NEW Kat Von D Beauty True Portrait Lightweight Medium Coverage Foundation Review (Cruelty Free/ Vegan)

Of the seemingly relentless list of recent new launches we’re having right now…finally one I’m actually excited about! The new Kat Von D True Portrait Lightweight Medium Coverage Foundation (UK*/ IE*) has been a long time coming! I know the OG KVD Lock It Foundation’s a bit of a Marmite (love it or hate it) product but I’ve always really liked the formula and in my opinion you can get it to work for anyone (whatever your skin type/ coverage preferences) just by prepping the skin properly, using different amounts of product and switching up tools/ application technique…I have a full dedicated blog post on how to do this, so check it out here if you want to know more. It was about time KVD came out with a alternative/ something new though and I was very much here for it and excited to try. Although there’s a time and a place for a full coverage foundation, I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to a medium coverage (and even less on the day to day) with a good heavy duty concealer just where I need it. FYI the concealers I’ve been using and enjoying the most are the Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer* (I use the shade Swan) and the Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer* (in Lace). I just find you still get an evened out base and great/ more alive looking skin, but it just also looks and feels way more natural and wears much better which I’m all about! 

The new True Portrait Foundation’s available in 40 shades and it does have a different shade name system to the OG Lock It foundation. Apparently KVD are going to (or maybe already have as you’re reading this) be coming out with a shade conversion chart which’ll help. It’s divided in to 4 sections (light, medium, tan and deep) and I think it’s great the way there’s the same amount of shades in each category rather than a few fair, a few deep and a whole load of medium which unfortunately happens a lot! There’s a shade finder and brand swatches on the Kat Von D website but currently no shade descriptions (apart from the section eg. light and then the following number eg. 006 that denotes depth) so the best way to find your shade would definitely be to call in to store if you can. Other than that/ if you don’t have a store near by Google, YouTube and Instagram will be your friend…find someone with a similar skin tone and go from there. There are different undertones to choose from too. The beauty with it being a lighter coverage, is there’s probably a shade or so either side of your closest match that would work for you too. I went for the shade Light 006 which was the most neutral/ closest match after swatching in store, but could have gone Light 004 or 008 too. I’m very fair with a neutral to golden undertone.

Here’s the rest of everything else you need to know about the True Portrait Foundation anyway…

✖️ Lightweight, medium coverage foundation.

✖️ Liquid to powder formula that doesn’t block pores.

✖️ Exclusive ‘Elastic Essence’ effect to allow flex with all facial expressions.

✖️ Weightless feel, long wear, shine control and a natural airy matte finish.

✖️ Comfortable, breathable and non-cakey.

✖️ Cruelty free and Vegan.

I’m a big fan of the True Portrait Foundation packaging. I mean the OG Lock It Foundation bottle is sleek looking and I really like the airless chamber and measured dose pump, but it is a bit on the bulkier side of things. True Portrait takes it packaging inspo from the Saint fragrance bottle, white ornate filagree design and KVD monogram which I love! It’s a firmer plastic bottle, but has a softer squeezable clear ‘window’ where you can also see the true shade of the foundation inside. It contains the pretty standard 30ml of product, but the bottle itself feels compact and it’s lightweight so great for travel. I actually like the way it doesn’t have a pump and instead it’s more of a basic squeeze tube but maybe one to avoid if you’re ride or die pump. It’s really pretty and user friendly in my opinion. 


It says that the formula is most suited to a normal to oily skin types, which I’d definitely agree with. Even with that, KVD still suggest making sure your skin’s well moisturised before application so if you had a drier skin I feel like you’d be best off to use a really hydrating primer too. As with most foundation formulas and as I said before, I do think anyone can pretty much wear most things as long as you prep your skin properly (with both skincare and priming) and use the right tools/ application techniques/ quantity of product you use etc.

