NEW Kat Von D Beauty Dagger Tattoo Liner…Need It Or Leave It? – Review

Does the new Kat Von D Beauty Dagger Tattoo Liner* really give you effortless winged liner? Is it worth picking up over the regular Tattoo Liner? What about if you’re new to winged liner? Read on and find out!

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know by now that the OG KVD Tattoo Liner in Trooper* (I use the Mad Max Brown shade* quite a bit too…it’s gets forgotten about, but it’s actually beautiful for a softer liner look as well as for creating individual brow hairs and enhancing/ faking frecks!) is one of my all time favourite ‘holygrail’ products, that I just need in my makeup bag (and life!) at all times. I feel like the majority of the world shares my opinion at this stage too! I’ve been using it for years and although others come and go (some really good ones too…the closest/ best alternative I’ve found to date is the NYX Epic Ink Liner*) I always go back to the Tattoo Liner.

I wanted to try the new Dagger Liner* (ofc)…it’s the exact same formula, you get the same amount of product, same shade/ finish etc but with the brush tip being cut on an angle (with a 30 degree edge) I was interested to see if it would make my liner application easier and more importantly for me personally (wearing winged liner most makeup wearing days)…was it going to be faster?!

In case you haven’t tried the OG Tattoo Liner or haven’t heard much about either of them (unlikely), here’s some Dagger Liner info…

✖️ Same award winning extreme long wear/ waterproof formula as the OG Tattoo Liner

✖️ The angled applicator brush tip allows precise lining  and sharp/ perfectly balanced wings

✖️ Satin finish (again same as the OG, although KVD’s matte liner offering is arriving soon if you prefer fully matte…keep an eye on their social channels for more launch info on that one!)

✖️ Fragrance free

✖️ Cruelty free and Vegan.

Kat herself wears winged liner almost every single day too and designed the Dagger Liner to not only make it faster for us liner pro’s, but also easier for those liner beginners to get to grips with too! As well as the different brush tip design, the same super long wearing formula layers perfectly too so you can build up your liner/ wings gradually without the pressure of placing it down in one hit. I love the ease and speed of a brush tip pen liner personally day to day, but always like to recommend an angled brush and either a gel liner or shadow to clients who are just starting to experiment with winged liner. It gives the easiest, most precise placement in the least amount of time. I feel you get the best of both worlds with the Dagger Liner. Ink and pen for speed and angled tip for ease and precision. Similar to the OG the key to this is use a super light hand! Obviously if you want a bolder line or to fill in negative space (you can also use the flat side of the Dagger Liner for this, which speeds things up even more) use slightly more pressure until you get the effect you want. A lighter hand’ll allow you to get the finest tip and sharpest of wings! It serves perfect day time glam, full drama and everywhere in between with ease.

The only thing you need to keep an eye on with the Dagger Liner, is to make sure the brush tip is positioned in the right direction for application. Always position the longest point of the brush tip downwards. I usually start with the inner corner of my eye with the brush longest tip down (closest to my inner corner) and pulling the liner (with a super light touch) back towards the centre of my eye and stop. Then with the brush in the same position, lightly etch out the wing pulling it up towards your hairline/ corner of your brow (as long or short as you like). I then turn the brush so the longest end’s at the tip of where I want my wing to be and again using that super light pressure, pull the liner back in towards the centre of your eye to meet the inner liner. You can then build and tidy until it’s how you want it. KVD’s Artistry Collective Artist Tara has a video on the KVD Beauty Youtube channel well worth watching if you’d prefer to see it in action.

I’ll still use my OG Tattoo Liner, especially for detail work but feel like the Dagger Liner will be the one I reach for to do my every day wing and to get it on fast. It’s definitely made it in to my travel makeup bag too. If you haven’t used the OG Tattoo Liner before, are new to winged liner or find the OG a bit tricky to use, I’d definitely suggest trying the Dagger Liner first or even instead of. It’s well worth picking up either way in my opinion, even if you own/ love the OG…it’ll give you the option of a fast fix day to day and will be a versatile sister liner to the OG so you can create any liner look you want with ease!

Let me know what you think…are you a Dagger Liner* convert or are you ride or die for the OG Tattoo Liner*??

Lyd x



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