NEW Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick – First Impressions/ Review & Shade Guide

Makeup Revolution have been killing it recently! The launch of their Conceal & Define Concealer (read more about that here) back in January pretty much broke the internet and their follow up launch (and what we’re here to talk about today) the Fast Base Foundation Stick is already following up the hype close behind!

I feel like Makeup Revolution as a brand have been really upping their game in general…as well as still coming out with the usual dupe/ affordable versions of other brands’ products (namely palettes and mostly high end ‘dupes’) that we’ve come to expect, they seem to be focusing on formula and doing their own thing more, which I really like! Yes there was loads of comparisons between Tarte Shape Tape and the Conceal & Define Concealer and I’m sure there’ll be a million more, but good on MR for more of eyes on their own prize and great formula products at an affordable/ accessible price point!

Another (pretty damn significant!) thing that’s added to Makeup Revolution’s affordable appeal, is their cruelty free status! All of TAM Beauty’s (MR’s mother brand) brands are cruelty free which is brilliant. Loads of their products are Vegan too and both the TAM Beauty website (who offer global shipping) and Superdrug site have an easy to navigate Vegan section.

So what do we know about the Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation??

✖Available in 18 true to skin shades in a range of undertones.
✖Medium buildable coverage with a dewy finish.
✖Suitable for all skin types.
✖Easy to apply stick/ fast application.
✖6.2g of product retailing at £5/ €7.99/ $9.
✖Cruelty free/ Vegan ????????

Speaking of the 18 shades (which is inclusive and brilliant work for such an affordable brand or any brand for that matter in such a new formula!)…it’s pretty difficult with them only being available online at the moment (more about in store/ further launch dates etc later) to choose shades, I get that. Even the shade descriptions aren’t as accurate as some in store swatching. That time will come though and in the mean time…I’d recommend searching individual shades that you think might be your match on Instagram, YouTube…as people start picking these up there’ll be more swatches and people with a similar skin tone to you wearing different shades that’ll hopefully help you out further (I generally do this myself with most formulas when researching shades). Here are the shades anyway to hopefully give you an idea…

✖F1 – fair with neutral undertone
✖F2 – fair with yellow undertone
✖F3 – fair with pink undertone

✖F4 – light with neutral undertone
✖F5 – light with pink undertone (*note – this swatches a good bit darker than the F6!)
✖F6 – light/ medium with yellow undertone

✖F7 – medium with peach undertone
✖F8 – medium with yellow undertone
✖F9 – medium with peach undertone
✖F10 – medium with golden undertone

✖F11 – medium/ dark with beige undertone
✖F12 – medium/ dark with neutral undertone

✖F13 – dark with warm undertone
✖F14 – dark with cool undertone
✖F15 – dark with neutral undertone
✖F16 – dark with warm undertone
✖F17 – dark with neutral undertone
✖F18 – dark with warm undertone

If you already use the Conceal & Define Concealer, you’re a step ahead of the game when it comes to finding a shade match in the Fast Base Stick anyway. Makeup Revolution have the shade names matched up and suggest that your shade in the concealer (C1-C18) should correspond to your shade in the foundation stick (F1-F18), eg. If you’re C3 in concealer, try a F3 in foundation stick, simples! And then obviously you can choose something lighter/ darker if you want to use them to highlight and contour/ bronze.

I went for a F1 and an F2 to start. I always like to try a product out myself before introducing it in to my pro kit/ using it on others and I’m usually the lightest neutral or golden tone shade in most formulas/ brands. (For reference I’d be: Light 43 Warm in KVD Lock It, Panna Cotta in Huda Faux Filter, MAC NC10/15, ELDW 1W1 Bone, Wet N Wild Photofocus in Soft Ivory, UD 1.0). Pleased to report that both the F1 and F2 match me…I feel like F2 has the slight edge though and is pretty much an exact match to my skin tone. I go between C1 and C2 in the concealer too, but prefer the C2 again for it being a closer match. I also have combo skin with the oily bit being my nose in case you didn’t know.

If you don’t know already, I’m not one for going easy on a foundation when testing it out. I’ll usually make sure I try it on days when I’m in the gym (don’t always wear makeup to the gym, but I’ll wear it and see if it survives a work out), out dog walking, on a busy work/ errands day, if the weather’s weird…which brings us to testing this. Storm Emma has hit and we have snow…perfect test conditions ha! I won’t give anything I try an easy ride…in my opinion things should be tested for these worse case scenario situations, it separates the weak from the strong! So let’s see how the Fast Base faired with me pretty much being blasted in the face with snow on my dog walk (*more like a hike/ work out, so there’s some sweat going on too…lovely).

