New Lime Crime Bushy Brow Collection – First Impressions/ Review

I was super excited when I saw that Lime Crime were coming out with a range of brow products, of course I was! Even more so when I found out it was going to be the Bushy Brow Collection (who wouldn’t want to maximise their brow options?!) and when I first peeped a sneak peak of the products themselves back in August! A precision pen* and a strong hold gel*? Yes!!

Side note…and while on the subject of sneak peaks, if you don’t already (which I’m pretty sure you do, but anyway) go follow @trendmood1 and @dupethat on Instagram…do yourself a favour, we’ll call this a public service announcement! THE places to be for sneak peaks at upcoming launches! K and L (@dupethat) are brilliant for swatches and ‘dupes’/ alternatives for shades too if you’re looking for one. I always reference @trendmood1 for easy to find launch dates/ times etc!

Anyway…back to the Bushy Brows! So yes, as I mentioned before the collection includes 5 shades of Bushy Brow Precision Pen* and 7 shades of Bushy Brow Strong Hold Gel*. Let’s have a closer look at each one’s claims and what they’re looking like…

First up the Bushy Brow Precision Pen*

✖️ Available in 5 natural tone shades (Dirty Blonde, Redhead, Baby Brown, Brownie and Smokey).

✖️ ‘Thin as a pin’ precision felt tip style brush/ applicator for super fine hair-like strokes…mimics the texture and fullness of a naturally bushy brow without looking fake or harsh.

✖️ Cruelty free and Vegan.

I went for the shade Brownie…even though I have more blonde through my hair at the moment and my natural brow hairs are pretty light anyway, I felt like because I’d be using it lightly (Lime Crime recommend using hardly any pressure with this to achieve the most realistic/ natural hair feathery effect) and on an individual hair basis rather than for a more opaque/ solid brow defined colour…I wanted to go for something a little deeper, which this is. It’s a great shade and will allow for my hair to go darker too. Brownie would actually be a pretty great shade for most I feel, it’s a neutral tone and can be applied sparingly for a super natural fluff or built up nicely without looking harsh. Smokey would be too dark/ too ashy for me and I feel like the lighter shades may not give the individual hair definition that I’m after. I’ll link the specific @dupethat Insta post here so you can check out all the other shades of both products swatched.

As with anything practice’ll make perfect and knowing how little pressure you need to use will come too (you seriously hardly need any!) but straight of the bat this is pretty easy to use. I think the size of the pen itself is an advantage straight away…it’s a bit shorter/ smaller than the KVD Tattoo Liner for example which makes it super easier to control.

These are the pics of me actually trying it out…my brow before, without any product and then after first go of the Bushy Brow Precision Pen…

As always I first used a spoolie to brush my brow hairs up and started flicked the pen up through my brow, starting at the front of the brow (near your nose) and then flicking up and out towards the tail of my brow building up depth gradually. I wanted to keep fairly true to my regular brow shape and thickness initially to get a better idea of how this works for a non full on bushy, but rather fuller and feathery brow. I then brushed my brow hairs down and did the same from the top, but flicking downwards in the direction of hair growth…I then just brushed them back in to place. Even using it pretty minimally made a huge difference (right??) and resulted in a fairly natural looking and nicely defined brow.

Next up the Bushy Brow Strong Hold Gel*

✖️ Available in 7 natural tone shades (Clear, Dirty Blonde, Honey Brown, Redhead, Baby Brown, Brownie and Smokey).

✖️ Long lasting with a super strong all day hold…shapes, separates, lifts and sets.

✖️ Adds texture yet stays flexible and never crunchy.

✖️ Cruelty free and Vegan.

I picked up the clear one…I’m not a huge fan of tinted brow gels personally as I pretty much always use it along side another brow product for shape and definition. I just like a clear gel that’ll give natural texture and hold my brows where I’ve put them all day! If you’re not a fan of using multiple brow products or have a naturally full/ darker brow with plenty of brow hairs (lucky you!) a tinted one of these might be right up your alley though! I’ve tried loads of clear brow gels…high end, drugstore and everywhere in between, but nothing as yet has come close to how my ride or die Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel preforms. Until now? It’s not the easiest to demo a clear brow gel in a picture properly, but here it is anyway (this was after I’d applied the pen and gone in with the gel to set everything…I feel like you can see noticeable texture) after I’d brushed up and out…

I mean it’s a clear brow gel, there’s not a huge amount I can say about it apart from that I really like it! Formula aside (that’s so far so great anyway, it’s giving great texture and hold without going crispy as Lime Crime promised)…it’s the brush, I LOVE the brush! I’m surprised I like my regular ABH clear gel so much tbh considering how big the brush is (normal mascara sized in case you haven’t tried it)…I usually like a smaller brush for more control and this definitely delivers there! The brush is actually a similar enough length to a regular mascara wand (I thought maybe too long as it’s twice the length of other small brow gel wands, however it makes application not only precise but super fast too!) but it’s so skinny! I’d go as far as to say it’s the best brow gel wand/ spoolie brush I’ve ever used! It distributes the exact right amount of product, doesn’t coat those stray/ baby hairs around your brows (super annoying and especially if using a tinted version!) and fluffs to perfection!

Lime Crime’s Bushy Brow Collection is a great addition to their line in my opinion and I actually really like both products! The stand out for me though has to be the Strong Hold Gel mainly for that tiny but mighty brush! Although for the sake of trying it properly as stand alone brow colour/ definition here, I feel like I’ll want to try the Precision Pen along side my regular holygrail pomade too (I use KVD Super Brow*) and see how they work together. At least I know that the Precision pen lasts all day though if I do fancy using it alone (a lot of other pen style products just wear off on me towards the end of the day and normally my brow tail…annoying) but yes, I’d love to see how it looks for the fluffy front of my brow with a more defined KVD tail!

What are your go to brow tamers and will you be trying anything from the Bushy Brow range? Lime Crime Bushy Brow Precision Pen* and Bushy Brow Strong Hold Gel* are available now!

Lyd x



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