That brings us on to application. So it says to give the bottle a really good shake. If you go to squeeze some out and it looks watery, shake and shake again! You then squeeze a bit out using the flexible clear window on the side of the bottle/ tube. KVD says you only need to use a drop and a little goes a long way…now this isn’t in the same sense as the Marc Jacobs Re-Marc-Able for eg that has a thinner highly pigmented/ full coverage formula that you only need a drop of, but can feel a bit mask like on your skin…True Portrait is thinner, but I’d agree that you don’t need to use a lot and it gives a true medium coverage without feeling heavy on. I’ve heard it being described as ‘Vegan silk’ and that’s kinda accurate, very smooth consistency (from the ingredients list, it’s silicone based but doesn’t feel too silicone on it’s just really silky feeling) and although it does set down pretty quickly (not as fast as some, but I’d still recommend working in sections), it blends beautifully on to the skin. KVD recommends using either your fingers (which I’m not a fan of, but you do you) or a brush and suggests not using a sponge. As much as I’ll always listen to a brand and specific application suggestions, I’m always going to want to try any complexion products with a damp beauty sponge ’cause that’s the way I prefer to apply pretty much anything. I’ve tried it with a few different firmer brushes…the KVD Lock It Edge Foundation Brush (UK*/ IE*) and (my usual go to) the Morphe Synthetic Pro Deluxe Buffer Brush M439* and it applies beautifully. The brush I’ve found applies it best though (and all foundations at the moment tbh, it’s fast becoming a favourite!) is a fluffier one…it’s a Primark/ Penneys Pro Blush Brush (I *think*? It’s a recent purchase and I haven’t got it to hand, but’ll try and post the exact one up in my Instagram Favourites story highlight or something if you’re interested) but basically it’s still synthetic, but a fluffier medium sized brush. It polishes the True Portrait on the skin like a dream and I’ve been liking it so much, I’m definitely going to pick up some more of these brushes for my pro kit! I’ve seen True Portrait being applied with fingers and it looks like it goes on great for those of you that like to apply foundation that way (it’s just personal preference), but although I use hands for skin care/ most primers etc…I’m not about that foundation all over my hands life, so if you want to try it with fingers you’ll have to try it for yourself haha. Going against the advice of KVD, but I really like the way this goes on with a damp sponge! You’re going to get slightly less in the way of coverage than if you use a brush as with everything, but I just love the finish you get with a damp sponge. It really presses the product in to the skin rather than just sitting on top and helps with that skin like soft matte finish. 

So my thoughts on the Kat Von D True Portrait Foundation…I feel like unusually, this does exactly what it says on the tin and is a product that fully delivers on it’s claims. It’s definitely a true medium coverage and lightweight…I’m well used to wearing stuff on my skin, but don’t necessarily like to feel like I’m wearing loads (even for the times I am)…with this, it’s pretty much weightless on and I’m seriously impressed with the ‘Elastic Essence’ claim. It does actually flex and move with your face and every expression, doesn’t feel drying on and unlike a lot of foundations with similar claims (matte/ oil control/ long wear etc)…doesn’t feel like it’s going to crack or like it’s going to collect in pores and fine lines. Airy matte finish is exactly how I’d describe it, naturally matte not flat and your skin still looks like skin. It doesn’t need to be set with powder and again, I’d say that’s fair as it really doesn’t. I always set my under eye area without fail and always like a bit of blurring powder (it’s been the ABH Setting Powder since it was launched last month…read more about it here) on my oily/ pore nose and just a smidge on the centre of my forehead too, but I’ve worn it without powdering elsewhere and it lasts/ wears really well. Other makeup sits perfectly over the top, set or not with powder and it feels smooth to the touch/ set but without feeling dry and clinging to anywhere. It wears great and I’m finding I don’t need to touch up as much as I do with some other things or even normally, it definitely controls oil. True Portrait also doesn’t oxidise!

If you’re after full on flawless coverage, the new True Portrait Foundation (UK*/ IE*) isn’t the one for you (maybe try the OG Lock It Foundation for that though)…but if you’re looking for an everyday,  long wearing, natural coverage (it covers redness and evens out skin tone, but you can still see your skin through it which I like! And you can always spot conceal for further coverage but to keep everything natural anyway) and a non drying matte finish foundation I’d definitely give True Portrait a go!

Have you tried KVD True Portrait Foundation yet?

Lyd x 


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