As always with foundation tests, I like to use my regular skin care, primer (Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Hydrating Primer (UK* / IE*) mainly, but especially for Autumn/ Winter) and setting powder (Kat Von D Beauty Lock It Setting Powder (UK* / IE*)…if I didn’t use these things, I feel I wouldn’t get a true impression of how it would look, behave and last! I also like to try applying it different ways…I nearly always use a damp beauty sponge (the NYX one is great)* and sometimes a buffing brush (like the Morphe M439*). I prefer the way a sponge really pushes the foundation in to the skin rather than just sitting on top. The Fast Base Stick blends and melts seamlessly on to the skin with a damp sponge. I used the brush to blend out on to my neck (it’s a really good colour match so didn’t need to do much of that…the way I like it!) and I have a few extra blemishes on my chin at the moment, so also used the brush there for a bit of extra coverage (any foundation in my opinion goes on slightly heavier with a brush) and it went on well with the brush too. True to usual for me though, I preferred the sponge.

I like the way the Fast Base has a medium coverage rather than full (although it is buildable and builds well!), especially as it’s aim is to be a fast everyday foundation and the finish is gorgeous…way nicer than I expected actually. It does have a dewy finish, but definitely more of a real skin dewy finish rather than overly dewy/ shiny which is a bonus when you have oilier bits! It looks even but still natural when set with my powder and that’s on the areas (mainly my chin) that I built up the coverage too. I only used concealer as I usually would under my eyes and just used extra Fast Base Stick on spots and it gave me all the coverage I needed. This foundation would work well for all skin types and levels of coverage preference. If you have oilier skin like me, just be sure to set it in those areas at least. The Fast Base gives a really healthy glow to your skin which I love! The one (slight) con for me…staying power. Don’t get me wrong, I can get a good 5-6 hours wear even on my oily t zone (with a powder touch up mid way as I’d always do anyway and that’s even being caught in a snow storm!) but that is less that my usual long wear liquid formulas. If you have a normal to drier skin, I think you’d easily get a full days wear…but then it’s easy to touch up and doesn’t cake when you do powder it/ blot oil anyway, so to me it’s not a massive issue. This is a great everyday skin fast foundation!

It has a slightly chemical scent (but at least not heavily fragranced, eww!) but you really can’t notice it even as you apply it, just as you take a sniff in the tube. You can feel you have something on (as you can with most bases though) and considering the coverage and dewy finish, it doesn’t feel heavy on. A quick mention to the packaging…it feels slightly weightier than previous MR packaging and they do look more expensive than they are, similar to the Conceal & Define Concealers. Super portable and a really sleek look. There’s nearly 3g less product in these than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation* but at a fifth of the price! These guys are so pigmented that you only really need a small amount…I guess I’ll find out how long it lasts, but I can see it being a good while and for the price I definitely wouldn’t complain about repurchasing more often than the ABH. Would I repurchase? I would, you know…I can imagine I’ll be introducing some of these in to my pro kit too! These would actually be great for photographic/ bridal work as there’s zero flash back. Mainly due to lack of SPF, so just make sure you apply extra if you’re out and about to fend off those wrinkles and say no to sun damage!

The Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation has a great affordable price point, beautiful naturally dewy finish and wears well. Other products apply smoothly over the top and if you’re on a budget/ in the market for a stick foundation, I’d definitely suggest giving this a go. I’ll still go for my long wear liquid formulas for long days, but can absolutely see myself reaching for this for a quick healthy looking fix day to day. Between this and the Conceal & Define Concealer, Makeup Revolution are winning for me right now and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next! Hopefully some shade extensions come along, maybe some cooler tones too for contouring (they’re all on the warmer side for contouring)…perfect.

The Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick is available NOW online at TAM Beauty and Superdrug. It’ll be coming to Superdrug stores on March 28th. You guys in the US…it should be arriving at ULTA stores in the Spring (no specific date from Makeup Revolution yet) but you can order from the TAM Beauty site (they offer global shipping) before then (£5/ €7.99/ $9).

Will you be picking it up or have you tried it already?? Let me know what you think!

Lyd x



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