’t look glittery at all!

Back to the Super Brow pomade! I’ve been a fan of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade* for forever (I do still like the ABH one over the majority of others) but I have to say it…in my opinion KVD does last longer and I do prefer it because of that!

I never thought anything would replace by beloved ABH #12 brush* either but I LOVE (!!) the KVD #70 brush (UK* / IE*)! It’s way finer than I thought it would be and slightly firmer than my previous holy grail ABH brush. The KVD #70 brush looks incredible with the sleek black stiletto design handle…it’s designed to act as a spatula to take out some pomade without leaving the pot open and risking it drying out…I can totally get that and it is beautifully designed, but I do miss having a spoolie on the other end. It’s a non issue really though it’s easy enough to have a separate spoolie/ brow brush, you just know the way you get used to/ in to the routine of having one on the end and switching back and too between that and the brush itself. I like the brush so much, it’s something I can absolutely deal with!

The Super Brow packaging…the glass pot itself feels super solid, secure and can we just appreciate that design! As with everything KVD the attention to detail is everything…the lid has the signature teeny tiny skulls with filagree design and of course the KVD logo…perfect!

Before the Super Brow, Kat would use the Tattoo Liner (UK* / IE*) to fill in her brows everyday, nothing delivered the high colour payoff of waterproof long wear she wanted…until now! It’s super smooth, highly pigmented and the brush offers precision like nothing else…it applies really well and although it’s pigment packed and long wearing, I was surprised with how it feels like nothing on the skin and so lightweight!

I start by defining my arch, build up the colour and definition on the tail of my brow and then use the little remaining pomade on the brush to ‘push up’ and create softer hair stroke through the front (nearest my nose). I finish up by setting the hairs in place with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel*, it’s by far the best in my opinion and keeps everything in place all day!

It is sweat proof, is smudge proof and my brows look just as good when it comes to taking my makeup off as they do first thing. I’m seriously impressed. You do ideally need an oil based remover with this as it’ll just save on the scrubbing if using a regular cleanser! I’ve mentioned it before, but I use the Superdrug B Stubborn Makeup Remover for long wearing/ waterproof products…it just melts makeup away with next to no effort, doesn’t irritate and is also cruelty free/ vegan.

I had high hopes with the Super Brow as with everything else that comes our way from KVD Beauty and am consistently blown away with the quality and performance of the range. If KVD was to add brow gels (tinted/ clear) to the KVD Brow range, I feel like my whole brow routine could be KVD if the existing products are anything to go by!

I think the shade range is great, I love how they’ve introduced more bold and artistry based too however…I would agree that they need to introduce some more natural red head shades especially (KVD have assured that they’re on the way). From an artistry point of view I’d be all about the mixing and creating my own shade, but can totally get why someone might not buy multiple shades to get their best match. I love that mixing option is there though!

Safe to say I’m obsessed with the KVD Super Brow! Will you be picking any KVD Brows up??

Keep an eye out on here for other very exciting KVD launches (coming your way soon) and loads more enabling…there’s so many amazing cruelty free makeup and beauty brand launches headed our way this Spring/ Summer! And as always, let me know if there’s something YOU want a first impressions/ review on…get in touch and let me know! ????

Lyd x



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