NEW Lime Crime Venus XL – First Impressions/ Review & Swatches – Need It Or Leave It?

I asked myself the same question…do I really need the Lime Crime XL palette* though?? Answer in short…if I put it that way, probably not. We NEED many things but do I really need another warm toned eyeshadow palette, absolutely not if you look at it that way. Do I want it in my collection, does it give me feels and will I get good use out it…gimme!!

I already own the OG Venus Palette* and the Venus II Palette* so I guess it was natural progression (look at me still trying to justify another warm toned grunge palette haha). I have a full post dedicated to both of those by the way…with reviews of each, comparison between the two and swatches which you can check out here. I actually love how different the Venus II is and it has some really unusual shades, but the OG always had/ has my heart and I’m glad Lime Crime went down a similar OG Venus esq route with the XL. Lime Crime describe the XL as an epic new take on the palette that started it all and I’d agree there…it is like a extra large version of OG (which has 8 shades) with way more to love (18 colours in the XL)!

Similar pretty packaging to the other 2, decent quality large mirror and still just as sturdy but the XL is a small bit slimmer than the others, so even though it’s larger it’d still travel well.

There’s technically no exact match/ duplicate shades between the OG and XL but there’s definitely some very similar! Similar in shade yes (pretty much dupe-able), but they are mostly different in texture. There’s similarities between a lot of other popular palettes around now (Jeffree Star Blood Sugar, ABH Modern Renaissance, the Huda Beauty Rose Gold/ Desert Dusk/ Warm Obsessions, Mauve Obsessions) but that’s just the trend for warm shadow palettes still around and them showing no signs of leaving!

The Venus XL has 18 ‘one swipe colour payoff’ highly pigmented shades in 4 finishes, which are (Lime Crime’s own finish descriptions):
✖Matte – buttery smooth and totally matte.
✖Matte Sparkle – same matte formula you love but with sparkle!
✖Glow – soft, luminous finish. Not satin, not shimmer. It’s glow!
✖Metallic – ultra-shiny shimmer!

Here are those all important swatches anyway, with shade descriptions and I’ll include which finish they are too as always…

✖EDEN – rusty rose (metallic)
✖LOVE – bronzed peach (metallic)
✖PASSION – bright raspberry (matte)
✖FRESCA – taupe with a pink sparkle (sparkle matte)
✖INSPIRE – metallic berry (metallic)
✖IDOLIZED – toasted caramel (glow)
✖APHRODITE – rich red-brown (glow)
✖NU CLASSIC – bronzed brown (metallic)
✖BURNT GOLD – dark terracotta (glow)
✖FLORA – deep coral (matte)
✖SCALLOP – softest warm pink (matte)
✖CELESTIAL – brick with gold sparkle (sparkle matte)
✖ETHEREAL – dusty blush (metallic)
✖TRIUMPH – muted cranberry (matte)
✖SUPREME – deep mauve ( glow)
✖BLANK CANVAS – cool beige (matte)
✖BOTICELLI – midnight wine (glow)
✖GODDESS – dusty rose (glow)

* The Venus XL is cruelty free and Vegan too! 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Boticelli, it’s almost worth the palette for that shade alone! Obviously there’s a whole lot of red, berries and pinks going on…but I really like the inclusion on some more warm and bronze neutrals too, meaning you wouldn’t necessarily need to use anything else to create any warm classic pretty or grunge look you fancied! A one palette wonder if you like. The shadows are buttery smooth (which I’ve come to expect with Lime Crime shadows now) and you do get an instant hit of intense colour payoff and without kick up or fall out! The Lime Crime shadow formula (in general…all textures) is one of my favourites of all time and the quality of these is something else. There’s not any one individual shadow in the XL that stands out to me as being sub standard or not performing as well as others either which is pretty unusual when it comes to eyeshadow palettes!

If you’re still trying to convince yourself not to pick up the Lime Crime XL, I’d give up now…resistance is futile! (And I should know!) Even if like me, you do have more than enough of these kind of shades already…it’s one of those palettes that just needs to be part of your makeup collection. It’s beauty is justification alone, but even on merit…Lime Crime shadows are high quality, high pigment and chances are you’ll find yourself reaching for this often! The shadows layer and blend together perfectly with each other…I also find their shadows work great along side pretty much any other eyeshadow formula/ brand too.

I’ve had a good play with the XL palette already, but can’t wait to get creative and experiment with some other shade combos! (You’ll no doubt see any results on my Instagram page) If there’s any specific shades you’d like me to use, let me know and also if you pick it up…what are your favourite shades??

The Lime Crime Venus XL is available here now*!

Lyd x



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2 thoughts on “NEW Lime Crime Venus XL – First Impressions/ Review & Swatches – Need It Or Leave It?

  1. Hello! Great review! I wanted your take on whether I should purchase both the OG and XL palette or just the XL since its dupable to the OG? Ive always eyed the venus palettes just never got around to buying but with your swatches of varying textures is it still worth it to have both?


    1. Hi Jo! Thank you! I think if you don’t already own the OG Venus and would be unlikely to need/ want a smaller version for travel etc, I’d just go straight for the XL. Like you say it is dupable to the OG and the slight texture differences probably wouldn’t make me buy both if I didn’t have the OG already. The main texture difference that might matter to you is the lightest highlight shade is shimmer in the OG and matte in the XL…I personally prefer a matte light shade and would always use a little of my face highlight if I wanted something shimmer for my inner corner for example. I’d just go straight for the XL it’s a beauty and treat yourself to something different instead of getting the OG too 🙂

      Lyd X

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